Mondadori acquires the rights to some of the Italy's greatest writers.

Publisher of the divine Gabriele

On June 21, 1926, the establishment of the National Institute for the publication of the collected works of Gabriele D’Annunzio was publicly announced. This challenge allowed Mondadori to gain the cultural, political, editorial and graphical prestige that the “young” publishing house was still missing and marked the beginning of the steep ascent, in terms of both quality and quantity, of the entire production of the typographer from Ostiglia.

The credibility gained in the cultural and financial arena helped to sustain other ambitious projects developed in the following years. Finally recognized as an important publisher at the national level, Mondadori in the following 20 years oriented his publishing policy towards the re-launching of Italian authors while following three guidelines. The first guideline envisaged the creation of a “small patrol of youths,” such as Fabio Tombari and Giana Anguissola. The second guideline bet on a strong group of affirmed writers (Panzini, D’Ambra, Bontempelli, Aleramo, Ada Negri). Finally, the third one aimed to publish the collected works of three ”giants” of Italian literature of recent or imminent acquisition: Pascoli, Verga and Fogazzaro.