The ability demonstrated by the Mondadori Group in 2020 to react promptly to a strongly deteriorated context, as well as the financial solidity shown by the capital position at year end, give reasons, from an operational point of view, to be optimistic all in all on the future development of the business and the results that the Group can achieve in the new year.

From a strategic point of view, the Group has all the managerial and financial resources required to continue along the path of strengthening its core businesses, of expanding into new segments in or adjacent to publishing, and of rationalizing, if possible, non-strategic activities consistently pursued in recent years, including through M&A operations.

More specifically, in 2021 Mondadori intends to continue to consolidate its leadership in the Books area  both in the school textbooks and Trade publishing segments, increasing its relevance and impact on the Group’s overall activities – and to complete its skills and solutions in the digital area.

The current financial strength gives reasons to believe that during the year the Group will be able to firmly and actively pursue any acquisition opportunities that may arise, as well as to pave the way for a possible return to a shareholder remuneration policy from 2022, applied to the net result of 2021.