Highlights 2023

  • Revenues Trade books: 374.3 million euro
  • Revenues Education books: 237.5 million euro
  • New production (trade books): 3.165 titles
  • Trade books market share: 27.6%
  • Schoolbooks market share: 32%

Trade books

Mondadori Libri S.p.A. is the Group company heading the activities in the Trade business unit of the Books Area:

  • editorial activities relating to the publication – both in paper and digital formats (e-books and audio-books) – of the fiction, non-fiction, children’s and miscellaneous works by the publishing houses, with which the Group holds a leadership position at national level, through the trademarks Mondadori, Giulio Einaudi Editore, Piemme, Sperling & Kupfer, Frassinelli, Rizzoli, BUR, Fabbri Editori, Rizzoli Lizard and Mondadori Electa. On 1 April 2022, these were joined by De Agostini Libri and, on 1 July 2022, Star Comics, Italy’s leading comic books publisher, specialised in the publication on the domestic market of the major international productions including, in particular, Japanese manga;
  • from 1 January 2023, following the purchase of an additional 25% to the 50% already held since May 2022, the company A.L.I – Agenzia Libraria International, operating in the distribution of books for third-party publishers, with a customer portfolio of more than 80 publishing houses, whose acquisition is functional to the vertical integration project along the book value chain;
  • the art and illustrated book publishing business, in which the Group operates with the brands Electa (specialised in visual arts, design and architecture) and Abscondita. The segment’s activities include publishing of works on art, architecture, exhibition catalogues, museum guides and sponsor books in art publishing, as well as the management of museum concessions and the organization of exhibitions and cultural events;
  • the publishing house Rizzoli International Publications, which operates on the US market with the Rizzoli, Rizzoli New York, Rizzoli Electa and Universe brands and with the Rizzoli Bookstore located in New York.

Education books

Mondadori Scuola S.p.A. is the Group company heading the activities in the school textbooks and, to a lesser extent, university textbooks publishing, in the Books area.

The Mondadori Group covers the school textbooks segment through three publishing houses, Mondadori Education, Rizzoli Education and D Scuola, which produce textbooks, courses, teaching tools and multimedia content for every school level, from primary school to the first, middle and secondary schools and through to university, both with its own brands and through the distribution of third-party publishers (mainly for the teaching of foreign languages).

In addition to the traditional products in paper and digital formats, the Companies’ range in the Education Books area also includes lines on transversal topics, such as inclusion, guidance, STEM, civic education, environment and digital citizenship, with a view to offering students and teachers teaching resources and tools that can help strengthen basic skills, reduce school abandonment and innovate teaching generally, in line with the objectives of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) set for the educational system.