Pianeta Mamma

NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma grow together: a completely new and even more leading system for the world of parenting

A new look, podcasts, live social media events, a reinforced scientific board and a pool of family influencers

NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma, the Mondadori Group brands, leaders in the world of parenting, are renewing together to reinforce their integrated system on the web, on social media and now also through podcasts: a unique offer of content and services to be even more on the side of new generations of parents and to accompany them every day and at every moment in the adventure of their children’s growth.

Points of reference for mothers and fathers on issues that range from conception to pregnancy and the early years of a child’s life, the two sites actively engage a community of  3 million unique users (Source: Audiweb May 2020) and over 1.2 million fans on Facebook and Instagram, with an overall weekly reach of 4 million people.

“Today, one in three parents get information from NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma: two authoritative brands widely recognised by the public, and in a leading position in the market of reference for all issues related to parenting. With these important new changes, we are offering our audience an even more complete system that is more detailed, innovative and gives advertisers the possibility of interacting with a sizeable and highly profiled target,” declared Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media.

Mediamond has responded with great enthusiasm to these new features: “Since the launch of Mediamond we have made consistent efforts to develop the parenting market, and we are increasingly convinced that digital is an important and highly relevant element in the daily life of all parents. Today, the editorial quality of NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma is shared and appreciated by both users and advertising clients, who find in both brands contexts of great value for the development of targeted projects,” declared Davide Mondo, chief executive of Mediamond.

What’s new in NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma

From today, there are six new features that characterise NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma, starting from a new look, for a more homogenous identity and recognisable style, thanks to the use of pastel colours and “baby” mood.

Enhanced editorial content, with up to date services and information, thanks to the introduction of a scientific board that brings together experts from the fields of pedagogy, psychology, gynaecology and paediatrics in order to provide advice and answers to questions of most interest, as well as a pool of 30 family influencers, among the most followed in Italy, to share true stories and direct experience.

There are also new sections on the most requested news requested by users, such as green issues, sustainability, animals and children, and loads of ideas about fun activities to organise with the little ones.

Plus, for the first time NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma will deliver content through podcasts, with three series, available on Spreaker, Apple, Google and Deezer: Favole per i bambini (Children’s Fairy Tales), Storie delle mamme (Mother’s stories) and Risposte in 2 minuti (2-minute answers).

There is also a new positioning  for the Facebook and Instagram pages, with useful tips for daily life for the whole family: new activities and formats, including quizzes and inspirational cards, along with a weekly schedule of live social media events presented by experts. Space is also given to mums and dads with a weekly video and a new story every day for first-hand accounts by the parents of the community. The challenge will also continue to engage the fanbase, following the outstanding participation obtained by the “Andrà tutto bene” (All will be well) initiative, with the drawings of rainbows done by kids, and successfully amplified by NostroFiglio during the lockdown. To mark the re-opening of the schools, NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma have launched the hashtags #primogiornodiscuola and #finalmenteinsieme, to collect photos as Italy goes back to school.

The new parenting system will consequently offer also to its partners new integrated storytelling tools for their products on different channels, thanks to new features such as the podcasts, live events, video and the activation of the pool of family influencers for special projects.

Ferrero, with its product Kinder Fetta al latte and the “Insieme si riparte” (Together we can get going again) initiative, will accompany the re-launch of NostroFiglio and PianetaMamma for 3 weeks: a hub dedicated to the return to school, full of suggestions on how to prepare in the best way, including articles, videos and podcasts, as well as the involvement of the team of family influencers.

The re-launch of Nostrofiglio and Pianeta Mamma is supported by a communication campaign on print, digital and social media and leading B2B titles and is overseen by Casiraghi Greco &.

Giallo Zafferano and Pianeta Mamma win as “Best Food Site” and “Best Site for Parents and Children” at the Macchianera Internet Awards 2017

The Mondadori Group brands Giallo Zafferano and Pianeta Mamma have received the top prizes at the Macchianera Internet Awards 2017, that recognise Italy’s best sites and influencers, as well as the most creative and interesting social pages according to the assessment of internet experts who expressed their preferences in an online vote.

With 42,040 votes Giallo Zafferano, the site that since 2006 has got Italians cooking, took first place in the “Best Food Site” category. A further recognition of the success story of a brand that has 5-6 million unique users on the web (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience, average January-July 2017) and 5.4 million fans on Facebook, and that this year alos brought its strengths to newsstands with the launch of the monthly Giallo Zafferano, the cookery magazine in Italy and Europe born from a web site.
The top 5 cooking sites close with two other Group brands, Cook Around and Sale&Pepe.

The Macchianera Internet Awards 2017 also highlighted Pianeta Mamma – the favourite site for expectant mothers or those looking to become pregnant – which was judged the “Best Site for Parents and Children” with 20,189 votes. Also on the podium was another Mondadori site, Nostrofiglio.it.
Launched in 2008, every month Pianeta Mamma reaches 605,000 unique users (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience, average January-July 2017) and has a fan base on Facebook of 362,000, thanks to services and content that help and accompany women through the experience of maternity: expert advice, stories from other mothers, video-tutorials and useful suggestions for the whole family.

This year’s winners also included, in the “Best Film Site Category” i400Calci, the site hosted by Altervista, the Mondadori Group platform leader in the creation of blogs and web sites, which has hosted over 2.5 million sites and blogs since its launch and with 600 new web sites created every day.

Meanwhile, Zingarate, the web site that talks about the best of travel, with words and images  of those who do the travelling, was among the 10 best travel sites thanks to the votes of users.


Video to take an increasingly central role in audience development for the digital brands

Accordo con Wochit per potenziare la produzione di contenuti video originali sui social network

L’audience dei brand digitali del Gruppo Mondadori cresce sui social network. Con un’offerta d’eccellenza che conta un portafoglio di brand leader nei settori chiave – quali femminili, cucina, salute e benessere – e una strategia che mette al centro contenuti originali e una curation editoriale innovativa, oggi le fan base dei brand del Gruppo Mondadori giungono a quota 13 milioni di fan complessivi attraverso 38 pagine attive su Facebook.

In particolare è il video il contenuto di punta sui canali social, in grado di creare engagement e garantire elevati tassi di reach: nel mese di aprile sono 90 milioni le video views totalizzate dai brand Mondadori su Facebook, specialmente su Giallo Zafferano, Cookaround, Donna Moderna, Nostrofiglio.it, Focus, Pianeta Donna, Pianeta Mamma. Tra i casi di successo quello di GialloZafferano, che raccoglie quasi 3 milioni di visualizzazioni e 30.000 condivisioni con il video tutorial della ricetta dei biscotti girandola e 2 milioni di visualizzazioni e oltre 27.000 condivisioni per quello della cheesecake alla Nutella.

Risultati raggiunti grazie a video brevi e accattivanti girati ad hoc per i canali social, privilegiando tecniche come il jumpcut e lo stop motion, e a un rapporto costante e attento con i propri utenti, che riconoscono e premiano la qualità di GialloZafferano anche nei contenuti video, realizzati con lo stesso criterio di preparazione delle ricette, testate più volte prima di essere girate. Un rapporto confermato dal numero di interazioni: una media di 4.000 per video, tra like, condivisioni e commenti degli utenti che inviano le foto delle loro realizzazioni culinarie.

In quest’ottica è stata siglata una partnership con Wochit, piattaforma internazionale di creazione video, che consente di potenziare la produzione di contenuti video originali. Wochit offre un tool di editing per gestire la personalizzazione grafica delle diverse linee di produzione dei brand: viene utilizzato dal team di content editor di Mondadori, mettendo a frutto l’esperienza nella content curation per la creazione di video efficaci e in linea con il tone of voice del brand.

Durata breve, formato quadrato che si adatta a tutti i tipi di device, immagini selezionate e d’effetto con anteprime a tutto schermo immediatamente visibili nei feed e testi capaci di catturare gli spettatori amplificano l’impatto dei video sui canali social.

I video realizzati dai brand del Gruppo Mondadori con Wotchit hanno ottenuto oltre 30 milioni di visualizzazioni. Tra i più apprezzati, il video di Focus, Come berremo l’acqua nel futuro , con più di 4 milioni di visualizzazioni e 70.000 condivisioni; quello di Donna Moderna, Rapporto tra zia e nipote, con 2,7 milioni di visualizzazioni e 60.000 condivisioni; e quello di Pianeta Mamma, Un papà non è solo un papà, con oltre 2 milioni di visualizzazioni e quasi 60.000 condivisioni.