From a strategic point of view, the Company will continue to strengthen its core business and therefore its leadership in the Books area, increasing its relevance and impact on the overall business.

This path will see the Mondadori Group both expand horizontally through entry into new segments of book publishing, including contiguous areas, and continue and consolidate the process of vertical integration launched through the recent acquisitions in the field of book promotion and distribution.

The Group will concurrently continue to develop its digital skills and range of products, and to rationalize its non-strategic activities.

  • Books area


  • Media area


  • Retail area


Books area

The Trade Books Area aims to consolidate its leadership at the national level, while also profiting from the publishing market’s dynamism in some sectors, including comics, a sector that Mondadori recently entered by acquiring Star Comics.

As well as the school publishing sector, the Group aims to stabilise its central position, which it gained by the recent acquisition of D Scuola, a high-quality publishing proposal and widespread patronage.

Media area

The Media Area strategy focuses on the development of digital activities and brands with greater multichannel potential. In the print area, the increase in efficiency continues by progressively improving exposure in the periodicals sector and the implementation of measures to manage operating costs that have increased their profitability in recent years.

Retail area

The Retail Area strategy helps to continually renew and develop the network of physical stores and conduct a thorough review of the organisation and the processes, as well as constantly work on product innovation and expand the publishing offer, along with new services and communication formats for customers and partners.

Bookstores strive to be meeting places and cultural landmarks for local communities, including through dedicated events in stores and online and initiatives that involve the area.