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McDonald’s and Mondadori Media sign Italian data protection authority’s Pietrarsa agreement

A project to promote correct use of data by younger users, organised by Focus Junior, the reference brand for children and teenagers

The Pietrarsa National Railway Museum today hosted the State of Privacy ’22 event sponsored by the Regional Authority of Campania and the Municipality of Naples, which promotes correct use of digital data among users.

As part of this important event, McDonald’s and Mondadori Media, the Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company, took up the proposal of the Garante della Privacy – the Italian data protection authority – by signing an agreement in which they undertake to promote correct use of digital data among young users: the objective is to make available the necessary tools to educate youngsters about the value of their personal data in order to help them become active, knowledgeable citizens, users and consumers.

Through Focus Junior, the reference brand for children and teenagers which uses an edutainment approach to offer its readers a means to explore the world, concepts and terminology will be explained in a simple entertaining way to stimulate curiosity with the right questions and a touch of irony. Assisted by specialists on the subject, Focus Junior will publish articles in the magazine, videos, posts, memes and short clips on its website and social media.

The same content will be amplified in McDonald’s restaurants with a booklet edited by Focus Junior, packed with cartoons, infographics and illustrations, which will be distributed during events organised for youngsters. Given its widespread presence across Italy, McDonald’s is an effective amplifier of values, especially among young people, who have always been one of its most faithful publics.

We are happy to have accepted the invitation of the Garante della Privacy and to have signed this important undertaking to safeguard the younger members of the community,” commented Luisa Adami, General Counsel and Franchising Director McDonald’s Italia. “Personal data processing is an issue to which we pay great attention: protecting our users is a priority. We are proud to join a project to raise awareness among children and young people, an initiative I feel strongly about not only in my role as General Counsel, but also as the mother of two daughters who come into the project’s target group.

“Educating children and young people about personal data protection is a priority for society as a whole, and one in which, as a publisher that talks to the younger generations on a daily basis, we want to play an active part,” said Mondadori Media Chief Operating Officer Andrea Santagata. “This is why we have responded with such enthusiasm to the appeal of the Garante della Privacy to take concrete action in this area: we are doing so with a project organised by the Focus Junior brand, to answer the questions of young people and their families and give them the knowledge to be aware and responsible.”

 McDonald’s Italia

Active in Italy for 35 years, today McDonald’s has 640 restaurants across the country and a total of 27,000 employees who serve 1 million customers every day. Ninety percent of McDonald’s Italian restaurants are managed on a franchising basis by 140 local entrepreneurs, reflecting the brand’s strong local roots. McDonald’s confirms its intention of being a “local” brand

also through its choice of suppliers, 85% of whom are Italian companies or companies that have production operations in Italy. Worldwide, McDonald’s operates in more than 100 countries with over 38,000 restaurants.

 Mondadori Media

Mondadori Media is Italy’s leading multimedia publisher, with a distinctive positioning and audience on the editorial market. Through its brands, the Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company caters for the passions of the Italians – food, entertainment, science, fashion, edutainment and much more – and reaches more than 25 million unique users every month (source: Audiweb Jan-June 2022), an overall fanbase of 70 million people (source: Shareablee + social insight 2022) and almost 9 million readers (source: Audipress 2022/I).

IllusiOcean, an unexpected ocean debuts at the Università di Milano-Bicocca

Until 31 January 2022. The Università di Milano-Bicocca is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the protection of the marine ecosystem and presented using the language of illusion.

It is an interactive, multimedia project created thanks to the collaboration of Mondadori Media and the Italian National Museum of Cinema in Turin, and the participation of almost 500 high school students

Surrender to the suggestive biodiversity of the sea and the secrets of its extraordinary ecosystem through the language of illusion. Until 31 January 2022, the University of Milano-Bicocca is hosting “IllusiOcean™”, an exhibition conceived and coordinated by Paolo Galli, professor of ecology at the university, and created in collaboration with Mondadori Media and the National Museum of Cinema in Turin.

The aims of the exhibition dedicated to the sea include raising awareness – among civil society, schools of all levels, the academic world and the scientific community – of the importance of achieving the sustainable development objectives for oceanic sciences set by the United Nations for the decade (2021-2030) of oceanic sciences, in particular Goal 14: to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

The exhibition is an interactive experience divided into three thematic areas.

The first area consists of four rooms and two corners, each examining an aspect of the sea: from the biodiversity of tropical marine ecosystems to the problem of plastic pollution.

The exhibition path begins with a corner dedicated to “Virtual Reality” where, thanks to 3D viewers, visitors can explore the wonders of the world’s coral reefs and discover the process of coral restoration. It is also possible to simulate the sensory experience of an underwater geyser and enjoy an special natural spectacle.

In the “Sottomarino delle illusioni (Submarine of Illusions) visitors can dive into the depths of the Maldives, an archipelago that hosts some of the world’s largest coral reefs: an area of over 4500 km2 of extraordinary biodiversity and nearly 300 different species of coral. In this room, visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the marine organisms that shelter here. But to do this, they will have to sharpen their senses: walking from one side of the space to the other, where they will see the figures shrink or enlarge and algae and fish that transform into strange shapes.

The “Stanza degli specchi” (Room of Mirrors) places us among schools of jellyfish, fascinating marine animals that are found in seas around the world, where they float, driven by currents. And among the luminous umbrellas of these creatures, we can also see traces of the all-too-human threat called pollution.

This room was designed with the support of master glassmaker Fabio Fornasier from Murano, who created glass jellyfish using the traditional manual method and reproduced – also in glass – some of the many plastic objects that infest our seas.

The room “Mare sotto i Riflettori, il cinema racconta gli oceani (The Sea in the Spotlight, the cinema and the oceans) is the result of collaboration with the National Museum of Cinema in Turin. This section offers a new interactive experience with all the magic of underwater filming, with clips, objects and unique curiosities. “The relationship between man and then sea has always been one of the recurring themes in the history of cinema,” said Domenico De Gaetano, director of the National Museum of Cinema, “our fascination with the underwater world lends itself well to illusions and special effects and we are delighted with this prestigious collaboration, which allows us to show another fascinating side of the Seventh Art.”

The sea is a treasure chest containing many different species of animals and plants: some are easy to spot, others hide and blend in. To recognise them, you need an expert eye, patience and a lot of attention. In the “Labirinto dei segreti marini (Labyrinth of marine secrets) children from three to five years old can have a lot of fun looking for them and getting lost among the walls of this special room

The second corner, Messaggio in Bottiglia (Message in a Bottle), takes us back in time, to when letters were placed in glass bottles and thrown into the sea letting the currents carry them ashore. Fortunately, today we no longer need to throw a message into the ocean to communicate with the world: but through the “ocean that is the web”, visitors can launch their own message of hope to be launched on social networks using a virtual glass bottle.

The second area of the exhibition features 30 giant photographs, taken by some of the greatest experts in underwater photography – including Massimo Boyer – and depicting the evocative illusions created by nature that make our oceans so spectacular: the mimicry of some species of fish, for example, or the phenomenon that generates the effect of underwater waterfalls in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean.

The third block is dedicated to the work done by high -chool students from the Vittorio Veneto and Luigi Cremona scientific high schools in Milan and the Emilio Sereni Agricultural Technical Institute in Rome. In recent months, around 500 students participated in the “Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento” (Paths towards Crossover Skills and Orientation) by designing and creating parts of the exhibition: reconstructions of models of the seabed, scientific games, illustrative posters, drawings and audio guides for visitors.

“With IllusiOcean the Milano-Bicocca University takes another important step towards restarting after the pandemic, inviting schools, families and citizens to discover an exhibition dedicated to the sea. We are delighted to inaugurate this exhibition which, thanks to the language of illusions, is not only great fun, but also encourages us to reflect on one of the priorities set by the UN 2030 Agenda: the protection of the health of the sea. It’s a challenge in which our researchers are engaged every day in the study of sustainable development solutions for the protection of the marine ecosystem,” said Deputy Rector, Marco Orlandi.

The exhibition is free and open to the public every Friday from 11am to 6pm and on Saturdays, twice a month, at the same times, at the Galleria della scienza (Buildings U1/U2, 1st floor, Piazza della Scienza, Milan).

Entrance is by reservation only and you can book on the website and present your green pass (vaccination passport) at the door.

In addition, every Tuesday and Thursday morning, from 8am to 10am or from 11am to 1pm, by writing to, you can book guided tours for schools.

Thanks to collaboration with Mondadori Media, from the end of October the “IllusiOcean™” exhibition will also be available online, exclusively on the website of Focus, Italy’s most widely read monthly, a reference point for fans and enthusiasts of technology, science, nature, medicine and innovation. By accessing the dedicated section of, users can navigate in immersive mode inside the rooms of illusions and discover, in a virtual journey, many curiosities about the sea and its inhabitants.

“The Milano-Bicocca University exhibition organised by Professor Paolo Galli on the optical illusions and the sea is original, stimulating and fun. Three adjectives that have always been part of the DNA of Focus and it was therefore natural for us to offer our partnership to IllusiOcean.  A partnership that, in addition to narrating and describing the exhibition, allows people to visit the exhibition also virtually on,” said the editor of Focus, Raffaele Leone. “It is original because it is the result of an original and creative idea; stimulating because it wants to encourage us to reflect on the wonders of the sea and the need to preserve them; fun because it communicates playfully with the special effects of optical illusions. How could Focus not be there?”

And the experience with “IllusiOcean™” is not limited to the exhibition. Throughout the exhibition period, a rich programme of initiatives promoted by Focus and Focus Junior, the magazine that is a point of reference for kids, has been planned to raise the awareness of readers, teachers and students about the marine world and explore the issues raised by the initiative. Starting from the issue of Focus on newsstands this month, which is entirely dedicated to the importance of water: from the cycle of the sea, the planet’s real liquid engine, to the life of the cetaceans that populate the waters of our peninsula, to the story of the coral clinic in the Maldives, with lots of other special unmissable content.

Every week, on and the magazine’s social media channels, young people can also find insights and curiosities on the issues raised by the exhibition, but not only. In fact, they can also share photos, articles, ideas and suggestions for looking after the seas and oceans with the editorial team, using the email address and the most original content will be published both online and in the magazine. “Children, and young people in general, are worried about climate change and the future of the planet: so, as always, Focus Junior gives voice to their thoughts and ideas,” said Sarah Pozzoli, the editor of Focus Junior.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Società italiana di Ecologia (Italian Society of Ecology) – (S.It.E), the Lombardy Region and the City of Milan.

The Mondadori Group brand are ever closer to readers and their families

Numerous initiatives to help and support the public to relax but also to exchange experience with premium free content and live events on social media, as well as active participation by users in the brands’ social communities

At this difficult time the Mondadori Group brands are keeping close to their readers, users and their families with initiatives across all media. The aim is to help. Support and offer moments of relaxation, by involving the public, above all on social networks, in activities related to their passions.

In particular, there are three ways in which the Group has put together initiatives to be closer and to help people in this period of emergency: free access to premium content, a schedule of simultaneous live events on social networks and the active involvement of users through the brands’ communities.

Free premium content

In order to keep up to date the magazines of the Mondadori Group is offering readers free digital subscriptions for a period of three months.

It is possible to subscribe for digital access to your favourite magazines here, choosing from some of the leading magazines in a range of segments, including: Grazia, Donna Moderna, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Chi, Focus, Focus Junior, Giallozafferano, CasaFacile, Icon, Icon Design, Interni and many more.

Plus, from Sunday it will be possible to download for free with a click the latest special issue of Grazia, “We will embrace again” from this link. In just two days, this initiative has already reached more than 30,000 people.

Live simultaneous events on the social media channels of the leading brands

Every day a live cooking demonstration with GialloZafferano, in collaboration with NostroFiglio and Focus Junior. By connecting to the brands’ Instagram, Facebook r YouTube channels, at 5 pm, users can enjoy #IoRestoACasaECucino and learn live, from the chefs of Giallo, how to put together easy meals for the whole family, and also involving kids in the preparation.

This daily appointment was preceded on Saturday 21 March by a great live event on social media #ACenaConGialloZafferano which engaged Italians in the preparation of the weekend dinner. The event, which took place simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, attracted over 200,000 people, who received tips and advice from the chefs of GialloZafferano, a number of foodbloggers from across Italy, as well as award-winning chef Alessandro Negrini.

The, of course, we couldn’t forget the live training sessions by MyPersonalTrainer, which every day propose half an hour of activities on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with a series of thematic paths: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, dietary wellbeing.

Special attention is also reserved for small children: NostroFiglio offers a rich weekly programme of live events on Facebook with doctors and pedagogues, with musical games, mini-shows and baby dance in collaboration with Kikolle Lab and a range of fun tasks to invent together with your children.

But we also need to relax, and so TV Sorrisi e Canzoni is offering its users the #ACasaConSorrisi initiative, two daily appointments live on Instagram and Facebook in which the editor Aldo Vitali enters the homes of the personalities featured in the current issue of the magazine and famous faces from TV. The first live events, which attracted many users, featured Vanessa Incontrada, Baby-K, Amadeus and will continue every day at 4 pm and 6 pm.

Also the magazine Chi, edited by Alfonso Signorini, is entertaining its users every day at 7 pm, double live interviews live, in which a number of VIPs talk exclusively on Instagram to #ChiRestaACasa.

An unmissable appointment for all fans to get an up-close look at the world of celebrities who every week enliven the pages of their favourite magazine. And on Chi’s IGTV users can also find the interviews conducted so far with Alessia Marcuzzi, Giulia Salemi and Carlo Conti.

User participation through the brands social communities

#TorneremoAdAbbracciarci. Grazia launched its initiative #TorneremoAdAbbracciarci on Instagram.

Users are invited to post a photo of an embrace, a gesture of affection that we all took for granted and has now become a precious good. A way of communicating that we are united and that together we can make it through to which many celebrities and ordinary people have contributed.

#Andrà’TuttoBene with Nostrofiglio. The portal form mums and dads 2.0, joined from the beginning and helped to spread the children and rainbows initiative Andrà tutto bene” (All will be well) and received over 12,000 online contributions with drawings of rainbows attached to the balconies on Italian homes (see the gallery on Facebook).

#IoCucinoConGiallo and #IoRestoaCasa. A collective cooking initiative, for and with your loved ones, even if they are far away, with recipes from GialloZafferano, photographing the results and sharing them with GialloZafferano and its community. In just a few days 4,000 people had already contributed (see the gallery on Facebook).

#DonnaModernaRestaConMe and #IoRestoaCasa. The weekly Donna Moderna uses Instagram to describe the making of the magazine with remote working and invites readers to talk about how the magazine is keeping them company in these days: a recipe, an inspiration, a particular story. A call to action to readers to talk about how Donna Moderna is helping them through these weeks (see the gallery on Instagram).

#StayCoolStayHome with DM Beauty. Also in this period, young women want to look after themselves. This is possible with DM Beauty, the social beauty magazine, conceived and created by millennials for millennials.  Every day a post with tips to make you feel cool even when you stay at home.

#IoStudioaCasa with Amazing support for high school kids is provided by, which offers them teaching materials for all needs. On the StudentiTV channel on YouTube kids can access hundreds of video lessons while on Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts they can find online new audio podcast lessons Te lo spiega snippets on Italian, history and literature, as well as the high school diploma exam.

The results of all of these initiatives show how people, constrained by the current situation, are turning to the media, especially online, and appreciating what the brands of the Mondadori Group are offering them.

In fact, on Sunday 22 March saw an all-time record online audience for a combination of the Group’s brands with a total of over 13 million visits to the web sites in a single day an increase of over +100% compared with last year (Source: Google Analytics).

An important contribution was made by Giallozafferano which on Sunday 22 March cooked along with almost 6 million Italians (+240% vs 2019).

To this should also be added similarly exceptional results on social media.

Also on Sunday 22 March, the combination of the brands’ social media channels recorded an overall reach of over 17 million people and the number of fans is growing by an average of over 40,000 users per day al giorno.

The Mondadori Group to export Focus Junior Play Lab to China

Agreements signed with Chic Investment Group and Xi’an International Fashion Town Construction & Development Co.

The Mondadori Group is exporting to China  in franchising the Focus Junior Play Lab format, the educational and play space for children aged from 3 to 11, developed  by the magazine that is a reference point in the world of kids.

The initiative is the result of an agreement signed with Chic Investment Group and a Memorandum of Understanding with Xi’an International Community Fashion Town Construction & Development Co.

For the first time Focus Junior will deliver, also at an international level, its educational offer and all of the know-how of the Italian brand that is the leader in its sector, in line with the philosophy that characterises the title: an “edutainment” approach, that aims to engage kids and stimulate their skills and capacities through the development of labs and activities to accompany them as they grow up.

The first three Focus Junior Play Labs will open up in China in 2020 in Xi’an, within the High Tech district of the Sino Italian Fashion Town, a new international complex that is being built around the ancient city of Xi’an, and in the cities of Nanjing, in the Kingmo shopping mall and Chongqing, in the Chic World Together shopping centre.

Through the Chic Investment Group, the management and investment company that is working to bring European brands of outstanding excellence to the entire country in the coming years, Focus Junior Play Lab will expand also to other cities in China, with the opening of 12 play labs in franchising within 3 years.

Focus Junior Play Lab will enhance the Asian market for services aimed at families: children and kids will be able to spend their time alternating between recreational activities and educational and learning projects aimed at stimulating manual dexterity, creativity and scientific thinking through numerous labs that will introduce them to topics related to science, art, mathematics and engineering in a fun, engaging and innovative way.

A result preceded by a series of institutional stages that took place in recent months: firstly, a meeting in China in November 2018, an event organised by the Italy-China Foundation at Palazzo Clerici in Milan and the visit of a delegation from the government of Xi’an to Palazzo Mondadori in Segrate in March this year. Cooperation activities in China will continue in the coming years with the introduction of new initiatives currently under development.

The new project is consistent with the objective of the Mondadori Group to  concentrate on its brand leaders with the best multi-platform development potential.

Focus Junior is a magazine dedicated to curious kids that is a brand extension of di Focus, the Mondadori Group magazine that is a point of reference in popular science and entertainment and is the nucleus of a multimedia system able to transform readers into authentic “inhabitants” of the world of Focus, right from the pre-school years. In print and on the web and social networks, and from a TV channels to events like Focus Live, organised around the country, the overall audience of the Focus system is around 6 million (Source: Nielsen MI assessment based on AW Mag 2019 figures, Audipress 2019.1).

Focus Junior launches the journalism school “Focus Junior Academy”

The brand is expanding initiatives in the educational area

Focus Junior, the Mondadori Group brand that is a point of reference for the world of children and kids, is launching Focus Junior Academy: a project for primary and middle schools featuring free teaching laboratories introducing journalism with the aim of bringing pupils closer to the world of publishing and news.

“Following the launch of Focus Scuola, the new practical review for teachers, we are opening the doors of the editorial department of Focus Junior to children and kids during school hours to offer a fun but realistic experience of what they learn in the classroom,” said the editor of Focus Junior Sarah Pozzoli. 

This initiative will further strengthen the role of the Focus Junior brand in the educational area: from collaboration with institutions and companies to didactic programmes aimed at engaging students and parents, schools and teachers, with a wide range of activities and events that speak to the protagonist of the world of education with an innovative and appealing educational vision.

A press, digital and social campaign has been planned to support the launch of Junior Academy.

From February, in line with the brand’s philosophy of “having fun while discovering the world”, Focus Junior Academy will offer every week the opportunity for a class to visit the editorial department of Focus Junior in the Mondadori Building and to meet the editor and journalists to understand how the team works and its internal organisation. The pupils will get a “hands-on” look at the fundamentals of journalism: how to write an article, the selection of photos and images and how to lay out a magazine, the news will then be published on the web site and on social media.

From 5 W to the importance of sources and the issue of fake news, and from the sharing of a post on social media to the selection of images and headlines, the Focus Junior Academy laboratories will offer students an interactive learning experience that will enable them to try out team-working and experience the key moments in a day in the life of an editorial department.

Aspiring journalist will also have the chance to conduct interviews with “subject experts” (science, history, technology, etc.), who will make themselves available in the editorial department of Focus Junior and to meet personally the students and respond to their questions and satisfy their curiosities.

The participants will also be able to take part in the page layout of their “little magazine”, that will also be published on web site in the section dedicated to schools and re-launched on the social channels of Focus Junior with the hashtag #JuniorReporter.

At the end of the lab, the pupils will receive a “Junior Reporter” certificate, while their teachers will receive a “Become a journalist” kit to continue the work done during the lab also in the classroom.

To book a Focus Junior Academy teaching laboratory, interested teachers should write to the editorial department at

The new Focus Junior

With a new layout and content to discover making it increasingly multimedia and closer to its young readers

Nuovo Focus Junior

Focus Junior –  the Mondadori brand conceived to satisfy the natural curiosity of children and kids will be available, from tomorrow 16 June, to its young readers with a completely new layout for the print, digital and web versions.

The new Focus Junior has been totally redesigned and the changes can be seen starting from the cover of the magazine, with higher impact images and a new logo. On the content side, in addition to the classic topics related to nature, science, animals and history, more space is given to issues of relevance to young people: technology, behaviour, feelings, sport, adventure, mystery.

The key words are curious and fun, thanks to the extra space devoted to games (also in English), jokes and cartoons; multimedia, with extra content (photos and videos) linked to the magazine’s articles; current affairs, with the new section Junior News, dossiers  and background detail to help kids understand the world; innovative, with greater attention to everything connected with new technology.

Another very significant new feature is the Reporter Junior initiative, which enables readers to submit photos, articles, stories, becoming authentic protagonists in the creation of content, both for the magazine and the web.

“The thought that underlies this profound process of renewal,” underlined the editor Sarah Pozzoli, “is that Focus Junior must just be a magazine or a web site, but a brand consisting of a magazine, the web, social network, initiatives and events around the country and cooperation with schools. Consequently, we decided to make a fundamental change in our approach: we have to go where the readers are, rather than waiting for them to come to us. This is why the editorial team is working non-stop to select the best for today’s kids and to intercept their needs. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity and to create engagement: to be a part of the Focus Junior world is to enter a di community that can help you and provide additional tools to become an aware adult.”

With a view to increased synergies and integration between print and the web, also has been completely renewed. The site has been updated both in terms of layout, making it more immediate and accessible, and in terms of content, with new areas including schools, animals, as well as scientific and technological background and authentic interactive workshops. The site is also totally responsive to provide a optimal  experience also on mobile devices, increasingly popular among the young, with a strong interactive focus that will enable users to send their contributions directly and have a direct channel to the editorial department of Focus Junior.

The launch of the new Focus Junior will be supported by a media campaign on kids’ TV on both satellite and digital terrestrial channels.

“All together at university”: five academic lessons for kids organised by Focus Junior and Polytechnic University of Milan

Following the success of previous editions, also this year, the magazine Focus Junior and the Polytechnic University of Milan have joined together for the “Tutti insieme all’università” (“All Together at University”) project which is aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 13: five appointments offering an opportunity to participate, some years in advance, in real university lectures of big scientific topics with some of the best teachers of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

The lessons, that will take place in the months of February and March, have been designed to respond to kids’ curiosity using innovative, amusing and stimulating content that will help them to discover the world in a new and intelligent way that is entirely consistent with the educate-by-entertaining approach that guides all the activities of the Focus Junior brand.

The initiative starts on 27 February with two appointments, at 10.30 and at 12.00: practical experiments in physics will lead the kids through the science fiction and reality of the films of the Star Wars saga, and a look at some of the most recent technological inventions.

The lessons will continue on 5 March, with the excitement of robots, on 2 April with the discovery of the engines of the future, on 9 April with the design techniques for paper jewellery that respects the environment, and concluding with a final lesson on 14 May on how videogames work by deconstructing three of the most popular titles.

While the kids are “studying”, their parents will be given a guided tour of the Polytechnic University of Milan campus.

Participation is free, with a maximum of 400 places for each lesson.

All you have to do is sign up on the Polytechnic University of Milan web site, in the section devoted to events: