il mio Papa

Il Mio Papa: an edition for the Philippines for the world’s leading weekly dedicated to Pope Francis



Il Mio Papa, the world’s leading weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis is to be published also in the Philippines thanks to an agreement with the publishing group Indochine Media Philippines.

This new international edition of the Mondadori Group magazine – that joins recent launches in Spain and Portugal – will be a monthly and will maintain the vibrant and colourful design, with a rich selection of high impact photographs characteristic of the Il mio Papa, edited in Italy by Aldo Vitali.

“We are incredibly excited that Il mio Papa is making a long journey of over 10,00 km to the Philippines,” declared Aldo Vitali. “It is the latest country where the magazine dedicated to the Holy Father will be distributed on newsstands. The Philippine edition is particularly lively and colourful, in line with the Italian edition that every week recounts the words and actions of the Pope in an accessible way and with exclusive photographs. A magazine that is close to people, just like Pope Francis himself, who reads and appreciates it and who, when he visited the Philippines was celebrated by millions of people. Our warmest best wishes go to the editor and the editorial team of the Philippines edition.”

“There can be absolutely no doubt that the people of the Philippines love Lolo Kiko, Grandpa Francis,” said the editor Tata Mapa. “In fact, the Philippines is the world’s fifth largest Christian country, as well as being one of the two Asian countries with a Catholic majority. Just like Pope Francis himself, the magazine will be amusing, friendly, informative and full of suggestions and advice; and we hope that by reading Il Mio Papa, readers will see things in a more positive light.”

My Pope Philippines will be available from more than 4,000 outlets around the country, in all the country’s bookshops, newsstands and supermarkets. In addition to the printed version, social profiles are already available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and the web site will be online soon

The new magazine will have a total print run in the first month of 50,000 copies, supported by a communication campaign across a range of media: TV, outdoor, POS and banners. The launch price of the monthly at newsstands is PHP 85.


Il Mio Papa: a Spanish edition for the world’s first weekly magazine dedicated to Pope Francis

Il Mio Papa, the world’s first weekly magazine entirely devoted to Pope Francis is coming to Spain, thanks to an agreement with the publishing house Romana Editorial.

The new international edition of the Mondadori Group title, now available also in Spain, will be monthly and will retain the vibrant, high impact and colourful layout, with a rich selection of photographs, that characterises the Italian edition of Il mio Papa, edited by Aldo Vitali.

The editor of the Spanish edition Carmen Magallón commented: “I am thrilled by the magnificent collaboration with Mondadori, that I thank for the realisation of this project. I am convinced that, together, we will do a great job and serve the aim of spreading the message of Pope Francis by taking it not only to an audience that loves printed magazines, but also, thanks to the digital format, to young people.”

The Spanish edition of Il mio Papa is published under licence by Romana Editorial, with the collaboration of UCV, Università Cattolica in Valencia, that has supported the publishers in a project that already includes a number of books about Pope Francis.

Il mio Papa launches in Portugal

Il Mio Papa, the world’s leading weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis arrives in Portugal with the name of O meu Papa.

Week by week, the magazine will offer Portuguese readers  an account of the figure of Pope Francis through anecdotes, stories and curiosities, also about the daily life of the Pontiff, with the same design – colourful and vibrant, high-impact, rich in photographs – that characterises Il Mio Papa.

In addition to keeping all the main characteristics of the Italian edition – in particular the weekly publication, a decisive factor in ensuring a constantly up to date magazine that is close to readers – O meu Papa will have pages specifically conceived for the Portuguese public that Pope Francis will meet on 12 and 13 May in Fatima, on the occasion of the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady at the Cova da Iria, to which, every week, the magazine will devote a special section.

On newsstands every week, on Fridays, O meu Papa will also give space to the biography of Francis, told in 15 parts.

O meu Papa is published under license by Goody, Portugal’s leading publisher with an extensive portfolio of magazines that also includes numerous foreign titles.

The magazine Il mio Papa arrives in Korea

A special issue in Korean created to tie in with the Holy Father’s visit to the country

ll mio Papa, the world’s first weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis, after its outstanding success in Italy, will exceptionally take the formula outside of Italy with a special issue for Korean readers.

In fact, tomorrow, Il mio Papa will launch a special My Pope edition in Korea to mark the arrival of His Holiness in Seoul for the VI Asian Youth Day (13-18 August).

My Pope, which will be on newsstands from 5 August as a free supplement to the Korean edition of Grazia, will offer an Asian audience a view of Pope Francis through anecdotes, stories and the most significant political and diplomatic meetings in the run up to the Holy Father’s visit to Korea.

With the same high-impact and photographically rich vibrant and colourful layout that characterises the Italian weekly edited by Aldo Vitali, the 24-page special in Korean will offer readers in the country a completely new window on the world of Pope Francis, paying particular attention to items of interest and images that portray the simple approach of the Holy Father’s daily gestures and habits: from the pope-mobile to his private residence and from the ring he wears to the significance of his clothes.

My Pope has been produced thanks to an agreement between Mondadori and Seoul Cultural Publishers Inc., and will be on newsstands, as a supplement to Grazia Korea for two weeks, at the usual price of 3.500 won (€2.40).

Mondadori launches Il mio Papa, the world’s first weekly entirely dedicated to Pope Francis

A print run of 3 million copies in the first month of launch

Mondadori has announced the launch of Il mio Papa, the world’s first weekly entirely dedicated to the Holy Father.

“The idea for a magazine designed to report on and share the words and actions of Pope Francis came from observing how his election has stimulated a renewed interest on ethical, religious and moral issues,” said the editor Aldo Vitali. “In fact, the current Pope is a figure who, thanks to his empathy, as well as the power, the courage and the simplicity of his message, has won over everyone, both the faithful and non-believers,” Vitali concluded.

Il mio Papa, on newsstands every Wednesday from 5 March, has a positive and popular approach with an easy-to-read, colourful and engaging layout as well as moving photographic images.

The magazine will report on the week of the head of the Catholic church – his meetings, pronouncements, engagements and audiences (in particular the Angelus and the Wednesday general audience) – paying special attention to the message of change that characterise the pontificate of Pope Francis. There will also be articles on the people and facts that inspire his work and words, as well as smaller items of curiosity and images that show the great simplicity of the Holy Father in the most ordinary daily events.

Il mio Papa will be a meeting place for readers who can also send letters, poems and other contributions for publication in the magazine.

Every week a space will also be dedicated to a worthwhile ONLUS, (a non-profit charitable organisation) highlighting the organisation’s commitment and mission with a view to attracting support.

A double poster of the Holy Father will be included as a gift, along with the most significant phrase of the week, and every issue will feature the illustrated history of the life of Pope Francis written for Il mio Papa by Tiziana Lupi and published in instalments in the form of a pull-out insert to be collected. Completing the features is a column on the saints of the week, a list of TV programmes on faith and the cartoons that are dedicated to the Pope from around the world.

The first issue of Il mio Papa will also include an extensive feature celebrating the anniversary of Papacy, that will also be covered in a special DVD to be included as a supplement to the magazine the following week.

The new magazine will have a total print run in the first month of 3 million copies and the communication campaign, managed by Tita, will involve a range of media; TV, newspapers, Mondadori magazines, point of sale posters and banners in St Peter’s Square in Rome. The weekly will be on sale at newsstands with a launch price of €0.50.

Shortly it will also be possible to follow Il mio Papa also on the web site, and on Facebook and Twitter.