Icon launches its “Let me dream” issue, available on newsstands with four different cover stories

The website expands its offer with the new Watches channel

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, launches its “Let me dream” issue, dedicated to the need for and courage to keep on dreaming.

The magazine, edited by Andrea Tenerani, has chosen ​four stars to be on the cover​ of this special issue: four stories from the world of sport, cinema and fashion, which Icon​​​ wants to use to remind its readers to never stop pursuing their dreams.

It starts with​Milanese footballer, Sandro Tonali, who achieved his childhood dreams: he wanted to be a footballer, play in Serie A, wear the​Milan jersey and win the championship. “The next goal is to cement what we did last year, which is the most difficult thing: we all have to keep focused on our dream,” he shared in an exclusive interview with Icon.

Actor Paul Wesley, who played the young Captain Kirk in the series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds last year, has become one of the most beloved faces on the small screen thanks to the global success of The Vampire Diaries​ Paul also fulfilled his dream of becoming a director.

The stars of the issue’s other two cover stories, Oleg​ ​Zagorodnii and Jon Kortajarena, are two supermodels (the former Ukrainian, the latter Spanish) who, thanks to their talent and determination, have been able to achieve their dream of becoming actors.

Among the stories in the issue is that of Italian Umberto Guidoni, the first European to board the International Space Station, who tells Icon how his dream of being an astronaut as a child came true.

The theme of dreams also acts as the common thread in the Destination Future section, where readers will find names like Ester Viola and Saturnino.

The “Let me dream” issue – whose contents will also be expanded upon and gone into in depth on Icon’s website and on the brand’s social media channels – is also a place for fashion, which has always been at the heart of the Icon story, with an exclusive feature, along with an interview with the young Milanese actor, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli.

Fashion will be celebrated with a private event, created in collaboration with Fay, in which a special feature in this issue is dedicated. An exclusive evening that will take place in Rome on 27 October, during which the new issue of Icon will be presented, with special guest actor Paul Wesley, the face of one of the covers of “Let me dream”.

The new Watches channel

This month Icon is also launching another new feature: starting this month, the website will be enhanced by the new Watches channel. The section is dedicated to watches that brings the Icon brand even closer to the key luxury sector, as well as its readers, with stories and daily insights into one of modern man’s major passions, which is also the topic of the magazine’s monthly column by watch editor, Paolo De Vecchi.


Icon launches the new special “Back to the roots” issue

The brand upholds its successful formula: a collection of about 100 pages of advertisements in the new issue

Icon is the point of reference for the men’s fashion and lifestyle segment thanks to an offer of cross-media contents across the magazine, website, social channels and events: a shared story with descriptive insights on the passions of contemporary men and an always detailed glance at the new styles and trends – from fashion to beauty, from travelling to the world of engines and beverages – emphasised in the new special “Back to the roots” issue, on newsstands with a collection of about 100 pages of advertisements.

The focus of the magazine’s new issue, supervised by Andrea Tenerani, is a return to the roots and origins, with exclusive interviews and contents to illustrate how the values, ideas and fashions have changed alongside society’s mutations.

“The issue celebrates a return to the beautiful and classical origins, while simultaneously relying on innovation, like a modern Caravaggio, thanks to the use of a never before seen light and the ability to perceive the essence of objects or human thoughts from the darkness, only to reveal a truth conceived for all to see,” stated Andrea Tenerani, director of Icon.

The partnership with Ginori 1735
“Back to the roots” also devoted a section for the story of Icon’s new partnership with Ginori 1735. Readers will find a service dedicated to Luke Edward Hall, a very young and talented designer of a dandy style who designed Profumi Luchino’s new home fragrance collection, among the magazine’s pages. The collection will be presented by Ginori 1735 and Icon at a private event to be held on September 20, at Ginori 1735’s boutique, in the heart of Milan.

The Issue’s protagonists and stories
The Mondadori Group selected four faces of the fashion and lifestyle world for the lead stories of this issue, which will be on newsstands as of tomorrow and whose contents will be amplified on Icon.it and on the brand’s social channels.

The actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, star of the film “Bullet Train,” in which he played with Brad Pitt. At 32, Aaron already has 26 years of career behind him. At an age when everyone wants to exceed, he prefers to slow down: one, maximum two films a year, and then off to the countryside to cultivate the fields, cook, build swings and stay away from the social media. “I put my heart and soul into my work and forget about everything else when I’m on the set. Then, as soon as we are finished shooting, I go back to my origins and all these therapeutic activities, such as cooking, gardening and building,” he confided in an exclusive conversation with Icon.

Then, Alejandro Speitzer, the star of the Netflix thriller series “Dark Desire,” followed by over 100 million viewers in 77 countries and thanks to which he became the sex symbol of the new Latinx generation. The actor, portrayed by the American photographer Bruce Weber, whose partnership with the magazine is still ongoing, tells Icon: “I work hard, I never forget where I come from and, especially, how much I struggled to get here. I know we can never go back in time and that it’s important to do something well and harmoniously when doing it, thus giving the best of myself without setting limits.”

Also in Icon’s lead stories, the actor Francesco Scianna, now busy on the set of the second season of Gabriele Muccino’s “There’s No Place Like Home,” and the French star Rìles, author, composer, performer and producer of rap songs. Rìles is also among the protagonists of a fashion shoot – always at the centre of Icon’s story – that portrays the last discoveries of the French super agent, Saif Mahdhi.

Many stories, through which the magazine explores the “Back to the roots” theme from different points of view, are presented in the Destination Future section. Starting from a conversation with the great film director Rob Reiner, whom Icon met in Cannes, to speak about his plans to shoot the sequel of his 1984 hit film, “This is Spinal Tap.” And then, the story of those who literally went back to their roots, such as the agricultural influencer Matteo Fiocco, 33, who became an online star thanks to his Youtube channel, which gathered an enthusiastic community of new digital farmers.

In the Voices section, the exclusive interview with Roberto Baldoni, director of the National Cybersecurity Agency (Acn), founded by the Council of Ministers in 2021 to defend our Country from all forms of computer threats.

The new watches section
This special issue of Icon expands its section devoted to watches, which is edited by the watch editor, Paolo De Vecchi, the magazine’s latest signature aimed to strengthen the brand’s proximity to key luxury sectors. In this issue, speed and performance become the common thread throughout the section’s pages, through the presentation of models that accompany teams and drivers on the track.
Icon’s next appointment with its readers is scheduled for November 18, with a special issue entirely devoted to this world.

Icon presents the new issue of Icon Wheels “80 Wheels in motion”

A special issue about the stars of the two- and four-wheeler world and future mobility

Cover story on MotoGP champion Francesco Bagnaia

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s fashion and lifestyle brand for men, presents the new issue of Icon Wheels, the brand spin-off dedicated to motor vehicles and future mobility.

With the title “80 wheels in motion” and more than 200 pages, the special issue looks at the protagonists of the two- and four-wheeler world, presenting the latest arrivals and trends for more than 14 new automobiles.

Through exclusive interviews, special features and columns, the magazine edited by Andrea Tenerani investigates the passions of the modern man and confirms its privileged relationship with all the main market sectors.

«This issue of Icon continues and consolidates the successful path we have chosen to talk about the things men are passionate about. We decided to devote it to mobility in all its forms, with a special focus on automobiles, seen from our particular perspective of style,” said Icon editor-in-chief Andrea Tenerani. “Icon readers will find 80 wheels in this issue, because this is the number I’ve test driven. I think we need to pay attention to automobiles because they are part of our lives and they are not just objects, they are also fashion, culture, history, design, luxury, beauty,» Tenerani added.

Icon Wheels will be on the news-stands tomorrow with two covers, to celebrate the world of motor vehicles.  The star of the first cover will be young MotoGP champion Francesco Bagnaia. Born in Turin, championship runner-up in 2021, Francesco developed his career with Valentino Rossi’s riders academy, of which he is still a member today. In the exclusive interview, he talks about Valentino, who became his mentor and maestro: «I was very struck by his mental strength, his determination, his knowledge about so many things and his patience in explaining things.»

The second cover features a 100% electric car to talk about the new vehicles for a future that is already here.  This is also the central topic of the section Destination Future, where writers Stefano Bartezzaghi and Ester Viola look at mobility in all its forms: electric, two wheels as well as “two legs”. Not to be missed is the article on the legendary Graziella, the first fold-up bicycle created in 1964, which is back in an electric version. In the Voices section, an interview with Fabio Orecchini, director of the CARe automobile research centre at the Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome, unpicks stereotypes about the electric car.

Icon Wheels readers will also be able to discover the workings of the Google “Street View” function, which has been mapping the world for the last 15 years with every possible means of transport, from automobiles to camels.

The “80 wheels in motion” issue also includes features on fashion, always a core component of Icon, and the Watches section, where actor Patrick Dempsey talks about his passion for cars and watches in an exclusive interview.

The content of the new issue of Icon Wheels will be expanded on the Icon website in the special Icon Wheels section, and on the brand’s social channels, with exclusive analyses of the latest arrivals and trends in the world of motor vehicles and beyond.

Icon presents “Rebel rebel”, the new issue for people stepping out of the mainstream to build a better future

Starting this month, the magazine offers an exclusive column by celebrated artist Maurizio Cattelan

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s fashion and lifestyle brand for men, is launching its latest issue, “Rebel rebel”, on newsstands as from tomorrow.

A special issue that the magazine edited by Andrea Tenerani devotes to rebels, people who step out of the mainstream to open up new roads, imagine possible new worlds and build a better future.

Icon has chosen five faces for the cover story of the May issue.
Actor Vincent Cassel, whose frequent roles as a rebel have made him an international movie star, confides, in an exclusive conversation with Icon: «The real rebels are people who lead their lives thinking for themselves and saying what they think, even when they know what they say could get them into trouble. Today very few people can afford to do that».

Next up is Liam Gallagher, founder and frontman of Oasis, the archetypal band of the 1990s. «You can tell I’m a born revolutionary just by looking at me. My style is basic, a mixture of casual and outdoor, but I’m more of a trendsetter than all of my colleagues put together,» he tells Icon.

Another cover protagonist is actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster. After appearing in the romcom Love Actually when he was 13 and in 2020’s most viewed TV series, The Queen’s Gambit, at the age of 30, he will be playing one of the most controversial figures in the British pop industry, Sex Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren, in the series Pistol, from Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle. The Sex Pistols’ take on rebellion was an inspiration for this issue of Icon and will also be narrated by legendary bass player Glen Matlock, one of the band’s founding members.

Finally, the cover features actor Luis Partridge, who joined Thomas Brodie-Sangster on the Pistol set, and footballer Rafael Leão, whose age and cheerful flamboyance at every match mark him out as one of the top premier league talents of the future.

Starting this month, Icon will also offer an exclusive new column, “In a nutshell”, where contemporary art star Maurizio Cattelan, will tell readers about his favourite artists. A feature with which Icon once again extends its reporting from fashion to art, culture and society to offer its community of readers an ever wider selection of detailed investigations into the passions of the modern man.

Those featured in the May issue also include Wet Leg, an ironic British rock duo, who in the wake of their extraordinary first single, have just released their eagerly awaited debut album, and rebel Michelle Ngonmo, the visionary founder of AfroFashion Week, who is fighting for inclusion in the world of fashion. Also not to be missed are the conversation with Robert Stickgold, a full professor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, who will tell Icon readers why we dream, and, in the Destination Future section, an essay by Ester Viola on why author J.K. Rowling can be considered a rebel.

The stories of individuals who have made a difference by going outside the mainstream will also appear on the Icon.it website and on the brand’s social media, with exclusive interviews with people who have achieved success by following alternative routes. In addition, the magazine has in-depth features and reports on style, the latest trends and a special section on the passions of the contemporary man, ranging from grooming to beverages, from travel to motorcycles.

Icon launches “Ready, steady, play”: a special issue about the world of sport, the protagonists and the competitions of the summer, and a symbol of getting going again

Erling Haaland, the rising star of European and world football, is the protagonist of one of the four special covers and an exclusive interview

“Football is a mirror of life,” the football agent Mino Raiola tells Icon

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle and fashion brand, is launching “Ready, steady, play”, a special issue to talk about and celebrate sport, as a symbol of re-emergence and a new style of life, and the worlds that surround it: fashion and sportswear, to coincide with the opening of the Milan Fashion Week, wellbeing and new technologies.

The special issue, on newsstands from 19 June, will be a homage to vitality, positivity and the rediscovery of the joy of living alongside others. It will have four different covers featuring protagonists of the summer’s most important sporting events – from football’s Euro 2020 to the Olympic Games – and the athletes of emerging disciplines, offering readers a different vision of sport and the re-birth that it represents.

 “A new season is opening up for everyone, that’s what we hope and our way of experiencing sport could really become a symbol of the re-emergence that is on the horizon and an agent of social change,” said the magazine’s editor, Andrea Tenerani.

 The issue opens with an exclusive conversation between the editor of Icon and Mino Raiola, the ‘king’ of football agents, who the magazine asked about the values that underlie sport: “Inclusion, equality, the need for a level playing field and to learn to work and live together regardless of where one comes from: football is a mirror of life. These values, which are fundamental for football, are also fundamental for society and in the daily life of all of us”, he told Icon. Raiola also explained to the magazine edited by Andrea Tenerani his view about his work over the years: “I leave it to the players and my family to judge me, if they are happy, then I’m happy too. And then, as we say in such circumstances, if you choose a job that you love, you only have to work one day and you’ll never have to work another day in your life”, concluded “the man behind the success of some of football’s greatest talents of the age”. 

One of the stars of one of the four Icon covers is the football player Erling Haaland. A rising star of European and world football, Haaland talks about himself in an exclusive interview, conducted in partnership with The Daily Telegraph and leading sports journalist Jason Burt. The Norwegian striker confesses to the magazine that his great obsession is the Champions League. He started following it when he was a little boy and made his first appearance on the small field near his home at the age of 19 where he immediately made his mark. “I used to watch the matches when I was very young: I don’t remember when the Champions League wasn’t a part of my life. There were some great teams with legendary top-scoring players. My dream became that of playing in the Champions League and scoring lots of goals. It’s the tournament where the best players play: that’s their place”. And he also admits how important it is to win, “It’s my biggest dream!”

Icon also has a cover dedicated to the Azzurri who in these days are engaged in Euro 2020: the magazine met the Italian national football team, led by manager Roberto Mancini, in Coverciano where they posed for an exclusive photo shoot in the uniform designed by Giorgio Armani for Emporio Armani.

The collaboration between Icon and Bruce Weber continues and in this special issue the outstanding American photographer returns with a more than 20-page feature with portraits of emerging athletes, including, exclusively, Sean O’Malley, also known as Suga, the most promising fighter of the new generation of fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and protagonist of one of the issue’s covers.

Icon also gives space in this sports issue to the rising stars of Italian sport and the disciplines making their debut at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The magazine has selected as the symbol of this generation of young stars, who have been called upon to establish the new rules in their respective disciplines, Ludovico Fossali, the speed climbing champion, captured by photographer Giampaolo Sgura and another protagonist of one of the covers of this special issue of Icon.

The new issue features many talents, personalities and exclusive stories. Including Milena Bertolini, manager of the Italian Women’s Football Team who in the pages of Icon talks about what is happening today in women’s football, and Donyell Malen, the PSV Eindhoven star, photographed during a fashion shoot. And then there is basketball, with P.J.Tucker, one of the outstanding players of the NBA season.

The sports issue will also be on Instagram and on the Icon web site, which has recently been completely redesigned, where, throughout the summer, the brand will continue to cover sport as a symbol of a general re-birth with interviews, exclusive content and updates about competitions and athletes.

With a 22% increase in the number of advertising pages in the first half of the year, compared with the same period of 2020, and total revenues, print and digital, up by 20%, Icon confirms its position as the market leader in the male lifestyle segment. 

Icon on newsstands with a special edition: “New Generation”

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle magazine, dedicates its latest issue to the New Generation of Italian cinema.

The running theme of the entire issue, on newsstands from 20 October, fashion, lifestyle, stories and male passions as seen through the new faces of contemporary pop culture.

Icon New Generation perfectly represents what the magazine increasingly aims to be: a thermometer of talent and trends, a conveyor of new languages, an amplifier for a generation that is fundamental also for  fashion and the companies that work in the sector, of which they are, in all senses, the new interpreters,” declared Andrea Tenerani, editor of Icon.

This month’s cover stories feature portraits of four talents that symbolise the new generation of the entertainment industry. Andrea Arcangeli, 27, one of the country’s most promising young actors, star of the series Romulus, which is about the origins and foundation of Rome, and soon to appear in the role of Roberto Baggio, talks to Icon about working on set, the physical preparation and  “ the hours and hours of studying a script in proto-Latin.” The actor and director of I predatori Pietro Castellitto, 28, reflects on his first forays into cinema: “It’s very good to start when you are young, because you learn about cinema through your mistakes and it is only when you are young that you have the courage and freedom to make mistakes.” Riccardo Mandolini, 20, “the bully” in the series about adolescents Baby, talks about the desire to improve oneself and new male role-models: “Becoming an adult isn’t easy for anyone. It’s great to be able to do it while feeling free to express your desires and weaknesses. But what is most important is to know what you feel and come to terms with your feelings without having to repress them.” And finally, Patrick Schwarzenegger, class of ’93, an actor, but not only: “I love acting, but I want to be an entrepreneur, and have the possibility of choosing.”

In the fashion special, photographer Giampaolo Sgura, along with the magazine’s team, led by the editor Andrea Tenerani and editor-at-large Federico Sarica, has created a brand-new story built on images. A game of interpretations in no particular order, without hierarchies of fame or sector, in which nine young protagonists from the cinema interpret themselves playing with a selection of items from the 2020 autumn-winter collections.

The new issue also sees the return of the supplement Icon Wheels, with exclusive news from the word of cars and motorcycles, previews, interviews with protagonists and the most iconic and desired models of car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Icon its fashion special “A love letter from the fashion community to the World”

Icon will be on newsstands from tomorrow with a special feature “A love letter from the fashion community to the World“: over eighty pages by the leading creatives from the world’s top brands, produced exclusively for the community of readers of the Mondadori Group’s magazine of fashion and lifestyle.

With this special issue, Icon wants to give voice to an Italy that is looking to the future beyond its borders and as a fundamental medium for companies that want to strengthen their presence both nationally and internationally.

“We are in the middle of something of epochal significance, also for the fashion sector, a profound crisis to which only a special response will do,” declared the editor of Icon Andrea Tenerani. “I am convinced that the Italian fashion system has both the characteristics and the capacity to the savoir faire of the retail chain and the quality of its raw materials. For now, it is important to look to the future keeping in mind what made us great in the past.”

The June cover story is dedicated to Charles Leclerc – the Ferrari F1 driver, with an exclusive portrait by the photographer John Balsom – who talks to Icon in a special three-way conversatione with Giorgio Armani and the magazine. A discussion that takes in how the world is changing, the young, cars, the future of style and Made in Italy and the concept of timeless elegance as it encounters new generations.

It’s time for Italian fashion companies to get going again: Icon dedicates a thirty-page report to new products and successful strategies, from the productive chain to retail, with a look at innovation and sustainability.

For lovers of cars, Icon Wheels makes a return, with 16 pages featuring the most exclusive new proposals from the world of cars and motorcycles, with previews, interviews with the protagonists and the most iconic and desirable models.

The Icon Instagram channel  Icon  has successfully launched Icon Play Live hosted by Andrea Tenerani: a cycle of live events on social media that has featured guests such as the actor Brenno Placido and the leader of Negramaro Giuliano Sangiorgi, with the extraordinary participation of  Saturnino.


The Mondadori Group brand are ever closer to readers and their families

Numerous initiatives to help and support the public to relax but also to exchange experience with premium free content and live events on social media, as well as active participation by users in the brands’ social communities

At this difficult time the Mondadori Group brands are keeping close to their readers, users and their families with initiatives across all media. The aim is to help. Support and offer moments of relaxation, by involving the public, above all on social networks, in activities related to their passions.

In particular, there are three ways in which the Group has put together initiatives to be closer and to help people in this period of emergency: free access to premium content, a schedule of simultaneous live events on social networks and the active involvement of users through the brands’ communities.

Free premium content

In order to keep up to date the magazines of the Mondadori Group is offering readers free digital subscriptions for a period of three months.

It is possible to subscribe for digital access to your favourite magazines here, choosing from some of the leading magazines in a range of segments, including: Grazia, Donna Moderna, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Chi, Focus, Focus Junior, Giallozafferano, CasaFacile, Icon, Icon Design, Interni and many more.

Plus, from Sunday it will be possible to download for free with a click the latest special issue of Grazia, “We will embrace again” from this link. In just two days, this initiative has already reached more than 30,000 people.

Live simultaneous events on the social media channels of the leading brands

Every day a live cooking demonstration with GialloZafferano, in collaboration with NostroFiglio and Focus Junior. By connecting to the brands’ Instagram, Facebook r YouTube channels, at 5 pm, users can enjoy #IoRestoACasaECucino and learn live, from the chefs of Giallo, how to put together easy meals for the whole family, and also involving kids in the preparation.

This daily appointment was preceded on Saturday 21 March by a great live event on social media #ACenaConGialloZafferano which engaged Italians in the preparation of the weekend dinner. The event, which took place simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, attracted over 200,000 people, who received tips and advice from the chefs of GialloZafferano, a number of foodbloggers from across Italy, as well as award-winning chef Alessandro Negrini.

The, of course, we couldn’t forget the live training sessions by MyPersonalTrainer, which every day propose half an hour of activities on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with a series of thematic paths: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, dietary wellbeing.

Special attention is also reserved for small children: NostroFiglio offers a rich weekly programme of live events on Facebook with doctors and pedagogues, with musical games, mini-shows and baby dance in collaboration with Kikolle Lab and a range of fun tasks to invent together with your children.

But we also need to relax, and so TV Sorrisi e Canzoni is offering its users the #ACasaConSorrisi initiative, two daily appointments live on Instagram and Facebook in which the editor Aldo Vitali enters the homes of the personalities featured in the current issue of the magazine and famous faces from TV. The first live events, which attracted many users, featured Vanessa Incontrada, Baby-K, Amadeus and will continue every day at 4 pm and 6 pm.

Also the magazine Chi, edited by Alfonso Signorini, is entertaining its users every day at 7 pm, double live interviews live, in which a number of VIPs talk exclusively on Instagram to #ChiRestaACasa.

An unmissable appointment for all fans to get an up-close look at the world of celebrities who every week enliven the pages of their favourite magazine. And on Chi’s IGTV users can also find the interviews conducted so far with Alessia Marcuzzi, Giulia Salemi and Carlo Conti.

User participation through the brands social communities

#TorneremoAdAbbracciarci. Grazia launched its initiative #TorneremoAdAbbracciarci on Instagram.

Users are invited to post a photo of an embrace, a gesture of affection that we all took for granted and has now become a precious good. A way of communicating that we are united and that together we can make it through to which many celebrities and ordinary people have contributed.

#Andrà’TuttoBene with Nostrofiglio. The portal form mums and dads 2.0, joined from the beginning and helped to spread the children and rainbows initiative Andrà tutto bene” (All will be well) and received over 12,000 online contributions with drawings of rainbows attached to the balconies on Italian homes (see the gallery on Facebook).

#IoCucinoConGiallo and #IoRestoaCasa. A collective cooking initiative, for and with your loved ones, even if they are far away, with recipes from GialloZafferano, photographing the results and sharing them with GialloZafferano and its community. In just a few days 4,000 people had already contributed (see the gallery on Facebook).

#DonnaModernaRestaConMe and #IoRestoaCasa. The weekly Donna Moderna uses Instagram to describe the making of the magazine with remote working and invites readers to talk about how the magazine is keeping them company in these days: a recipe, an inspiration, a particular story. A call to action to readers to talk about how Donna Moderna is helping them through these weeks (see the gallery on Instagram).

#StayCoolStayHome with DM Beauty. Also in this period, young women want to look after themselves. This is possible with DM Beauty, the social beauty magazine, conceived and created by millennials for millennials.  Every day a post with tips to make you feel cool even when you stay at home.

#IoStudioaCasa with Studenti.it. Amazing support for high school kids is provided by Studenti.it, which offers them teaching materials for all needs. On the StudentiTV channel on YouTube kids can access hundreds of video lessons while on Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts they can find online new audio podcast lessons Te lo spiega Studenti.it: snippets on Italian, history and literature, as well as the high school diploma exam.

The results of all of these initiatives show how people, constrained by the current situation, are turning to the media, especially online, and appreciating what the brands of the Mondadori Group are offering them.

In fact, on Sunday 22 March saw an all-time record online audience for a combination of the Group’s brands with a total of over 13 million visits to the web sites in a single day an increase of over +100% compared with last year (Source: Google Analytics).

An important contribution was made by Giallozafferano which on Sunday 22 March cooked along with almost 6 million Italians (+240% vs 2019).

To this should also be added similarly exceptional results on social media.

Also on Sunday 22 March, the combination of the brands’ social media channels recorded an overall reach of over 17 million people and the number of fans is growing by an average of over 40,000 users per day al giorno.

Welcome to ICON Wheels: the first brand extension from the magazine ICON dedicated to the world of cars and motorcycles

The most iconic and desirable models on two and four wheels, interviews with protagonists, stories of success

This month Icon is launching a special edition dedicated to the world of cars and motorcycles: Icon Wheels, with interviews with protagonists, stories of success and the most iconic and desirable models. From supercars to SUVs: powerful, ecological or simply irresistible cars of fascination and distinction.

“With Wheels, the first special issue dedicated to the world of both four and two wheels, Icon begins what is set to be a series of brand extensions with the ambitious aim of vertically expanding and deepening its coverage of the male passions that remain the foundation of the magazine’s original promise,” explained Andrea Tenerani, editor of the Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle title. “The next stage on the journey begun by Icon in 2019».

Icon Wheels will be available on newsstands from 16 July with two different covers: the first featuring the Maserati Levante Trofeo V8, with its distinctive and captivating style, a symbol of Italian excellence, and the second featuring actor Ewan McGregor, a motorcycle enthusiast, and a veteran of two wheels, who talks about his passion for bikes.

Plus, exclusive interviews with some of the big names from the world of engines, such as Marquez, Dovizioso and Bautista, enriching the content of the magazine, along with a section dedicated to lifestyle, with the most exclusive bars and restaurants bar of the summer 2019, in both Italy and around the world.

The new Wheels will also be available on the web with a dedicated channel on iconmagazine.it, a complete digital guide to driving style.

Following the success of the June issue, which confirmed the Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle magazine as leader in the sector – with sales up by +19% compared with 2018 – Icon Wheels also recorded excellent results in terms of advertising, once again in marked contrast to the print media market and the up-market male segment.

Icon continues to grow also across social media, in particular on Instagram, with an increase in followers of more than 30% compared with the beginning of the year.

Icon: the new issues dedicated to fashion with four different cover stars, all of whom are protagonists of the return of an era

The Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle title has become the leader in the sector with a range of new features and an excellent advertising performance, +19% in June compared with 2018

Dolce&Gabbana protagonists of the tabloid insert Icon Report

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle and fashion title, edited by Andrea Tenerani, from Tuesday 11 June will be available to the public with a wealth of exclusive content marking the occasion of the latest male fashion shows.

The latest issue of the magazine will be available with four different covers. Evan Ross, Tom Holland, Kit Butler and Lennon Gallagher, shot by great masters of photography, are the special protagonists of the return of an era. “They are the children of the freedom of the 1980s, often stigmatised for a lack of commitment – explains Tenerani – but in reality the vehicle of a positive lightness that has liberated more than one generation in terms of individual affirmation.”

A light-heartedness, for example, as sung by Diana Ross, that comes to us today through the explosive personality of her son Evan; a freshness that we find once again on the face of Lennon, the son of Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher, with a foot in both fashion and music, as can also be seen in the shots of Kit, the successor to a tradition of British models able to reach out beyond the catwalks; a balance that we can find in Tom, among the superheroes who interpret the beauty of everyday life. “Because talking about male fashion today is also this . concludes the editor of Icon – eras that return, never quite the same, and personalities that liberate and express them.”

Made in Italy remains the unmistakeable characteristic of the new issue of the magazine that will be launched on the occasion of the unmissable Pitti Immagine Uomo shows in Florence and those of the Milano Collezioni. Under the editorship of, Icon has become more and more a point of reference for the public and also professionals from the upscale fashion industry and on the strength of this success it will inaugurate, along with Versace, the fashion house’s new boutique in Florence.

To coincide with the Florence shows, Icon will be enhanced by Icon Padiglione – what to wear now -, a virtual space that will range across the pages of the magazine and on social media profiles, featuring a selection of new and representative items from the collections of some of the most significant merging brands.

Italian excellence and know-how are also linked to Icon Report, a tabloid insert full of interviews and background details from the world of fashion and luxury, and which will be distributed with the June edition of the magazine. The protagonists of this third issue will be Dolce&Gabbana: the cover stars are the two designers who, in the pages of Report, talk about a sartorial symphony and underline the guiding concept of an exceptional male wardrobe: made-to-measure.

With a space dedicated to a school from the panorama of Italian academia, in this issue the University of Bologna, Icon Report will have a extra distributioin at the country’s most prestigious schools of fashion, design and journalism.

The Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle title has also become the leader in the sector with a range of new features and an excellent advertising performance: “For Icon June has been a record month – explains Davide Mondo, chief executive of Mediamond – with an increase in sales of +19% compared with 2018, an excellent result and in marked contrast to the print media market and the up market male lifestyle segment. The new editorship of Andrea Tenerani and the new editorial content featured in Report and Padiglione Icon have convinced readers and advertisers and have further consolidated the qualitative level of the magazine’s editorial platform.”

Icon also continues to grow on digital, in particular on the Instagram channel, which, thanks to the creative drive of the new editor, has increased its fanbase by 30%, with specific content and a more dynamic page, adapted to the current language and approach.