Interni presents the book “XXX-Y 30 years of the FuoriSalone”

Over 500 pages and more than 1000 images in a book, published by Electa, celebrating the most memorable designs, personalities and events that have characterised the creation and development of the FuoriSalone

The book will be presented in a preview on Tuesday 21 December at the Triennale in Milan with the participation of: Stefano Boeri, Giulio Cappellini, Antonio Citterio, Stefano Giovannoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Rosita Missoni, Paola Navone, Maria Porro and Patricia Urquiola

INTERNI, the Mondadori Group’s interiors and contemporary design magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi, presents XXX-Y 30 YEARS OF THE FUORISALONE, a book published by Electa that celebrates the most memorable designs, personalities and events that have characterised the creation and development of an event that is a symbol of the city of Milan. The story begins with the origins as the “Milano Designer’s Week” created in 1990 by Gilda Bojardi and INTERNI, which evolved and adopted the name FuoriSalone (also invented by the magazine’s editor) which then led to the explosion of temporary districts and its position as an authentic urban festival.

In 512 pages, 1000 images and the designs of over 2500 protagonists, the book covers the history of the most important event in the world of international design.

“It’s not enough to use the equation Design = Milano to understand the success of an event as unique as the FuoriSalone,” declared Gilda Bojardi, editor of INTERNI. “As the book explains, created 30 years after the first event which, on our initiative, structurally involved many of Milan’s key design locations, the FuoriSalone is a choral effort with a great number of protagonists involving a range of historical factors, geographic, productive and cultural. It is, in fact, the expression of a system that only in Italy, and only in Milan, could find such fertile ground. From 1990 to the present, the event has continued to grow, overcoming, both in terms of cultural vivacity and experimentation, the limits of an exhibition-market to become an exceptional urban festival that visitors, regardless of their professional interests, experience as an important spectacular and unmissable cross-cultural happening. The knock-on economic impact is such as to make it the most important week of the year for the city and, together with the Salone del Mobile – to which it is complementary – makes Milan the ideal place for the diffusion of a culture that places design at the heart of debates regarding innovation and the progress of society,” concluded the editor.

The book brings to life the various stages of its development and the most emblematic events that has marked the history of the FuoriSalone – a spectacular cultural and market model, copied around the world, based on a successful mix of performance, installations, and experimental exhibitions and expressions – and enabled Milan to become the recognised capital of international design.

The story is told chronologically and divided by decades (1990-1999, 2000-2009, 2010-2019), introduced by a chapter on the 1980s, and specifically the events that led to the creation of the FuoriSalone. Written by four leading design critics (Beppe Finessi, Deyan Sudjic, Paolo Ferrarini and Li Edelkoort) the book offers a general and personal account of the phenomenon, its evolution and significance. The decades, meanwhile, benefit from a historical and sociological introduction by university professor and scholar Andrea Davide Cuman, who tells the story of the event in relation to the evolution of taste and the transformations of the city.

The range of images – drawn from the INTERNI archives – is accompanied by contributions from around  50 personalities who with their first-hand accounts, memories and anecdotes, describe ‘their’ FuoriSalone: from the inventors of the big events that formed the basis for the FuoriSalone – such as Giulio Cappellini, Paolo Pallucco, Patrizia Moroso – to designers that created unforgettable installations – including Ron Arad, Andrea Branzi, Michele De Lucchi, Jacopo Foggini, Barnaba Fornasetti, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Antonio Marras, Fabio Novembre, William Sawaya and Paolo Moroni, Emiliano Salci – as well as the gallerists and curators whose spaces and initiatives have marked the evolution of this urban phenomenon – including Gisella Borioli, Rossana Orlandi, Antonia Jannone and Carla Sozzani.

XXX-Y 30 OF THE FUORISALONE will be presented in preview on Tuesday 21 December 2021 at the Triennale in Milan with the participation of: Stefano Boeri, Giulio Cappellini, Antonio Citterio, Stefano Giovannoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Rosita Missoni, Paola Navone, Maria Porro and Patricia Urquiola.

XXX-Y 30 ANNI DI FUORISALONE will be in bookstores from 18 January.

INTERNI is grateful for the collaboration of: Videomobile, Moretti and Acqua Chiarella.

FuoriSalone 2021: huge success for the “INTERNI Creative Connections” exhibition

More than 180,000 visitors at the University of Milan, the Orto Botanico di Brera and the Audi City Lab in Via della Spiga

With this event INTERNI confirms its absolute leadership in the professional living segment and design system communication

Huge success for the INTERNI Creative Connections exhibition at the FuoriSalone 2021. From 4 to 19 September, the event recorded a total of over 180,000 visitors at the three main locations: the quads of the University of Milan, the Orto Botanico di Brera and – until 27 September – the Audi City Lab, for the first time in Via della Spiga 26.

The Mondadori Group magazine, edited by Gilda Bojardi invited leading Italian players from the design world, along with international architects and designers to translate into experimental installations the concepts of care, sustainability and mobility. With the contributions of 2 co-producers (Audi and Eni) and in collaboration with companies and institutions almost thirty site-specific installations, micro-architecture and macro-objects were produced which – along with conferences and talks – created a varied mosaic of styles and visions, as well as moments of exchange that attracted thousands of people. These included a great many Italian and international journalists who gave INTERNI Creative Connections outstanding media coverage – from national newspapers to radio and television, the specialised press, and mass-market publications – as well as ensuring continuous presence on the main social media and web channels.

The website saw a +50% increase in unique users compared with the previous period and the reinforcement of the range of social media activities – with the generation of over 650 posts, each with an average of 70,000 profiled followers – led to a doubling of the total reach compared with previous figures.

The INTERNI exhibition was consequently confirmed as the symbolic event of the FuoriSalone – which this year marked its 30th anniversary – created in 1990 on the initiative of Gilda Bojardi, the magazine’s editor. Underlying this success is the high level cultural and design element of the installations, the prestigious Italian and international brands involved, as well as the many smaller players who have equally contributed to the creation of content of value.

The exceptional feedback, both from the public and in terms of media visibility, testifies to INTERNI’s absolute leadership in the professional living segment and design system communication, and, as Gilda Bojardi underlined, “It was also a strong signal for Milan and for a vibrant sector – that of design – which proposes and produces, and which has never given up. Indeed, thanks to the events, presentations, conferences, live and virtual debates, new proposals and collections and the displays in the showrooms, new spaces and museums set up for the occasion, this FuoriSalone was truly a unique and unforgettable occasion.”

Our thanks to all of the companies and partners who took part in the exhibition: Audi/Marcel Wanders studio, Eni/Carlo Ratti Associati, Italo Rota, Alessio Fini; Artemide/MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects; GLO/ Marco Nereo Rotelli; OPPO/Kengo Kuma, London Design Festival, Clare Farrow and Musicity/Midori Komachi; Fondazione Renzo Piano with Lia Piano/Anna Merci with Puricelli; Whirlpool/AMDL Circle and Michele De Lucchi; Sal Cord and Oneeightyone/Italo Rota and Francesca Grassi; EXPO 2020 Dubai – Padiglione Italia; Eurostands and Ledvance/MAD Architects; Corepla e Guzzini/Stroop Design with Jeffrey Beers International; Staininger Group-Six Senses Kitzbühel Alps/Peter Pichler Architecture; Guglielmi/Alessandro Zambelli; Qeeboo/Stefano Giovannoni; NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti/Claudio Larcher and Sara Ricciardi; EWO/NOA* Network of Architecture; LAD onlus/Emilio Randazzo; the Italian Embassy in Madrid, COAM, di_mad, ADI-FAD/Davide Valoppi– Noarc; JCP Universe/CTRLZAK for Homage to Nanda Vigo; Fondazione Bisazza for Homage to Alessandro Mendini; PerDormire/Fabio Novembre Studio; Associazione per il Policlinico Onlus/CastagnaRavelli; APEX-Brasil with Abimóvel/José Roberto Moreira do Valle; Mapei/Cino Zucchi Architetti and Chiara Zucchi; TMK Projekt, Wolf Group, Forbo, Hushoffice, Muraspec/Mac Stopa and Massive Design; Missoni Home/Rosita Missoni; Nardi/Raffaello Galiotto; Magis; Netflix and, finally, Axor-Hansgrohe, Caricami, Danese, Ferrarelle, illy, Kartell.


Expo Dubai: INTERNI presents “The Beauty of art brings People together” dedicated to the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

The debate will include Paolo Glisenti, General Commissioner for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai, Artistic Director Davide Rampello, Gioia Placuzzi, Chief Operating Officer of Sicis, and photographer Massimo Sestini

The event will be available on Tuesday 29 June at 18.30 on

La Bellezza delle arti unisce le Persone (The Beauty of Art Brings People Together): is the title of an event organised by INTERNI, the Mondadori Group’s interiors and contemporary design magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi, dedicated to the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Universal Exposition, which runs from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, is the first to be held in a country of the ME.NA.SA. area, i.e. the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia: an event of great significance also for issues relating to architecture, design and sustainability.

Expo Dubai offers an opportunity for recovery and a reaffirmation of Italy in all its many facets – from the arts and crafts, to its ingenuity and knowledge – in line with the claim of the much-anticipated global event Connecting minds, creating the future and the title given to Italy’s participation:: Beauty Brings People Together.

The Italian Pavilion, which will open its doors at Expo 2020 Dubai on 1 October, will in fact provide an account of Italian excellence. The thread running through all its elements is the beauty of our country: the landscape, architecture, art, science and manufacturing. The art and culture of know-how will testify to the country’s capacity to enhance history by bringing it up to date through contemporary languages and technologies. The value of the beauty of art at the Pavilion will be represented in the installations of the Belvedere, the Giardino delle Storie (the Garden of Stories)- created with the CNR to control the emotions of plants – and, above all, the Teatro della Memoria (the Theatre of Memory), a space with the walls lined by 2,600,000 gold leaf and glass tiles that reproduce those of the Palatine chapel in Ravenna with an octagon that houses a unique and unrepeatable 5 metre and one centimetre high digital copy of Michelangelo’s David.

The debate will include Paolo Glisenti, Commissioner General for Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai, Davide Rampello, Artistic Director of the Italian Pavilion, Gioia Placuzzi, Chief Operating Officer of Sicis, and the great master of photography, Massimo Sestini – who will show images from above of the Italian Pavilion and David, from the digitisation to installation – in addition to a speech by Massimo Fagioli, Chairman and CEO of Cartiere Paolo Pigna.

During the encounter, which will be the first occasion on which what can be seen inside the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be presented, there will be a particular focus on the significance of the event today. In fact, Expo has become a hybrid event, both physical and digital, which also offers an opportunity to reach virtual visitors from all over the world. But we will also talk about the eco-sustainability of the Pavilion because, as it is completely compostable, after it has been decommissioned all of its parts will be reused.

The event will be available on Tuesday 29 June at 18.30, on

Subsequent events will be held in September: one during the exhibition-event INTERNI Creative Connections, organised by the magazine for the FuoriSalone 2021 in Milan, and then in Venice during the Architecture Biennale.

This INTERNI initiative is part of the media partnership between Mondadori Media, Official Gold Sponsor of the Pavilion, and the Italian Commissioner for Expo 2020 Dubai which foresees a number of communication, cultural, publishing and event activities both in the lead up to the Expo and during the entire six month period of the event.


Great succes for the “Interni Designer’s Week 2021”

The initiative recorded significant growth in digital: +87% in reach on Instagram, and more than double the number of unique users on the revamped site

Great success for the INTERNI Designer’s Week 2021, the event organised by the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi, that ran from 12 to 23 April as part of Milano Design City, the urban exhibition dedicated to industrial and furniture design, and representative of the culture of design and innovation.

Twleve days of meetings, interviews, and debates, both in person and online, focused on the know-how of Italian industry, sustainability and the circular economy in production and consumption.

“The excellent success of INTERNI Designer’s Week, which was joined by over 50 of the main Italian furniture companies, two main partners, AUDI and Eni, and 100 designers, is a strong signal for the city, for the economy of the country and for a lively sector – such as that of design – which proposes and produces and which has not allowed itself to be beaten down. Indeed, thanks to their participation and their tireless desire to recover, they made it possible for the event to be realized “, says Gilda Bojardi, director of INTERNI.

Thanks to an articulated communication schedule – a guide with a calendar of all of the events, in both a printed and a digital version, a digital daily, the Interni Design Journal, banners hung around the city and a press campaign on both newspapers and magazines, out of home print & digital and a led wall DOOH circuit, as well as the introduction of Audience Targeting communication, in partnership with the digital advertising company AdKaora –, INTERNI was able to amplify new ideas and products from the world of design through the use of all available platforms, both on and offline.

In addition, enhanced social media activity, with the production of over 300 posts, led to a significant increase compared with the 2020 edition of the INTERNI Designer’s Week – including a +87% rise in reach on Instagram – with figures that are expected to rise even more in the coming months.

There was record traffic also for with a +127% increase in unique users. This important result was obtained thanks to the revamping of the web site, which now offers clearer and more immediate use. The new features include a totally new menu, enhanced with new sections – for example, architecture, design, interiors, video – and, on the home page, three big up-front features covering the day’s highlights and, above all, companies’ products. In fact, it was the companies who played a key role in providing information to the target of reference, with an ad hoc section and an increasingly circular editorial plan, developed along with social media. Finally, there is background detail related to news and a monthly space for thematic dossiers on production launched in May and a special on kitchens and that will continue in June with a focus on sustainability.

Just a few weeks from the launch of the new site, advertising revenues have tripled, demonstrating that is already a must and that companies in the sector are mature and ready to face the future digital challenges with a brand that since 1954 has had an international and multimedia vocation.

The site and social media platforms will be on the front line also during the FuoriSalone in September. INTERNI – which has always been a supporter of companies for the spread of design ideas, opinions, stories and the people who generate them – will use its communication platform to provide maximum visibility to all of the new collections and product previews. Plus, there will also be real time updates from the big Creative Connections event, organised by the magazine at the University of Milan and the Orto Botanico in Brera.




“Interni Designer’s Week®” 2021 edition: INTERNI presents talks, debates and encounters dedicated to design, sustainability and the circular economy

The magazine also offers a printed and digital guide to all of the events, background detail on the recently revamped web site, the daily “Interni Design Journal”, a daily newsletter in Italian and English and Interni Meeting Point at the Istituto Marangoni Milano Design School


This month, Milan reconfirms its central role in international design and thanks to the INTERNI system wants to start again from creativity, production and communication. After the outstanding success of the 2020 edition, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi, has organised a new edition of INTERNI Designer’s Week® (the first was in 1990), the urban event dedicated to Industrial and Furniture Design, in the sense of the culture of design and innovation.

The initiative, which is supported by the City of Milan and will take place on the occasion of Milano Design City, from 12 to 23 April, offers conferences, meetings, debates and phygital events dedicated to new collections and product previews that will take place in the city’s showrooms and galleries and corporate offices, using the magazine’s media platforms to disseminate design projects, opinions, stories, products, ideas and the people who generate them.

“The pandemic and restrictions do not have to translate into a communication gap,” said the editor, Gilda Bojardi. “And in this context, INTERNI, which has always been a partner of design companies and an online and offline communication tool for the entire system, offers itself as a promoter/supporter of the restart and re-igniting of the creative spirit of Milan,” the editor concluded.

The communication programme

In fact, this April will again be without the Milan Design Week (Salone and FuoriSalone) but, to amplify leading innovations in the world of design, the INTERNI Designer’s Week® Milan has organised an articulated communication programme that includes:

  • a guide with the calendar of all the events of the Designer’s Week Milan in print (distributed at showrooms and on newsstands with the magazine) and digital versions (available on any device) and enriched with photo galleries and videos;
  • the digital newspaper Interni Design Journal with in-depth articles and films conveyed through a system of daily newsletters that will also serve as a save-the-date for all the events;
  • the reinforcement of all social media activities;
  • The INTERNI Meeting Point, staged at the Istituto Marangoni Milano Design School (Via Cerva 24) which will feature talks and interviews on the future of design, with meetings with architects and designers, which can also be seen in streaming on the INTERNI website;
  • banners around in the city and a press campaign in newspapers and magazines, out of home print & digital and a DOOH led-wall circuit;
  • to broaden the audience for companies, INTERNI has introduced Audience Targeting communication – in partnership with AdKaora, a digital advertising company – by sending to professionals from the sector SMS to 38,000 Italian architects, with a direct link to the Digital Guide, and DEM to approximately 100,000 profiled names, with the content of brand initiatives.

In addition, on the occasion of INTERNI Designer’s Week®, the website will be renewed and strengthened, with an even more integrated and circular editorial program between web and social networks. Every day stories, surveys, interviews, projects and opinions from the world of design, but also a wall of product news told by INTERNI and a section dedicated to the Interior Design Journal.

INTERNI Designer’s Week® talks

Twelve days of meetings, interviews, real and virtual debates, to discuss Italian industrial know-how and to talk about sustainability and the circular economy in production and consumption, issues that companies know they can no longer ignore or exclude themselves from ethical and virtuous behaviour. Expressing their point of view, established opinion leaders from their respective production sectors, at both the Italian and international level, and new generations who have made research their core business: designers, architects, creatives, artists and art directors, entrepreneurs, sociologists, communication and science theorists, public and private institutional authorities, with the aim of presenting a new vision of sustainable design, for a more inclusive, interactive, democratic world. With contributions from: Paolo Lioy (CEO of Whirlpool Italia), Luisa Lavagnini (Head of Research & Technological Innovation at Eni), Francesco Santangelo (Head of Relations and Initiatives at Eni gas and electricity), architects Paola Navone, Giulio Cappellini, Antonio Citterio, Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota and Professor Davide Rampello.

Two main partners will accompany INTERNI during the Designer’s Week: AUDI and Eni.

For this occasion, Audi is once again present in Milan, a concrete and effective demonstration of an affinity in terms of values with the territory in terms of innovation and progress. Thanks to unveiling and the possibility of personally discovering the new Q4 e-tron, the first premium compact zero-emission electric platform SUV, Audi is reconfiguring its presence in Milan and has entrusted Mario Cucinella and his studio MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, leader in sustainable design, the United for Progress installation. The space is located in a place that, like Audi, has been able to break the rules: BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano, the contemporary botanical garden in Porta Nuova.

Eni has also confirmed its presence at Designer’s Week in Milan where, in collaboration with INTERNI, it will present two meetings on energy, a fundamental issue for our present and future. The first meeting will take participants to Dubai where, in the Italian Pavilion at Expo, Eni will demonstrate its technology for a decarbonised future thanks also to CO2-captuing microalgae that, from a circular economy perspective, become new products applicable in a range of different fields. The second, with Eni gas and electricity, will discuss the importance energy efficient and sustainable homes to help build a low-emission future for our cities.

At this particularly complicated time, INTERNI reaffirms its strategic role in the world of design – a fundamental sector for society, in which Milan is an irreplaceable point of reference for the whole national system – involving in this important initiative over 50 of the main Made in Italy furniture producers and 100 designers in 12 days of virtual presentations and talks.

The INTERNI Designer’s Week® talks will take place from 13 to 22 April at the INTERNI Meeting Point, at the Istituto Marangoni in vVa Cerva 24, and will be streamed from 6.30pm on the  homepage of the website

Partners of the INTERNI Meeting Point: Ferrarelle, illy, Whirlpool.





An exclusive account from three exceptional voices: artistic director Davide Rampello and the designers Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota

Also featuring a detailed glossary of innovative and sustainable materials of the showcase of Italy at the Universal Exposition

Italian beauty is the title of an article that è INTERNI, the magazine of interiors and contemporary design, published by the Mondadori Group, has dedicated to the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The March issue, on newsstands from today, publishes a preview of both the architecture and content pf the Pavilion.

The Universal Exposition, which will run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, will be the first to be held in a country from the so-called ME.NA.SA. area, i.e. the Middle East, North Africa and South Africa, an event of great strategic importance for issues related to sustainability and a focus on the circular economy and the optimisation of resources.

Expo Dubai offers an opportunity for the reaffirmation of Italy all of the expressions of its inventiveness and know-how, in line with the concept expressed in the claim of the much- anticipated global event “Connecting minds, creating the future“ which Italy has interpreted with the title “La Bellezza unisce le Persone” (Beauty Brings People Together), the Italian beauty that has always been an element of connection between people, talent and genius, the Mediterranean cultural heritage and a bridge to the future.

And exclusively for INTERNI, edited by Gilda Bojardi, three exceptional storytellers – the Artistic Director of the Italian Pavilion Davide Rampello and the designers Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota – reveal the secrets of a structure that is the result of Italian creativity, advanced research and sustainable innovation.

The feature also includes a Glossary/Guide of the materials used in the architecture and interiors of the Pavilion, listed and described in alphabetical order and functioning as an instrument for dialogue and exchange for architects, planners, designers, interior decorators and, of course, an inspiration for Made in Italy companies.

This publishing initiative is part of the media partnership between Mondadori Media, Official Gold Sponsor of the Pavilion, and the Italian Commission for Expo Dubai. In fact, in order to reinforce Italy’s participation in the 2021-22 Universal Exposition, with cultural, publishing and other events, a series of communication activities have been planned by the Mondadori Group, both in the run up to and during the six-month duration of the Expo.

The Mondadori Group brand are ever closer to readers and their families

Numerous initiatives to help and support the public to relax but also to exchange experience with premium free content and live events on social media, as well as active participation by users in the brands’ social communities

At this difficult time the Mondadori Group brands are keeping close to their readers, users and their families with initiatives across all media. The aim is to help. Support and offer moments of relaxation, by involving the public, above all on social networks, in activities related to their passions.

In particular, there are three ways in which the Group has put together initiatives to be closer and to help people in this period of emergency: free access to premium content, a schedule of simultaneous live events on social networks and the active involvement of users through the brands’ communities.

Free premium content

In order to keep up to date the magazines of the Mondadori Group is offering readers free digital subscriptions for a period of three months.

It is possible to subscribe for digital access to your favourite magazines here, choosing from some of the leading magazines in a range of segments, including: Grazia, Donna Moderna, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Chi, Focus, Focus Junior, Giallozafferano, CasaFacile, Icon, Icon Design, Interni and many more.

Plus, from Sunday it will be possible to download for free with a click the latest special issue of Grazia, “We will embrace again” from this link. In just two days, this initiative has already reached more than 30,000 people.

Live simultaneous events on the social media channels of the leading brands

Every day a live cooking demonstration with GialloZafferano, in collaboration with NostroFiglio and Focus Junior. By connecting to the brands’ Instagram, Facebook r YouTube channels, at 5 pm, users can enjoy #IoRestoACasaECucino and learn live, from the chefs of Giallo, how to put together easy meals for the whole family, and also involving kids in the preparation.

This daily appointment was preceded on Saturday 21 March by a great live event on social media #ACenaConGialloZafferano which engaged Italians in the preparation of the weekend dinner. The event, which took place simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, attracted over 200,000 people, who received tips and advice from the chefs of GialloZafferano, a number of foodbloggers from across Italy, as well as award-winning chef Alessandro Negrini.

The, of course, we couldn’t forget the live training sessions by MyPersonalTrainer, which every day propose half an hour of activities on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with a series of thematic paths: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, dietary wellbeing.

Special attention is also reserved for small children: NostroFiglio offers a rich weekly programme of live events on Facebook with doctors and pedagogues, with musical games, mini-shows and baby dance in collaboration with Kikolle Lab and a range of fun tasks to invent together with your children.

But we also need to relax, and so TV Sorrisi e Canzoni is offering its users the #ACasaConSorrisi initiative, two daily appointments live on Instagram and Facebook in which the editor Aldo Vitali enters the homes of the personalities featured in the current issue of the magazine and famous faces from TV. The first live events, which attracted many users, featured Vanessa Incontrada, Baby-K, Amadeus and will continue every day at 4 pm and 6 pm.

Also the magazine Chi, edited by Alfonso Signorini, is entertaining its users every day at 7 pm, double live interviews live, in which a number of VIPs talk exclusively on Instagram to #ChiRestaACasa.

An unmissable appointment for all fans to get an up-close look at the world of celebrities who every week enliven the pages of their favourite magazine. And on Chi’s IGTV users can also find the interviews conducted so far with Alessia Marcuzzi, Giulia Salemi and Carlo Conti.

User participation through the brands social communities

#TorneremoAdAbbracciarci. Grazia launched its initiative #TorneremoAdAbbracciarci on Instagram.

Users are invited to post a photo of an embrace, a gesture of affection that we all took for granted and has now become a precious good. A way of communicating that we are united and that together we can make it through to which many celebrities and ordinary people have contributed.

#Andrà’TuttoBene with Nostrofiglio. The portal form mums and dads 2.0, joined from the beginning and helped to spread the children and rainbows initiative Andrà tutto bene” (All will be well) and received over 12,000 online contributions with drawings of rainbows attached to the balconies on Italian homes (see the gallery on Facebook).

#IoCucinoConGiallo and #IoRestoaCasa. A collective cooking initiative, for and with your loved ones, even if they are far away, with recipes from GialloZafferano, photographing the results and sharing them with GialloZafferano and its community. In just a few days 4,000 people had already contributed (see the gallery on Facebook).

#DonnaModernaRestaConMe and #IoRestoaCasa. The weekly Donna Moderna uses Instagram to describe the making of the magazine with remote working and invites readers to talk about how the magazine is keeping them company in these days: a recipe, an inspiration, a particular story. A call to action to readers to talk about how Donna Moderna is helping them through these weeks (see the gallery on Instagram).

#StayCoolStayHome with DM Beauty. Also in this period, young women want to look after themselves. This is possible with DM Beauty, the social beauty magazine, conceived and created by millennials for millennials.  Every day a post with tips to make you feel cool even when you stay at home.

#IoStudioaCasa with Amazing support for high school kids is provided by, which offers them teaching materials for all needs. On the StudentiTV channel on YouTube kids can access hundreds of video lessons while on Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts they can find online new audio podcast lessons Te lo spiega snippets on Italian, history and literature, as well as the high school diploma exam.

The results of all of these initiatives show how people, constrained by the current situation, are turning to the media, especially online, and appreciating what the brands of the Mondadori Group are offering them.

In fact, on Sunday 22 March saw an all-time record online audience for a combination of the Group’s brands with a total of over 13 million visits to the web sites in a single day an increase of over +100% compared with last year (Source: Google Analytics).

An important contribution was made by Giallozafferano which on Sunday 22 March cooked along with almost 6 million Italians (+240% vs 2019).

To this should also be added similarly exceptional results on social media.

Also on Sunday 22 March, the combination of the brands’ social media channels recorded an overall reach of over 17 million people and the number of fans is growing by an average of over 40,000 users per day al giorno.

INTERNI at the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

Together with INTERNI CHINA the design talk “The new frontiers of entrepreneurship” and a preview presentation of the book “Italian Design Factories”

During the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai  (20 – 22 November 2019), INTERNI will present the design talk The new frontiers of entrepreneurship.

The event, organised together with INTERNI China, will examine the strategic and productive directions of Italian design and the ways in which it is perceived in Asian markets, especially in China which is now the seventh biggest market for Italian furniture exports (Source: Assarredo). The protagonists of the conversation, which will take place on Thursday 21 November at 3.3 pm at the Shanghai Exhibition Center (Dome Hall – Piazza Italiana), will be Yang Dongjiang (Editor-in-chief INTERNI China and professor at the Academy Art and Design Tsinghua University) Gilda Bojardi (editor-in-chief of INTERNI), Renato Minotti (Co-CEO, Minotti), Giulia Molteni (Head of Marketing and Communication, Molteni&C|Dada), Antony Margiasso (Head of Industrial Design, Pininfarina Shanghai), Maria Porro (Head of Marketing and Communication, Porro), Eleonore Cavalli (Visionnaire Art Director), Sammy Ren and Cathy Zhang (Founders, Domus Tiandi).

Italian Design Factories, the fifth volume in the INTERNI Serie Oro, dedicated to Italian companies,  will receive its first presentation in Shanghai. The book ideally develops the narrative begun in 2014 with the celebratory volume marking the magazine’s 60th anniversary, followed, in 2016, by a collectors’ edition 500 Italian Design Icons Still in Production, and in 2017 by Icon Makers and in 2018 by Icon Architects.

“In a certain sense, this volume summarises and constitutes a global overview of the themes examined earlier,” explained Gilda Bojardi, editor-in-chief of INTERNI. “In fact, it is in the factories that we find the skills and the main players of the design system. And it is in the factories, in the sense of the locations of technical and cultural production, that the magic takes place that leads to ideas taking shape and being transformed into an object that has the power to move. Our focus is on all those situations in which the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship is renewed focus in a way that can be integrated into today’s most advanced industrial processes and seize the opportunities offered by digital technologies,” Bojardi concluded.

A total of 57 companies are presented by Italian Design Factories: each of them described through their specific distinctive characteristics, linked to history, architecture technological know-how, artisanal content and research. The volume will be completed in 2020, with the presentation of a selection of design excellence which, added to the first, will take us to 100 Italian Design Factories, in other words, the best of our furniture production, as well as accessories,  coverings and materials for the domestic space. In 2021, by combining the two volumes, a final volume will be published, dedicated to the most representative companies from the world of Made in Italy, a book for collectors that aims to be a valuable resource for information for Italian and foreign operators who want to know all about the world’s best manufacturing industry. For this reason, a number of international presentations have been planned to talk about Italian know-how and its ability to continuously renew itself. After Shanghai the volume will also be presented in Miami – during Design Miami for which INTERNI is a media partner – on Wednesday 4 December at the Wolsfsonian Museum whit the collaboration of Italian Consulate General, and then in Dubai during Expo 2020.

Italian Design Factories, for which an extra print has been planned, will be available in three editions (Italian/English, English/Italian and Chinese/English) and will be distributed through major design showrooms in Miami, New York, London and Milan.

With 282 pages,  Italian Design Factories will be available from 28 November on newsstands together with the December issue of the magazine at the price of €10 (including the magazine).

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INTERNI will participate in BookCity Milano 2019 an encounter entitled “Il valore dello spazio” (“The value of space”)

Three women, three books, threes stories of creative entrepreneurship in pursuit of design and art. Friday 15 November at 6.30 pm, Palazzo Mezzanotte - Borsa Italiana

Il valore dello spazio. Le fabbriche di design come pratica del buon progetto (The value of space. The design factory as a practice of good design) is the title of an encounter organised by INTERNI as part of BookCity Milano 2019. For this eighth edition of the event, the Mondadori Group magazine, edited by Gilda Bojardi  will focus of the contribution of women in business and design.

This encounter, specially conceived by INTERNI, will feature three female protagonists with decision-making powers in their family companies  – with regard to production, management and communication – all of which are brands that have strongly conditioned the location and style of design at an international level. Three women who, with passion and competence and passion also in the area of publishing and communications, have directly contributed to the creation of publications dedicated to their companies. On stage, moderated by Patrizia Catalano, a journalist at INTERNI, will be Rossella Bisazza (Director of Communications at Bisazza, Vice-President of the Bisazza Foundation) who will talk about the book on the Bisazza Foundation’s art collection; Emiliana Martinelli (President of Martinelli Luce) with a story dedicated to her father Elio, a pioneer of lighting design; and Monica Mazzei (Vice-President of Edra) with a book that brings together the innovative solutions developed by Edra, one of the most creative and innovative Italian Design brands.

The encounter will take place on Friday 15 November at 6.30 pm, in the Sala Blu of Palazzo Mezzanotte – Borsa Italiana (Piazza Affari 6, Milano). Entry is free, subject to available space.

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The magazine of interiors and contemporary design will take part in the fourth edition of Cafè della stampa with a lecture by the architect Cino Zucchi entitled “Ceramic identity. Surfaces and architectural design”


Milano, 20 September 2019INTERNI will take part in the fourth edition of Café della stampa organised as part of Cersaie 2019, the international ceramics fair for architecture and bathroom design, which will take place in Bologna  from 23 to 27 September. For the occasion the interiors e contemporary design magazine of the Mondadori Group has organised an event to discuss the synergic relationship between the surface of a new building and the environmental context in which it is placed.

Ceramic identity. Surfaces and architectural design is the title of a lecture to be given by the Milanese architect Cino Zucchi, founder of the studio CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti. Zucchi – who has already used ceramics and brickwork in many designs, both for their aesthetic qualities and sustainability – says that contemporary architecture often operates in a historically stratified context, in which buildings are constructed for contexts that were very different from current ones. The role of contemporary architecture is to interpret today’s needs while respecting the multiplicity of styles with which it has to interact.

 Ceramic identity. Surfaces and architectural design will take place on 25 September from 12 o’clock at the Café della stampa (Centro Servizi, Agorà dei Media) and the event will be introduced by Gilda Bojardi, editor-in-chief of INTERNI.

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