Launch of Tempo, the first news magazine.

A news magazine for everyone: Tempo

June 1939. Launch of the most ambitious Mondadori magazine of the 30s: Tempo, weekly magazine on politics, information, literature and arts managed by Alberto Mondadori. The planning of the graphical design and contents is in line with the Fascist rhetoric. Despite this, because of its nature the magazine will have many problems with the regime.

The model for Tempo is Life, the magazine of great American journalism. It is not designed only for the élite, but for a broad public. It offers factual information that truly reflects the reality of the time, also thanks to the frequent use of pictures, an innovative change for those years.

The original editorial staff gathered together the greatest journalists of the time, from Indro Montanelli, editor in chief (although for a short period of time), to Carlo Bernari, Ettore Della Giovanna, Alberto Lattuada, Raul Radice, Federigo Valli, Lamberti Sorrentino (correspondent), Ricciardetto (alias Augusto Guerriero), Arturo Tofanelli and Fabrizio Clerici. The graphical design is by Bruno Munari. Lamberti Sorrentino writes: “It emerged among many other new things, a journalistic component for which the word “fototesto” is coined and in which the photo itself says the most important thing about the event…in the caption one would find a description of the 360-degree view that the photographer had.”