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We constantly renew our commitment in the area of sustainability, also through the offer of responsible products and services.

A sustainable vocabulary

The 2020 edition of Nuovo Devoto-Oli, a dictionary of the Italian language (available from September 2019), addresses the great attention attached to environmental issues last year.

Printed on certified paper and enriched with the latest entries on environmental issues (from plastisphere to plogging, from carbon free to guerrilla gardening), the trendiest environmental terminology (from climate change to ecoskeptic, from ecotax to ecobusiness), or the words “green”, which have taken on a completely new meaning thanks to climate issues (from sustainable to circular economy), the New Devoto-Oli 2020 goes hand in hand with two environmental sustainability projects: an agreement with Treedom to breathe life in Sicily into the forest Gli alberi delle parole, with the planting of 200 pomegranate trees, each of which will be registered, photographed and monitored thanks to geolocation; besides fostering biodiversity, the project will also help the children from Associazione Ulisse suffering from autism spectrum disorders; together with their tutors, they will support local farmers in caring for the forest; a competition for schools aimed at raising the awareness of the younger generations to respect the environment; a language and environmental education initiative involving students and teachers (primary and first and second level secondary schools) in the creation of works and videos dedicated to environmental sustainability and climate change. The prize: trees to be planted in the gardens of the winning classes.