“Panorama d’Italia” sets off

The newsmagazine edited by Giorgio Mulè goes on tour to discover and report on Italian excellence
Ten cities, 150 events, 300 speakers, 3 million Italians reached across the country and tens of millions on social networks through #panoramaditalia

Panorama is setting of on a trip around Italy with “Panorama d’Italia”, a live & media experience that from April will visit 10 Italian cities with a calendar of 150 events integrated with the different areas and involving 300 speakers and 3 million citizens and establishing a link between Made in Italy excellence in business, the economy, the arts and food and wine.

“Panorama d’Italia” will tour the country with a varied range of events that will involve the different areas of the Mondadori Group: roundtable discussions, conferences, book presentations, conversations and interviews with leading exponents from the world of politics and business, as well as encounters between universities, start-ups and the business world, organised in collaboration with Invitalia (the national agency for inward investment and business development). The aim of the tour is to attract young people and facilitate the launch of new business initiatives, in particular organisationally and productively innovative start-ups active in the digital economy.

Panorama, that will dedicate the cover of the issue out tomorrow, 6 March, to the initiative, will week by week cover the progress of the tour from start to finish.

The tour
In 10 stages, between April and November, the Panorama mobile publishing will cross the country to report on and show Italy from an innovative and original perspective. In order to do this, the magazine will involve examples of local excellence and prestigious guests moderated by the magazine’s top journalists directly in the places where citizens live their daily lives.

For four days each of the cities involved will welcome a rich calendar of events to be held in the most exciting and representative locations and in close contact with its protagonists. Starting from Reggio Calabria (2-5 April) the tour will then move on to Lecce (14-17 May), Ancona (4-7 June), Parma (25-28 June), and after the summer break will kick off again in Verona (10-13 September), before heading to Verbania (24-27 September), Brescia (8-11 October), Viterbo (22-25 October), Catania (5-8 November) and Salerno (19-22 November).

The events
The beating heart of “Panorama d’Italia” will be the “Dome”, a high-tech structure in the form of a dome and equipped with a central piazza where a special soft screen will project 360° high definition video content, enriched with interactive features that can be used on tablets. Among the various features will be a journey through the last 50 years of history through the most significant covers of Panorama. The Dome will also host a series of other forms of interaction with the public: a social wall will bring together the various posts made on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and examples of video-art produced by the best emerging artists in Italy will be projected.

At the same time, in other parts of the city, there will be a number of institutional events, workshops, book presentations with authors, as well as a selection of entertainment and relaxation opportunities open to all, such as happy hours and DJ sets with the music of R101, in addition to exclusive parties with fashion bloggers e socialites invited by Icon and Flair. And, from stage to stage, Alfonso Signorini will invite a special guest from the world of entertainment or business for an exclusive talk show.

“Panorama d’Italia” will also be an occasion to rediscover the beauties of the artistic and cultural heritage of the cities visited, thanks to a bike tour in the centres of each city and a guided tour by Vittorio Sgarbi of the most representative works of art of the area. Finally there will also be ample space for the excellence of local food and wine with show cooking events with the best chefs and encounters with celebrities from the world of food.

“Panorama d’Italia” online
All of the main events will be available in streaming on, that will dedicate a special channel on the site to the tour, with real time updates, photos and videos from the different stages as they happen, as well as an area for online registration to events that will offer a free three-month subscription to the digital version of Panorama and participation in a prize draw to be held at each stage of the tour.

It will also be possible to share impressions and experiences of the events of Panorama d’Italia on all the principal social networks using the hashtag #panoramaditalia. Panorama’s Twitter account (@panorama_it) will also comment in real time all of the most significant moments involving the protagonists of the events.

“Panorama d’Italia” will enjoy the support of important partners, all of whom share a commitment to enhancing Italian excellence across the country. They include: Eicma, Enel, Eni, Finmeccanica, IBM, Invitalia, MSC Crociere and TgCom24 Mediaset. Moreover, stage by stage, media partnerships will be active with the main local newspapers, TV and radio stations.

“Panorama d’Italia” has been developed in collaboration with Triumph Group, for executive production, organisation and logistics, while interactive content has been developed by Stylum.

Mondadori: agreement with Mediaset and ItaliaOnLine for online video distribution

Video content of and win place on Italy’s biggest internet stage

From this week Mondadori will strengthen its presence in video distribution thanks to agreements signed with RTI Interactive and Italiaonline.

More than 2,000 video clips produced by and, with professional content conceived specifically for the web, will also be distributed by Videomediaset, the platform run by RTI Interactive.

At the same time Mondadori will make the content available also on the properties of Italiaonline: , and the women’s site

With this operation, the video content of and will be available to the entire audience of the digital properties of Mediaset, Mondadori and Italiaonline, reaching a total pool of over 23 million unique users per month, the equivalent of a 75% market reach (Source: Audiweb-View January-September 2013 unduplicated).

By exploiting complementary targets of interest, the new platforms will enable Mondadori to maximise the presence of its brands multimedia content, engaging new high traffic audiences and, in the case of, coming mainly from television.

The video content of and will enrich the daily schedules of the RTI Interactive and Italiaonline sites with special sections and thematic channels and, with over 150 new original videos each month, production will mainly concentrate on areas of interest for women, the distinctive characteristic of, and the passions of a male audience, with a focus on cars, thanks to the contribution of Panoramauto tv.

In particular, and will also feature the tutorials produced by and dedicated to the world of cooking, with well-known chefs and food blogger; beauty, with professional make up artists, hair stylists and nail artists; and backstage coverage and videos from the fashion shows around the world, in addition to the production of 18 exclusive web series, a genre that is attracting more and more success in terms of audience and viral spread, and involves professional actors, web talents and experts.

On car enthusiasts can enjoy the videos of, featuring all that’s new from the car shows, interviews with leading players from the automotive sector and detailed road tests of dream cars.

The Mondadori digital offer Mondadori will also include the tutorials of that will oversee the production of videos focusing on shopping and targeted at women interested in style.

The agreement with RTI Interactive also foresees the possibility of watching on a selection of on-demand video clips from the programmes broadcast by the Mediaset channels, enabling, on the one hand, users to watch or catch up with episodes of programmes broadcast the day before and, on the other, offering RTI an opportunity to expand and reach a complementary audience. A selection of videos will also be available on other Mondadori Group sites, including,, e, further enhancing the publishing Group’s multimedia offer.

1962-2012: Panorama turns 50

In the news stand a collector special with unpublished contributions of international caliber and anthology photographs

On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Panorama, the first Italian newsmagazine, treats its readers with a special edition issue which chronicles half a century of Italian and international news that changed people’s habits and lifestyles. Fifty years of hopes, scientific and technological progress, victories of freedom and democracy, but also wars and attacks: all of the above through unpublished contributions by celebrity spokespersons..

“This edition celebrating our 50 years – Panorama’s director Giorgio Mulè declares – could not limit itself to a simple retrospective, but it necessarily had to have the courage to look in prospect. To do so, we selected prestigious names from all over the world, authoritative witnesses from our times who, after having analyzed our past, tell us with autonomy of thoughts what to expect from the future. These articles represent at best the spirit which has always guided Panorama: freedom of ideas” Mulè concludes.

Among the personalities involved for the occasion are some stars of international politics such as Mikhail Gorbaciov and José María Aznar, but also leading figures from the scientific world (Ilaria Capua, John Barrow) and social studies (Giuseppe De Rita, Enrico Giovannini, Luisa Cavalli Sforza), also involving fashion (Dolce e Gabbana) and music gurus (Zucchero), for a trip to the center of current affairs, economy, culture and traditions: every topic is interpreted through the eyes of its protagonists.

In addition to unpublished contributions, the pages of the special issue are enriched by photographs and other anthology materials from the precious archive of the magazine, founded in October 1962: the same year in which the Beatles published their first record, Marilyn Monroe had been found dead in Los Angeles, Enrico Mattei’s plane crashed under mysterious circumstances and in the news stand appeared the first issue of Diabolik.

Since then, the entire Italian social, economical and cultural environment has undergone deep transformations, into which this Panorama special issue delves, comparing stages and numbers of the change: the average number of family components passed from 3,6 to 2,4 and registered foreigners grew from less than 63.000 to over 4 million and a half. Even daily habits have changed: we have almost quadruplicated beer consumption (29 liters a year per person), we go less to the movies (112 million today compared to over 728 million spectators at the beginning of the ‘60s) but much more to the theater (over 22 million spectators today vs. almost 10 in the early ‘60s): a panoramic glance over 50 years of history, also through records, movies, books and objects which have become real cults.

Print, web, tablet and mobile: the new Panorama is open

A much stronger relationship with readers, available on all platforms

From tomorrow the new Panorama will be on newsstands The Mondadori newsmagazine, edited by Giorgio Mulè, has been completely transformed, both in its news approach and layout, to interpret in a modern and surprising manner the profound changes underway in the media world. And there are five key words that define the new magazine: selection, authoritativeness, originality, multimedia and positive.

The new Panorama interprets news with a different perspective and with a new slogan: “La tua opinione è un fatto”, establishing a direct dialogue with its audience.
The magazine, which for 50 years has given an account of the events and the people of Italy, will provide all of the facts that are eliciting ideas and all of the ideas that can be become facts, establishing itself as an open system of communication, capable of stimulating discussion and debate. The new Panorama will be a magazine to discover, read, comment, share and navigate: a multimedia platform that compares different views, embracing all communication channels, from print to the web and from tablets to mobile.

“The new Panorama is a perfect demonstration of the ability of a newsmagazine to reinvent itself by intercepting new needs,” said editor Giorgio Mulè. “But it also shows the reason for and the central role played by a weekly current affairs magazine like Panorama in satisfying the needs of readers who are increasingly confused by the bombardment of news.”

Panorama will be clear, rational and never predictable, starting with the new logo and cover, with a layout that enhances the play off between black and white spaces and images.
The newsmagazine will be markedly different from what it has been, even in its internal structure, with a completely renovated organisation of the pages, divided into four sections.
The change is immediately noticeable from the Sommario (contents page) which, as a guide to the week, accompanies and stimulates the reader’s appetite with a trailer of 500 characters of everything that is relevant.
The magazine continues with Scenari (scenarios), a fast-moving succession of articles on key facts from both Italy and around the world, exclusive news about the economy, technology and society, and Punto (point), mini-editorials in which Panorama recounts the news, in line with forms of brief, tweet-style communication.
The core of the magazine is a 40-page section of extensive coverage of the most important events, which incorporates the rigorous investigative activities that have always distinguished Panorama by prestigious staff writers and a number of contributors.
The new Panorama will also dedicate special space to ideas and culture: the Visioni (visions) section brings together ideas, reflections, controversial opinions and surprising reviews, with an unusual approach to and a novel treatment of exhibitions, films and music. This is followed by Modi (fashions), in which Panorama identifies new trends, suggests experiences, and opportunities for living and leisure.
The final part of the magazine is Incipit (opening), a section in which a writer re-interprets a news story in the form of the first pages of a novel.

The revolution of Panorama goes hand in hand with the renewal of the site, which will provide even more immediate news, focusing on a strong presence of mediamedia content, interpreting news to be shared with the speed and the language of the web. will be a news resource unlike any other, thanks to background reports and an ability to propose and tell stories.

Twitter: @panorama_it
Hashtag #nuovopanorama

TeleNav and the Mondadori Group unveil Panorama Drive™ for the iPhone

The largest publishing house in Italy launches a GPS navigation application named after its popular magazine and powered by TeleNav

TeleNav (NASDAQ: TNAV), one of the largest global wireless location-based services providers, and the Mondadori Group, the largest Italian publisher of books, magazines and advertising, today announced the launch of Panorama Drive, a new GPS navigation service for the iPhone. Panorama Drive carries the same brand name as Panorama Magazine, one of Italy’s most prominent weekly magazines and a publication owned by Mondadori. The service is available immediately on the iTunes App store for €3.99 per week and is the only Italian GPS navigation app for the iPhone that can be purchased through a weekly subscription. However Mondadori offers a one-month trial promotion period to allow users to
download the app for free and let them familiarize and appreciate all the features of it for an entire month at no charge.

Panorama Drive is similar to personal GPS devices or in-car GPS navigation systems, but is conveniently available directly on the iPhone. Features include:

• Full-color 3D moving maps with voice and on-screen turn-by-turn driving directions – Just like an in-car navigation system, the 3D maps turn, move and stop along with the driver, while also displaying a realistic image of the streets the driver is approaching and passing. While driving, users get up-to-the minute voice and on-screen guidance, including street names, and will automatically be re-routed if a turn is missed. Navigation can be provided in either landscape or portrait mode.

• Automatic map updates – Users never have to worry about updating new map information or having to pay for map updates. This is included for customers automatically and at no additional charge.

• iPod integration – Customers can listen to music while they receive directions from Panorama Drive. In addition, enhanced iPod controls offer the ability to search through songs, artists, etc.from within the app.

• Shake to Go – For quick and easy directions to their home address, users simply shake their iPhone while using Panorama Drive and the service will launch the route.

• Business Listings/Ratings and Reviews – Users can look up more than five million businesses and services, including ATMs, restaurants, hotels and petrol stations, and easily navigate to them with the click of a button. Panorama Drive also includes business reviews and ratings so that before users head to a restaurant or make a reservation at a hotel, they can see how it was rated and reviewed by other people.

• Speed Limit Display and Alerts/Speed Cameras – The service includes speed limit information and provides visual and audio alerts if the limit is exceeded. Panorama Drive will also alert drivers when they are nearing a speed camera.

• Customizable route options – Users can customize their route types by choosing to avoid toll roads, using pedestrian mode for navigation while walking or setting the map display colors to a “nighttime” mode for easier viewing at night.

• Pedestrian mode – Users can use Panorama Drive for their iPhone to navigate European cities such as Rome, Milan, Paris and more on foot.

“The system developed by TeleNav offers such a wide range of services with such an immediate and user-friendly interface that we had no doubts about the choice of partner for the launch of this new application for our Panorama brand,” declared Roberto Sicardi, Head of Properties of Mondadori Digital. “With Panorama Drive iPhone users will be able to use a new sat nav system that uses the very latest technology and is guaranteed by a highly prestigious brand,” Sicardi concluded.

“Partnering with Mondadori provides TeleNav with an opportunity to share our application with iPhone customers across Italy while leveraging the strength of the Panorama brand,” said Ian Tredgett, director of business development for TeleNav’s European operations. “We are thrilled to partner with Mondadori and look forward to working with them to promote this service with their readers across the country.”

Panorama Drive is available in Italian and includes maps and business listings for 24 Western European countries.

Panorama launches “Tag”, the future of QR

An innovative system for reading content on mobile devices
The new technology makes its debut tomorrow on newsstands

Panorama takes another step forward in the world of multimedia information with the launch of “Tag”, an innovative technology designed to access extra content using mobile devices.

In the issue on newsstands tomorrow, Friday 28 January, Panorama will provide all of its readers with the new Tag code, which is fast and easy to use and makes it possible to connect much more rapidly to the web, superseding the previous QR technology exclusively introduced by Panorama in 2009.

The weekly edited by Giorgio Mulè is consequently pursuing, for the first time in Italy, a new form of multimedia content integration.

Following the debut of QR, AR “augmented reality”, VIP™ (Video In Print) and 3D the Mondadori newsmagazine confirms its commitment to innovation by continuing to experiment new ways of integrating the printed page with new digital technologies. And Panorama continues to push back the frontiers of news and information by embracing the broadest range of technological platforms.

Advertisers have also decided to bet of the innovation proposed by Panorama with the Tag technology and, in the next issue, four clients – IBM, Edison, Ecolamp and Kangra – will try out the new system inside the spaces dedicated to them.

Tag is a simple colour code that is easy to use and makes it possible to see video clips or access information of any kind. All you need to do is to capture the code with the lens of a smartphone or similar device and the multimedia content (video, audio and surveys, etc.) will appear on the display.

The software to read the Tag system is unique and works with all mobile devices with a camera and web connection. Installation is automatic and free: just send an SMS with the message “Tagme” to the number 320 20 41 711, or use the browser on your device to access and follow the instructions.

Readers of Panorama will find all the necessary information for installation in the next issue of the weekly (and in all subsequent issues).