Tu Style

The Mondadori Group revamps its women’s system and launches new versions of Donna Moderna and Tu Style

Strong brand identity, outstanding editorial quality and a multi-channel approach are the strong points of the Group’s leadership in the segment

From this week onwards Donna Moderna, the weekly of reference for women in Italy, and Tu Style, the personal shopper that offers readers advice, will both appear in completely renewed versions.

Two operations with which the Mondadori Group innovates its offer in the women’s segment, an area in which it maintains the leadership with more than 50% of the market of reference in terms of circulation, thanks to brands that are characterised by a highly distinctive identity, multi-channel development and the very highest editorial quality.

“Women’s titles have always been one of the strengths of our portfolio and it is the job of a publisher that is leader in both magazines and digital like Mondadori to constantly follow the development of interests and consumption habits of readers in order to continuously evolve,” declared Carlo Mandelli, the Mondadori Group’s general manager of Magazines Italy area.

“Following the celebrations for the 80th Anniversary of Grazia that underscored the successful formula of the only 100% Italian fashion magazine published around the world, we have now turned our attention, within a market scenario characterised by great vitality in the women’s segment, to the new formula of Donna Moderna and to the new identity of Tu Style. The two brands together represent by far the biggest women’s platform in Italy, with a reach of 15,6 million unique contacts both press and digital”, Mandelli concluded.

“In an evolving market it is indispensable to continuously renew the product. On this occasion we are dealing with two love brands that are also outstanding multi-channel platforms,” declared Davide Mondo, chief executive of the advertising sales company Mediamond. “Donna Moderna and Tu Style continue to express great vivaciousness among weekly titles with an annual circulation of almost 15 million copies and more than 5,000 advertising pages, with a 36% share of the advertising market in the women’s news segment. The market chooses us because of our ability to engage and interact with the woman target, as is demonstrated by the 210 cross-media projects completed since the beginning of the year and by the new Audiweb 2.0 system of metrics, which gives the titles almost 13 million users for the month of July,” Mondo concluded.

As regards the advertising sales, digital is increasingly important and now accounts for more than 30% of the total advertising revenues of Donna Moderna and Tu Style, with some 900 clients on the multi-channel platforms of the two brands during last year.

From today onwards, Donna Moderna and Tu Style, under the editorship of Annalisa Monfreda, will address the public with a completely new approach that will cut across the entire ecosystem linked to them, ranging from print to digital and social media communication.

Donna Moderna, thanks to its wealth of content, has always been a magazine to read from cover to cover. And we are giving a more relaxed form to this reading experience with a design that invites readers to dig deeper and offers some respite from the noise that surrounds us,” the editor Annalisa Monfreda declared.

“With Tu Style on the other hand, we have built a magazine that hasn’t existed until now, dynamic and renewed, and aimed at all those women who express themselves though their look and are always searching for practical inspiration. The new Tu Style will stand out as a highlighter providing valuable lessons in style,” the editor Annalisa Monfreda concluded.

Donna Moderna

The new Donna Moderna is taking on an increasingly elegant identity, while continuing to be immediately readable. With the arrival of fashion director Paola Salvatore, fashion and beauty will have more space, with more extensive features that enhance the images. From today onwards the magazine will alternate a mix of tones and will give more space to the contributors of specific columns: Chiara Gamberale, Geppi Cucciari, the “cynical beautician” Cristina Fogazzi, Michela Murgia.

Also the digital world of Donna Moderna is debuting with a graphic and content total renewal: a new elegant and sophisticated look, with a balanced use of white space and targeted colours that make the opening of the website more appealing in the widescreen format.

Also in this case, the concept is focused clearly on beauty and fashion, with more aspirational contents also for women on the move, who have little time and are looking for the most up-to-date trends, along with even more advice on fashion and beauty related issues.

The occasion will be marked with the launch of  new format short videos “Right/Wrong”, the dos and don’t’s of everyday make-up, and “Beauty Shades”, all of the shades required to enhance all types of skin to complete a 360° beauty and fashion experience on mobile web and social media. Plus, the “DM quote”, funny and inspiring quotes and memes, adapted for social channels.

The re-launch of Donna Moderna is being supported by an important communication campaign developed by Hunbranded on TV, radio, the web and social media, Mondadori Group magazines, and newspapers.

Tu Style

The new Tu Style, with an estimated reach of over 820.000 unique users, proposes to its target audience cool, fresh, intelligent fashion, while always paying special attention to prices. Fashion is the focus that distinguishes the magazine, but with particular attention to trends, styles, lifestyles with the single common denominator of a “shopping attitude”.

In Tu Style  – whose editorial consultant is Simona Barbieri – the change in image is clear from the cover: a fluorescent frame, more evident headlines. The magazine’s three sections – Up to date, Stylish and Social – will each have a dedicated cover to enhance even more the content of each individual part of the magazine. Up to date features all of the news that a reader who wants to be up to speed and informed could desire. The Stylish section is for women who are fashion enthusiasts, women looking for fashion tips and suggestions. While the last part of the magazine, Social, is dedicated to readers who love social life and want to be always connected, so this section brings together all the news about lifestyles and events.

The social media strategy of the new Tu Style will focus on the use of Instagram for the opportunity it provides to transmit in the ideal way – through posts and stories, with fashion and lifestyle topics – the brand’s editorial projects which from today onwards will offer a “shop window of trends”.

In support of the re-launch an engagement initiative have also been developed  foreseeing the involvement of 12 fashion influencers aligned with the values of the magazines for which they will become ambassadors. Working alongside them will be four content creators who every month will share and talk about the world of Tu Style to the brand’s combined community of around 1 million of followers.

The campaign for the re-launch of Tu Style has been developed by WM Content on radio and social channels, as well as Mondadori Group magazines.

Annalisa Monfreda appointed as new editor of Tustyle

Paola Salvatore, deputy editor of Tustyle, will also take on the role of
fashion editor of Donna Moderna and Starbene

From Monday 9 July, Annalisa Monfreda, editor of the weeklies Donna Moderna and Starbene, will take on also the role of editor of Tustyle.

At the same time, Paola Salvatore, the current deputy editor of Tustyle, will expand her responsibilities following her appointment as fashion editor of Donna Moderna and Starbene.

This new organisational structure will give Tustyle, Donna Moderna and Starbene an innovative, cross-over position: on the one hand thanks to specific editorial skills, the fashion content offer for readers of the three weeklies will be enriched, while, on the other, it will be easier to enhance the relationship with interlocutors in the mass market advertising sector.

Tustyle is media partner of MKS Milano Fashion School

The Mondadori Group magazine offers a scholarship to become a fashion stylist : the successful candidate will have the opportunity to enter the wolrd of fashion thanks to high quality training

Tustyle, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Marina Bigi, is the media partner of MKS Milano Fashion School – a high quality professional training institute in the world of fashion and a centre of excellence for Made in Italy with a strong international vocation.
Together they have launched a competition entitled: TuStyle Fashion School with as the prize a scholarship to study fashion design worth €6.900 at the prestigious school.

The annual 500-hour course in fashion styling provides professional training for fashion designers across a  wide range of areas: advertising, personal styling, shop styling, event styling, editorial and digital styling and, finally, also television styling.
The course also includes practical lessons  on different sets –  show-rooms, backstage, photographic set – and shooting sessions which enable students to acquire the necessary autonomy to create editorial material.

For the launch of the competition the fashion team of  TuStyle has produced a video tutorial featuring three MKS students. The students create three looks under the supervision of qualified stylists and receive assessments and suggestions on their work. The video tutorial will be available of the Tustyle.it web site and will mark the beginning of the period of the competition.

To participate in the competition candidates must go to fashionschool.tustyle.it through which readers between the ages of 18 and 28 can upload a photo with a look created by them, a sentence explaining what fashion means to them and their curriculum vitae (from 3 April to 2 May). Readers are also invited to post a photo of the look they have created on their social networks using the dedicated hashtag #tustylefashionschool.

By 8 May a jury made up of the TuStyle fashion team and representatives of MKS will select the winner of the scholarship.

For more detailed information, please go to: www.tustyle.it

Expo Milano 2015: Expo Express the exhibition train of the Universal Exposition departs

  • Presented today by the FS Italiane Group, Expo Milano 2015 and Mondadori Group
  • Three carriagesLive Expo, Food Expo and Casa Expo – that from 30 August until 12 December will visit 12 Italian cities
  • Made available by Trenitalia, the tour will promote the Universal Exposition
  • The carriages will offer a preview of all aspects of the Universal Exposition
  • A vast range of free activities promoted by Donna Moderna, Grazia, TuStyle, Starbene and Sale&Pepe

ExpoExpress, an exhibition train that will travel across the country will promote the Universal Exposition, offer the public a range of free meetings, events, laboratories, castings and show cooking demonstrations.

The initiative was presented today in Venice by the chief executive of the FS Italiane Group, Michele Mario Elia, the Government Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015 and chief executive of Expo 2015, Giuseppe Sala and the chief executive of the Mondadori Group, Ernesto Mauri. The special representative of the event was the actress Ornella Muti, who is also the Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015 and WE – Women for Expo.

The train will stop at 12 Italian cities between today and 12 December with three carriages – Live Expo, Food Expo and Casa Expo – each dedicated to specific activities. The Live Expo and Food Expo carriages will feature free activities open to the public promoted by Donna Moderna, Grazia, TuStyle, Starbene and Sale&Pepe, about fashion and cooking, nutrition and wellbeing, castings to become the protagonist of a fashion shoot, a women wall with the experiences of readers and show cooking demonstrations with star chefs. Meanwhile, the Casa Expo will offer an interactive path to explain Expo Milano 2015 and the focus on the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Casa Expo will host the Ambassadors of Expo Milano 2015 and WE-Women For Expo, a project developed by the Universal Exposition in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori.

During its tour ExpoExpress, which will depart from Venice’s Santa Lucia Station on the occasion of the 71st International Film Festival, and will stop off at 11 other cities: on 6 September in Verona, 12 September in Padua, 19 September at Milan Central, 1 October in Genoa, 11 October in Trieste, 17 October in Rome, 24 October in Turin, 14 November in Bologna, 21 November in Florence, 28 November in Pisa Centrale, 7 December at Milan Porta Garibaldi and 12 December in Naples.

Each of the stops of ExpoExpress will have wi-fi connection thanks to the support of Telecom Italia and Cisco, Official Partners that will provide fixed and mobile networks, IT solutions, IP and wi-fi connection and other innovative solutions for Expo Milano 2015. The technological layout of the exhibition train is by Samsung, the Official Edutainment Global Partner of Expo Milano 2015.

The decision to promote the Universal Exposition by train is not coincidental. Indeed, as underlined by the chief executive of the FS Italiane Group, Michele Mario Elia, the train offers an opportunity for people to meet and for cultural exchange, which is precisely what will happen for the countries that will animate Expo Milano 2015. In any case the support of the FS Italiane Group is across the board, from the supply and strengthening of railway services (connections and stations) to technical and logistical support for the exposition area and the national and international promotion of the Universal Exposition through our sales channels.

The Government Commissioner and chief executive of Expo Milano 2015, Giuseppe Sala, underlined the values and the educational content expressed by the theme of the upcoming Universal Exposition in Milan “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”. Expo Milano 2015 will attract 20 million visitors from across the world and the train the ideal form of transport for reaching the exposition site.

Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of Mondadori, showed how the Group will make the company’s unique editorial assets and know-how in terms of content and the value of the brands, available to an event that will put Italy at the centre of world attention. The free activities organised by the magazines Donna Moderna, Grazia, TuStyle, Starbene and Sale&Pepe on board the ExpoExpress will constitute an enormous communication platform able to draw in, inform and make people in general – as well as readers and enthusiasts – more aware of the theme of Expo Milano 2015.

Communication support for the entire initiative will also be provided by FS Italiane Group media (the online newspaper fsnews.it, the web radio available at over 400 stations FSNews Radio and the Twitter profile @fsnews_it,) as well as by the web and social channels created for the occasion by the Mondadori Group (expo-express.info, and the Twitter and Instagram social profiles using the hashtag #expoexpress).

The initiative will also be communicated and enhanced by the social media channels of #Expo2015: Facebook Italia facebook.com/Expo2015Milano.it, Facebook Global facebook.com/Expo2015Milano, Twitter @Expo2015Milano with the hashtag #Expo2015, and Instagram Official, instagram.com/expo2015milano.

Press Office FS Italiane

Tel +39 06 44105355 – ufficio.stampa@fsitaliane.it



Press Office Expo Milano

Tel. +39 02 89459400





Media Relations Mondadori

Tel. +39 02 75423159 – pressoffice@mondadori.it


TuStyle: a glamourous partnership with “Fashion Style”, Italy’s first talent show for fashion

TuStyle, the fashion, shopping and news weekly edited by Marina Bigi, will be one of the protagonists of “Fashion Style”, Italy’s first fashion-based talent show to be broadcast on La5 from 11 November.

The Mondadori magazine, among the most popular and widely read by women looking for cool style suggestions and ideas, having been involved in the casting of the programme, has also created one of the challenges that the contestants will have to face: the TuStyle Test, in which the participants have to re-interpret, under the supervision of fashion editor Carlotta Marioni, one of the title’s fashion services.

TuStyle will assist the challengers with comments and detailed suggestions, also in the day-time phase, in which the teams of “Fashion Style” will be involved in fashion and beauty tutorials.

The talent show will conclude with the victory of one of the four teams. For the grand finale TuStyle will also provide one of the prizes: a service produced by the weekly’s fashion department together with the winners (a designer, a hair stylist, a make-up artist and a model) that will be published in the magazine and be seen and appreciated by its many readers.

Online now TuStyle.it: the new web site of the women’s weekly Tu Style rewarding those who love to play with style

From today fashion aficionados have a new point of reference: the Tu Style “personal shopper” is now available also online at TuStyle.it, the web site for those who want to be constantly connected with the world of fashion, beauty and celebrities.

TuStyle.it opens a window rich in news and content, about everything that is trending, from the catwalks to social networks. There are a number of sections that are particularly highlighted, Moda (Fashion) for the truly fashion-addicted, Copia le sfilate (Copying the catwalks) an interactive shopping guide at affordable prices, Tu-torial, a video channel with advice from stylists to personalise your look, Bellezza (Beauty) where you can find out about what’s new in cosmetics, the most glamorous cuts and trends in make-up, Vip Watching, an observatory of the world of entertainment, with a daily focus on celebrities. Plus Hot topic that at every moment of the day will signal the hottest topics on Twitter and Instagram, and offer the possibility to comment by sending your own tweet directly form the home page of the site.


To mark the launch, TuStyle.it has organised a special initiative “Diventa Tu Stylist” (Become a Tu Stylist), for those who love to play with style. To take part all you have to do is sign up on the site (http://diventatustylist.tustyle.it/) and compose your own outfits with the clothes, shoes and accessories offered by the interactive toolbox. The outfits created will be displayed in a gallery and can be voted on and shared up to 31 July. The most original will be selected by a jury of members of the magazine’s editorial staff, who will dedicate an article on the site and in the magazine to the winning look.

Tu Style is also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Mondadori bets on its brands for women: Grazia, Donna Moderna and TuStyle, 3 new titles in 3 days

Ernesto Mauri, Group chief executive:“Mondadori is a leading player thanks to the strength of innovation and product quality”

With an unprecedented initiative in the Italian consumer magazine market, Mondadori is significantly updating its offer in the women’s sector with the launch, over just three days, of three completely redesigned weeklies: Grazia, Donna Moderna and TuStyle.

The three titles, each with a distinct positioning in three different segments of the market – upscale/Grazia, service/Donna Moderna and consumer/TuStyle – reach a weekly total of over 3.6 million readers, with an expected circulation in the launch phase of an average of more than 750,000 copies in 7 days.

Grazia, Donna Moderna and TuStyle – in print, on tablets and online – leverage a digital system with more than 5.3 million unique users per month and over 62.7 million page views on Donnamoderna.com and Grazia.it, to which TuStyle.it will added before the summer.

The increasing integration with the online iteration is also conducted on social networks: the official Facebook pages of the three magazines combined exceed 345,000 likes, the Twitter accounts have a total of about 200,000 followers, as well as a growing presence also other leading social platforms.

“We are particularly proud to have completed plan involving three of our women’s titles, a segment in which we are already the leader with a market share of well over 50%”, said Ernesto Mauri, chief executive of Mondadori.

“Mondadori’s extraordinary capacity for innovation, that has always put product quality first, now involves a multimedia logic that embraces print and digital, and constitutes an integrated system based on the centrality and strength of the brand”, Mauri added. “In just a few months, thanks to the impeccable work done by the staff and the three new editors of the titles – Silvia Grilli, Annalisa Monfreda and Marina Bigi – we have developed three products that we are sure will find favour with the public and the market, enabling Mondadori not only to consolidate, but to further increase its leadership”, Mauri concluded.

The first issues of the three new weeklies will feature a total of 284 advertising pages, an increase of 29% over the same period last year, bucking the trend in the market.

For the relaunch of the three women’s weeklies Mondadori has put together a massive communication plan that includes a campaign for each weekly, divided across different media – TV, radio, web, social networks, press, large-scale retail, retail outlets, airports, train stations – with an overall gross investment of more than € 15.6 million.

While remaining true to the characteristics that have made them successful over the years, Mondadori’s three new women’s titles come with a range of new features: starting today, Wednesday 8 May, with TuStyle. The “personal shopper weekly” edited by Marina Bigi, in addition to numerous new design features, will be even more lively, timely and engaging, with more space for must-have fashion, more attention to low budget options and comparisons with the world of celebrities, for shopping at affordable prices.

It will then be the turn of Donna Moderna, Italy’s most widely read women’s magazine, edited by Annalisa Monfreda, that from tomorrow, Thursday 9 May, can be browsed in a completely new version and format. Thanks to the title’s usual practicality and its vocation of providing a service to its readers, the new Donna Moderna offers always new and original advice and information to meet everyday challenges, both big and small, in a creative and unusual way. All with a new look that combines the authority of a historic brand with the typical irony of women. There will be even more space for femininity and beauty, not to mention issues related to work, current events and all other aspects of being a woman at 360 degrees.

From Friday 10 May Grazia will appear with a new face to reaffirm its position as the fashion weekly where fashion meets news: the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli will be more contemporary, glam and chic, with the same international feel of the network that has taken the brand to 22 countries around the world. For women interested in current events, to fashion and trends in beauty, Grazia will offer its readers many new features: an even bigger format and a more energetic and rich cover, while retaining the unmistakable DNA that made the magazine a reference point for style among women’s magazines.

Each campaign has a different creative aim, in line with the mission of the title: that of TuStyle “I want and I can”, developed by the agency Stylum, highlights and emphasises the positioning of the magazine in an original and sparkling way, in tune with the attitudes to life of the target audience, young women who love fashion, shopping and new looks at affordable prices.

The Donna Moderna campaign “I want to be me” – conceived by Stylum for TV and HI! Communication for print, radio and web – expresses authenticity, practicality and irony, characteristics of the personality of the magazine and its readers.

For the communication of Grazia “Look for news”, created by Daniel Cobianchi and Alessandro Sabini for Pocko, speaks to a female audience interested in the latest fashion trends, shopping and beauty, but that does not ignore current events, news, in order to fully live its contemporary dimension.

Tu Style: Marina Bigi to be the new editor

Marina Bigi will be the new editor of Tu Style from 2 November.

Marina Bigi, 54, is from Milan, and after completing her studies at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan, she joined Rizzoli as a copywriter. She began her journalistic career in 1985 on the staff of Anna, before moving in 1989 to the weekly Bella. After a number of years at the monthly Pratica, in 1996 she re-joined the staff of Bella as deputy editor. In 1998 she was appointed editor of the monthly Vera and subsequently, in 2003, of Vogue Gioiello and Vogue Pelle. In 2008 she moved to Mondadori as a consultant and head of fashion and beauty for Tu Style and Chi, before being appointed, in 2011, deputy editor of Tu Style, while maintaining her role on the weekly Chi.

Mondadori wishes to thank Maria Elena Viola for the professionalism and enthusiasm she has demonstrated over the years.

“Milano Fashion Design”: cultural initiatives and shows open to the public organised by Donna Moderna, Grazia & TuStyle in cooperation with the city of Milan

Piazza Liberty, Milan - from 19 to 23 September 2012

Today sees the start of Milano Fashion Design, an initiative dedicated to fashion, culture and style, promoted by the Mondadori Group and the City of Milan, that once again this year will contribute cultural events to the event.

Following the success of previous editions, the Mondadori weeklies Donna Moderna, Grazia and Tu Style, points of reference for millions of readers interested in fashion, new trends and what’s new for women, will stage in Piazza Liberty in Milan, five days of shows, meetings and performances.

Fashion Show
Until Saturday 22 September, from 3 to 7.30 pm, Grazia will run a catwalk show at the Fashion House in Piazza Liberty featuring important labels. Among the performances so far confirmed are Loveable-Playtex and The Bridge. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Yes-Zee with Francesco Facchinetti, Baroni, Carla Ferroni, Kontatto, Eklé, Nomination, Koiné, Primadonna, ABBIDDIKKIA, Moon Boot, Rinascimento, Giorgia & Jones, Nell & Me and Cannella.
Also this year Sunday will be dedicated to children, who will be on the catwalk from 2.3 to 6.30 pm, with clothes from many of the most prestigious producers in the sector, such as Brums, Asso, Eddie Pen and Woolrich Kids.
The team and fashion bloggers of Grazia.it will move to the heart of the city, along with the editorial staff, in order to be as close as possible to the events of the Milan Fashion Week.

Casting “real women”
With Donna Moderna the spotlights of fashion shift to real women of all ages, sizes and professions. From tomorrow until Saturday 22 September, from 10 am to 12.30 pm, Milan will be the location for a casting effort to select the protagonists of the magazine’s fashion and beauty features, but above all to choose the women who will take part in the multi-ethnic fashion show to be held on Sunday 23 September on the Fashion House catwalk.
At the same time Donnamoderna.com, with its #divaMI initiative, will photograph all of the women against a backdrop of some of cinema’s most famous scenes, with glamour accessories and the advice of the stylists from Chicisimo.

Cultural events and beauty workshops
Milano Fashion Design is an occasion to take part in the cycle of cultural events “Women, Art, Fashion and Entertainment”. The Fashion House will host an extensive calendar of encounters, free admittance, introduced by Stefano Boeri, the councillor for Culture, Fashion and Design of the City of Milan, and presented by Antonio Calbi, the city’s director of Entertainment, Fashion and Design. Proceedings begin today at 12.30 with the round table “Dancing in Milan”: on stage Susanna Beltrami, choreographer and director of the DanceHaus, Milan, Marinella Guatterini the critic from Il Sole 24 Ore, lecturer in the aesthetics of dance and head of the course in theatrical dance at the Scuola Paolo Grassi, and Annamaria Onetti, Festival Exister/artedanzae20. On Friday 21 September, the discussion will be on “Personal style and mythmaking in twentieth-century art” with Marina Pugliese, director of Milan’s Museum of the Twentieth Century. On Saturday 22, the subject will be “The ’70s make-up and hair in the era of Saturday Night Fever”, organised by Make Up and Wigs Stage Entertainment /Teatro Nazionale.
In addition, on Thursday 20 at 1 pm and Friday 21 at 7.15 pm, Tu Style, together with R101 and the Department of Fashion and Design of the Milan Politecnico, will hold a workshop “A new life, a new look!”, to discuss how change can influence image. The special guest at this meeting will be Marco Balestri, presenter of the R101 radio programme “Molto Personale”.

“Special events”
The calendar of events for Milano Fashion Design also includes a number of special events, including today, at 7 pm. a party organised by Privalia and Tu Style to celebrate the Privalia.IT Girl, chosen from among 1000 girls. On Thursday at 7.30 pm Casa Cambalache will present the dancers who were runners up in the Tango Salon 2011 world championship who will perform “Tango en voga”, while on Friday 21 September, at 8 pm, DanceHaus’ Susanna Beltrami will present an extract from un “Le vent Noir”.
On Saturday 22 September, at 8 pm, Donna Moderna will bring to the Fashion House stage the “Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre” who will perform an engaging alchemy of energy and athleticism and the harmonious intensity of dance.

Milano Fashion Design has been realised thanks to the Regione Puglia, the main partner: and on Saturday 22 September at 12 pm, the President of the Region Nichi Vendola will speak.
Renault is the event’s main sponsor. Also participating: Bioscalin, CityLife, Panasonic with Eluga (the new water-proof Android smartphone), Maybelline (sponsor & official make-up) and Compagnia della bellezza (sponsor & official hairstyling).
Event partner of the event: Privalia that celebrates its fifth anniversary along with Mondadori and Trenitalia with the Frecciarosa project dedicated to the world of women.
Milano Fashion Design is an event produced by DPR – Input Group.

A complete calendar for Milano Fashion Design is available at www.milanofashiondesign.it.
You can also follow Milano Fashion Design on Facebook.

“Milano Fashion Design”: 5 days of fashion with Donna Moderna, Grazia and Tu Style

Cultural events and entertaiment open to all in collaboration with the City of Milan

Today sees the start of Milano Fashion Design, the initiative promoted by the Mondadori Group, with its titles Donna Moderna, Grazia, Tu Style, the web sites Donnamoderna.com and Grazia.it, and the City of Milan, which this year will take part in the programme with cultural initiatives and events.
Milano Fashion Design will offer the city, until 26 February, and coinciding with the Fashion Week, five days of shows, meetings and performances at the special Fashion House designed by Michele De Lucchi, in Piazza Liberty.

Fashion Show
The programme of Milano Fashion Design will be rich in appointments dedicated to fashion. Until Saturday 25 February, from 3pm to 7.30pm, at the Fashion House in Piazza Liberty, there will be a series of fashion shows organised by Grazia with the participation of personalities from the world of entertainment. Among the performances scheduled today Fornarina, Luna and Luciano Soprani, in addition to a special event by Asus introducing its latest technology. In the coming days it will be the turn of Yes-Zee, Swisses, Cromia, Mangano, Nell & Me, Giorgia & Johns, Kocca, Mazzonetto, Geox, Sisley and Peserico, while Milano-Fiera Macef will promote its exhibition activity with a fashion performance.
Also this year Sunday will be dedicated to children with catwalks between 2.30pm and 4.30pm, presenting clothes by the most prestigious companies in the sector, including Eddy Pen, iDo and Il Gufo.
Grazia.it and the bloggers of the new Grazia IT Blogs network will be on the move around the city to capture and photograph the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Headquartes of the GRazia.it editorial staff will be the Grazia.it POP Up located in largo La Foppa

“Special events”
The extensive programme of activities of Milano Fashion Design begins today with the first of a series of special events on the theme of Donne in scena (Women on Stage), organised by the City of Milan in collaboration with Tu Style.
Until Friday 24 February, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm, at the Fashion House, important protagonists from many of the shows running in Milan’s theatres will provide previews of their work, as part of the cultural encounters initiative presented by the city’s director of entertainment, fashion and design, Antonio Calbi.
Introduced by the city’s councillor for the arts Stefano Boeri, the programme will begin with Valeria Magli and Lina Sotis presenting Soirée Sotis, which will run from 24 to 26 February at the Teatro Elfo Puccini. Tomorrow, Thursday 23 February, Elisabetta Pozzi, Eva Robin’s and Alvia Reale will preview the stage play “Tutto sua mia madre” (Teatro Elfo Puccini, 21 February – 4 March).
On Friday 24 February Maddalena Crippa will talk about “E pensare che c’era il pensiero” (Tieffe Teatro Menotti, 21 February – 4 March), while from 7.30pm, Tu Style will bring to the Fashion House stage the veejay Alessandro Cattelan who will present his book “Quando vieni a prendermi?” (Mondadori).
In addition, for the whole of the event, the stage of Milano Fashion Design in the evenings will be animated by the most famous international companies of street artists taking part in the Milano Clown Festival and, on Saturday 25 February, the Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti will stage a dance show.

Casting and Fashion coach
From tomorrow until Saturday 25 February, from 10am to 12.30 p.m., Donna Moderna will run a series of castings to select the protagonists of the magazine’s fashion and beauty coverage, and above all the women who, on Sunday 26 February will walk an “all-Italian” catwalk at the Fashion House: 20 ‘real women will take part in the show, one from every region of the country, wearing the creations of famous designers. The magazine has also decided to launch, precisely during the most glamorous week for fashion, a new challenge: to sign the Manifesto delle donne vere (Manifesto for Real Women) including their own definition of beauty and truth on the mini-site www.donnevere.donnamoderna.com, on Twitter at hashtag #donnevere, on Facebook or by writing down and placing their description in a box on the Fashion House stage.
At the same time the fashion coach of Donnamoderna.com will change, with just a few moves, the style of all those who want to “learn” something more about fashion. Every day the woman who has most revolutionised her image, thanks to the advice of the personal stylist, will receive as a gift a total look at one of the stores in the city centre.

The partners
Milano Fashion Design has been organised thanks to the support of Regione Calabria – main partner – that tomorrow, Thursday 23 February, at 2.30pm, will present its achievements in the field of fashion and crafts, that will also be on show every day at 2pm during the event.
Renault – main sponsor – will present the new Twingo, also offering visitors the possibility of a test-drive in Via Hoepli.
Event sponsors: Ferrovie dello Stato, Milano-Fiera Macef, Glaming, L’Oréal Paris, also with the “Nail Bar” by Color Riche, L’Oréal Professionnel, Cadey with Staminaline, Asus and Alcatel.
Milano Fashion Design is an event produced by DPR Eventi.

The complete programme for Milano Fashion Design can also be found on the web site www.milanofashiondesign.it.
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