Publishers since 1907

Books are our historical activity: from Italian and foreign fiction to non-fiction, from poetry to classics, from children’s and teenagers’ books to large illustrated volumes and art catalogues; we publish school textbooks for every level of education and teaching sector, paper and e-books, fine and pocket editions.
A natural complement to our activities as book publishers is the chain of bookstores, a network of over 500 stores throughout the country.
We are also the leading multimedia publisher in Italy, with a significant presence in all digital and social media, as well as in print magazines.

2023 highlights

€904.7 million


€152.1 million


€62.4 million

net result from continuing operations

Financial highlights


new titles


bookstores in Italy

25 brands

print and digital


We develop most of our business in Italy, from books to the chain of bookstores and from magazines to online sites and services.

We are also in New York, publishing English-language art catalogues and illustrated books, and with the Rizzoli Bookstore.

Awareness of our role

Alongside the responsible, sustainable management of our company, with respect for civil society and the environment, we wish to contribute towards reinforcing our country’s extremely significant intangible heritage of culture and beauty and broadening its horizons in terms of opportunity.
Because we have a profound sense that we too are part of this heritage.

In more than 100 years of history, we have worked not only to generate profit for the company, shareholders and employees: the sharing of value, through our products and services, involves all our stakeholders, from authors to readers, from suppliers to institutions and from the world of education to the media.

Awareness of our role and a sense of responsibility provide us with a stimulus for improvement, aiming at ever more ambitious goals

Our strategy

The path for the coming years will be characterised by increasing commitment towards book publishing, with a view to consolidating a position of leadership in Italy and greater presence on the international market, by expansion of our bookstore franchise network, which will contribute still further to reinforcing our book business.

And finally by building on the brands with the greatest scope for digital development, a prerequisite for a continued presence in such a complex market as magazines.