Our mission is to encourage the dissemination of culture and ideas through products, activities and services that satisfy the needs and tastes of the widest possible audience. Our vision combines our love for culture and for publishing quality with the laws of the market, and the propensity to identify and anticipate changes with respect and protection of the values that are at the basis of a publisher’s role in civil society.

The values that inspire us are at the basis of our Code of Ethics, the principles and provisions of which embody the general obligations of diligence, honesty and fairness.

In conjunction with the general principle of respect of the laws, honesty and fairness, the Code of Ethics pays particular attention to human resources, a fundamental factor for growth of the company. It governs the fundamental aspects of honest conduct throughout the collaboration, including conflicts of interest, confidentiality with regard to news and information constituting the company’s wealth or regarding Group operations, protection from competition and dealings between Mondadori and its suppliers, with institutions and with public officials.

The provisions of our Code of Ethics are an integral part of the contractual obligations undertaken by our employees and by all parties that do business with us.