Mondadori signs a joint venture with Gruner + Jahr.

Focus: the monthly magazine that helps you discover and understand the world

In 1990 the Mondadori Group and Gruner + Jahr (Bertelsmann Group) create a joint venture, which takes the name Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori, that will publish new magazines in Italy. Focus, founded in November 1992, was a novelty for Italy. The monthly magazine covers current events as well as recent scientific discovers, medicine, astrophysics, archaeology, mathematical sciences and physics. The idea is to have an instrument that helps people “discover and understand the world” while offering them a varied panorama using common language that is scientifically accurate and at the same time pleasurable to read. In a few years Focus becomes the most popular monthly in Italy. Top Girl, a magazine targeting adolescents, is added in 1998. Another monthly, Jack, is added in 2000 and carves out a spot for itself among the publications dedicated to new technology products. Following the success of Focus, in the last few years six new titles hit the newsstands: Focus D&R, Focus Extra, Focus Brain Trainer, Focus Storia, Focus Junior e Focus Pico. In 2005, the Italian edition of the famous international magazine Geo began publication.