Our corporate identity is fundamental to us as an internal factor of cohesion and identification of individuals, as well as an external factor of recognition of the individual brands, companies and products of the Group.

Our current corporate identity system is based on the trademark and logo.

The trademark is the underlying element that was created by merging the initials of Arnoldo Mondadori, founder of the publishing house. It was codified in 1969 by Dutch designer Bob Noorda at the end of a lengthy process that began in the 1920s.

marchio Mondadori di Bob Noorda

In 1996, to strengthen and unify the perception of the Mondadori brand, the logo was created by Bob Noorda, using an alphabet of exclusive characters from the trademark typeface, together with a structured and complete system of guidelines for the use of the logo and its eventual variations. Universally recognised, the Mondadori brand owes its strong notoriety and recognition to three factors and, naturally, to the intrinsic strength of the graphical symbol: the extraordinary dissemination of Mondadori products and stores, the consistency in keeping its brand unchanged over the last 40 years and the positive association of the brand to the values of publishing quality and reliability connected to the Mondadori name.

The changes that have taken place in the publishing world and in the communication tools have required a modernisation of the coordinated and structured system of guidelines for the corporate identity in 2015, with the objective of:

  • working on the existing corporate image, solving all critical issues;
  • integrating Noorda’s guidelines in accordance with the needs of the new media to create a new web identity;
  • creating a single coordinated corporate image that regulates online and offline applications and becomes a corporate tool that is accessible to all.

Therefore, our new brand architecture was born, to strengthen, govern and enhance the brand following the new Group structure of the publishing house. The historic trademark created by Noorda was revisited and streamlined in its proportions to make it the base module on which to develop all variations of the trademark.


The Mondadori Group trademark may be reproduced exclusively in the corporate colours, red for the trademark and black (on white or clear background) or white (on dark or black background) for the logo.

Red: Pantone® 186 C – C0 M100 Y90 K10 – R210 G000 B036

Black: Pantone® Black C – C0 M0 Y0 K0 – R000 G000 B000

Download the trademark in .eps format

il marchio Mondadori - positivo
il marchio Mondadori - negativo