Interni turns over a new leaf and charts a new course: starting with the May issue, a new art director, new graphics and new content

The restyling of INTERNI is introduced with an English-language issue that will be on newsstands tomorrow and presented in the Big Apple at NYCxD

The magazine will be celebrating its 70th anniversary on 20 May with a talk and gala evening at the Consulate General of Italy in New York

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, INTERNI is turning over a new leaf and charting a new course. Starting with the May issue, the Mondadori Group’s interior and contemporary design magazine, edited by Gilda Bojardi, will have a new look: an entirely redesigned graphical design by the Tomo Tomo studio and even more content documenting, interpreting and promoting the evolution of projects in architecture, interior and design.

The new INTERNI, on newsstands as of Friday 3 May, will offer a broader range of columns to broaden the interpretation of projects from the macro to micro scale, expanding the vision towards science and the humanities. To do so, it will also rely on the curious and critical gaze of well-known professionals from around the world, who will report on project-related events, achievements and personalities.

The richer content will also correspond to a clearer, simpler and also more rigorous graphical image. Davide Di Gennaro and Luca Pitoni, founders of the Tomo Tomo studio and new art directors of INTERNI, explain: ‘A few years ago, Jasper Morrison called it Supernormal, an approach to design in search of pure form, the simplest form, without frills that distract from the function. The new graphical design of INTERNI is based on the same idea. A dryness and visual linearity guide the contents, a distinctive frame that enhances rather than overpowers, with the idea that a magazine consists first and foremost of its contents. We wanted larger photographs, more readable texts and a more obvious, linear structure, all aimed at building the strength of this new visual form. This timeless form adopts and updates the stylistic features of modernism to bring freshness and character to the pages of this historical magazine.’

The new image of INTERNI will debut in May with an English-language issue that will be officially presented in New York at NYCxDesign (16–23 May 2024) with a focus on the American creative scene. The virtuous design relationships binding Italy to New York — and the United States in general — are documented by the stories of outstanding Italians who have chosen their base of operations overseas and also American designers who have established fertile collaborations with Made in Italy companies. These are featured in the issue with a wide-ranging report on their settlement in the Big Apple through increasingly important and striking spaces and showrooms: a tangible sign of the growing success of Italian design in the American market.

The unveiling of the new issue will also form the centrepiece of a gala evening at the Consulate General of Italy in New York, where INTERNI will celebrate its 70th anniversary on 20 May with a talk entitled Big Italy in New York – Manufacturing Value. Inclusiveness, Innovation and Sustainability. The event will see the extraordinary participation of Fabrizio Di Michele, Consul General of Italy in New York, Gilda Bojardi, Director of INTERNI Magazine, Carlotta de Bevilacqua, President and CEO of Artemide, Laura Anzani, CEO of Poliform USA, Giulio Cappellini, an architect, designer and entrepreneur, Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Poltrona Frau, Francesco Farina, CEO of B&B Italia Americas, Bjarke Ingels Studio, BIG, Gabellini Sheppard Associates Giuseppe Lignano, LOT-EK, Lissoni Architecture NY, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and SOM.

The May issue of INTERNI will also be specially distributed in the most representative showrooms and flagship stores of the NoMad, Madison Avenue and Soho circuit; ICFF; the most important design studios in New York; major design and architecture schools; Libreria Rizzoli; and a select number of book and magazine stores.

The launch of the new issue will also be supported nationwide with a publicity campaign in major newspapers and trade publications and at points of sale.

Record edition for the Cross Vision interior exhibition event

CWith 548,000 visitors at the University of Milan, the Eni Space at the Brera Botanical Garden, the Audi House of Progress at the Portrait Milano, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, at De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol and at Eataly Milano Smeraldo, it was the most attended event of FuoriSalone 2024

With this event, INTERNI cements its outright leadership in the professional living sector and in design system communication

Expectations were exceeded for INTERNI CROSS VISION at FuoriSalone 2024, which gave the design crowd intersecting visions of different cultures, languages, knowledge and countries thanks to projects with strong implications about research, sustainability and the future.

From 15 to 28 April, the event created and coordinated by the Mondadori Group’s magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi was the most popular at Design Week, with record numbers of participants and visitors. In fact, 548,000 people visited the University of Milan, the Eni Space at the Brera Botanical Garden, the Audi House of Progress at Portrait Milano and, for the first time, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. For the second year running, there was also great success at the two satellite venues: Eataly Milano Smeraldo and De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol.

This edition of the exhibition, which also celebrated the magazine’s first 70 years, translated the concept of “Visioni Incrociate” (ICross Vision) into experimental installations, understood as lateral, multifaceted ideas that allows apparently opposing concepts to be combined: technology and crafts, art and industry, artifice and nature, materiality and digitalisation, which today are complementary and indispensable aspects of the contemporary innovation process. At the same time, it highlights the role that Italian design culture plays in this process. During the FuoriSalone, Milan becomes a design gym for architects, designers and creative people from around the world, who come for the opportunity to compare their visions and blend knowledge in a common effort to build a more beautiful and sustainable world.

With the contribution of the 3 co-producers (Audi, Eni and the General Administration for Italy at the 2025 Osaka Expo) and in collaboration with companies and institutions, INTERNI gathered more than 40 young, famous Italian and international designers and architects and different artists in a fusion of Architecture, Design and Art. For the exhibition, 40 installations, micro-architectures and macro-objects have been created, all site-specific, that – together with conferences, talks, live performances and showcases – created a varied mosaic of styles and visions, as well as time for discussion, attracting thousands of people. Visitors included large numbers of Italian and international journalists, who provided excellent coverage for INTERNI CROSS VISION in the daily papers, on radio and TV, in the trade press and in popular magazines, and ensured the exhibition was continually visible on the main social media channels and the Internet.

The INTERNI exhibition, which was created in 1990 on the initiative of Gilda Bojardi, the magazine’s editor, cemented itself as the central event of the FuoriSalone. The foundation of its success is the outstanding design and cultural content of the installations, the internationally famous brands involved, which are flanked by smaller operations who also offered very interesting exhibits. The exceptional response from both the public and the media reflects INTERNI’s outright leadership in the professional living sector and in design system communication.

We thank the co-producers Audi with BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Eni with Italo Rota and CRA Carlo Ratti Associati, the General Administration for Italy at the 2025 Osaka Expo, and all the companies, designers and architects who participated: Wu Bin with Yardcom, Architect Vivian Coser with Centrorochas, ApexBrasil, Mario Cucinella with Roca, Jacopo Foggini and Massimo Iosa Ghini with Kiko Milano, Architect Annabel Karim Kassar with Annaka, Designer Toshiyuki Kita with Bizen City and Odate City, Architect Kengo Kuma with Quarella, Artist Cyril Lancelin with Fidenza Village – The Bicester Collection, Designer Arik Levy with Sans Souci, Architect Piero Lissoni with Sanlorenzo, Architects MAD – Architects MA Yansong and Andrea D’Antrassi with Amazon, Architect Simone Micheli with Path, Veronica Pesenti Rossi with Rubner Haus, Marco Piva with Saint-Gobain, Topotek1 – Martin Rein-Cano with Mapei and MDT-Tex, Bruno Simões with ApexBrasil, Patricia Urquiola with Cimento, Michele De Lucchi – AMDL Circle and Guido Scarabottolo with INTERNI 70 Years, Architect Marco Acerbis with Santini Cycling, Artist Carlo Bach with illycaffè and Kartell, Alessandra Baldereschi with No.3 Gin, Emiliano Calderini with Zentiva Italia, Architect Giulio Cappellini with Comunità San Patrignano, Designer Ludovica Diligu and Artists Plastique Fantastique with Labo.Art, Architect Tom Dixon with VitrA, Artist Dario Ghibaudo with Galleria De Ambrogi, Kutnia Design Hub, La Errería * Architecture Office with Tile of Spain, Claudio Larcher and Italo Rota with NABA and AMSA, Federica Marangoni with Simone Cenedese, Lorenzo Palmeri with Stone Italiana, Catello Raffaele with IUAD, Marco Nereo Rotelli with Bertolotto, David Monacchi with Comune di Pesaro, Capitale della Cultura Italiana 2024, and Renco, CastagnaRavelli, Marcantonio with qeeboo, Giulio Cappellini with Eataly, Studio Azzurro with Urban Up | Unipol.

Interni celebrates its first 70 years at FuoriSalone with the ‘Cross Vision’ exhibition

A round trip from industry to design, from crafts to technology, uniting cultures, countries and knowledge in the name of sustainability

From 15 to 28 April in Milan, INTERNI celebrates 70 years of history with an itinerary of over 40 installations in six locations symbolising the city’s culture and excellence:
from the University of Milan to Università Cattolica, from the Eni Space at the Brera Botanical Garden to the Audi House of Progress at Portrait Milano, to De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol and Eataly Milano Smeraldo

Installations, themed exhibitions and micro-architecture that highlight the know-how, research and experimentation of Italian design and its interaction with the world, embracing and emphasising the universal principles of sustainability and protection of the places where we live. This is the idea behind the eagerly awaited INTERNI CROSS VISION exhibition-event, held to celebrate the magazine’s 70th anniversary and make the next edition of FuoriSalone unforgettable.

More than 40 creative projects by more than 44 designers from 12 different countries will be presented at 6 iconic locations across Milan, which will host 14 days of events, meetings and talks with leading figures in design and much more. These are the numbers for Interni Cross Vision, the exhibition created by INTERNI, the magazine for interiors and contemporary design produced by the Mondadori Group and edited by Gilda Bojardi. The events will take place from 15 to 28 April in the courtyards of the University of Milan, Eni Space at the Brera Botanical Garden, and Portrait Milano, home of the Audi House of Progress. Renewing its role as an ‘activator’ of design energy, INTERNI expands its exhibition venues this year, including for the second time Eataly Milano Smeraldo and De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol, and, for the first time, Università Cattolica.

The exhibition intends to express the transverse, polyphonic thinking that allows apparently opposing concepts to be combined — technology and craftsmanship, art and industry, production and nature, materials and digital products — understood as complementary and indispensable elements of contemporary innovation. At the same time, it highlights the role that Italian design culture plays in this process. During Design Week in April, Milan becomes a design gym for architects, designers and creative people from around the world, who come for the opportunity to compare their visions and blend knowledge in a common effort to build a more beautiful and sustainable world.

INTERNI CROSS VISION is one of the main initiatives proposed by the Municipality of Milan for Design Week and FuoriSalone 2024. The latter was created in 1990 by Gilda Bojardi and is universally recognised as a key event in international design and architecture.


But INTERNI CROSS VISION, is also an opportunity to celebrate INTERNI’s 70th anniversary, with 30 years under the creative leadership of director Gilda Bojardi.

‘In April, INTERNI officially begins the celebrations for its first 70 years of publication, a dense journey that has documented, interpreted and promoted the evolution of architecture, interior design and design around the world,’ says Gilda Bojardi. ‘In 70 years, we have had the fortune to share in the fantastic, adventurous history of Italian design and furnishing, the famous Made in Italy trademark, and we have closely followed the growth it expresses thanks to the work of brilliant men and women in culture, architects and designers, intuitive and courageous entrepreneurs. INTERIOR has evolved with design. With an increasingly precise commitment to communicating the project culture internationally, it has developed a system of parallel publications to shift the monthly magazine from elite media to mass media. Its activities also include the conception and coordination of events and exhibitions, organised to foster interaction between the different people designing, producing, distributing and disseminating.’

For this important anniversary, AMDL CIRCLE – Michele De Lucchi and Guido Scarabottolo have created Diorama 70, an installation in the auditorium of the University of Milan that presents a journey immersed in a landscape that can be observed from multiple perspectives and unconventional angles. Drawing, art and architecture meet in a large-scale diorama that transposes Scarabottolo’s signs from paper to an unexpected size, inviting exploration and three-dimensional immersion. This imaginary scene can be traversed, winding through seven majestic mountains, each of which narrates one of INTERNI’s 70 years of history. The display culminates in an imposing erupting volcano, a vibrant symbol of the magazine’s vitality and incessant dynamics. The evocative metaphor complements the magazine’s cross-cutting approach to the changes in morphology, aesthetics and landscape of Milan that it has witnessed for 70 years. The decision to produce the scenic effects of a diorama translates into the exclusive use of paper to create all the elements, with particular attention to the selection of materials. In each of the seven mountains, the story of the magazine’s seven decades continues through 700 covers, which are graphically combined and presented to visitors in the form of posters, rounding out the entire narrative scenario.

To kick off the celebrations, INTERNI organised an exclusive gala dinner on Sunday 14 April in the 18th-century courtyard of the University of Milan. The evening was reserved for 200 guests, including entrepreneurs, architects and designers, and seven outstanding designersPiero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola, Michele De Lucchi, Ferruccio Laviani, Benedetta Tagliabue, Francesca Lanzavecchia and Elena Salmistraro — recounted 70 years of design through the mise en place and decorations on the 21 tables.

INTERNI CROSS VISION, which already promises to be memorable for its variety, research and distinctiveness, will be officially presented on Monday 15 April at 14.30 in the auditorium at the University of Milan (via Festa del Perdono, 7). In addition to designers, the press conference will be attended by: Ambassador Mario Vattani, General Commissioner for Italy at Expo 2025 Osaka; Archbishop Rino Fisichella, Pro-Prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelisation; Satoshi Suzuki, Japanese Ambassador to Italy; Mauro Battocchi, Director General for Promotion of ‘Sistema Paese’; Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Alessia Cappello, Councillor for Economic Development and Labour Policies, Municipality of Milan; Maria Pia Abbracchio, Deputy Vice-Chancellor focused on Research and Innovation, University of Milan; Franco Anelli, Rector of Università Cattolica; Antonio Porro, CEO of Mondadori Group; Fabrizio Longo, Director of Audi Italia; Matteo Ricci, Mayor of Pesaro – Italian Capital of Culture 2024; and Gilda Bojardi, Director of INTERNI. The conference was moderated by journalist Monica Maggioni.

The three co-producers of the exhibition are: Audi, Eni and the General Commissioner for Italy at Expo 2025 Osaka.

The main sponsors of INTERNI CROSS VISION are: Audi, a leading brand in the automotive world, invests its technological edge in conscious mobility and is committed to decarbonising all production plants by next year; Eni is a global energy company present in 62 countries with more than 30,000 employees. Originally an oil & gas company, it has developed into an integrated energy company. It plays a leading role in ensuring energy security amid the energy transition. It aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by decarbonising its processes and the products it sells. Finally, last sponsor is the General Commissioner for Italy at Expo 2025 Osaka, with a preview of the model for the future Italian Pavilion for EXPO 2025 Osaka.

At Portrait Milano, on Corso Venezia 11 – Audi House of Progress

Reflaction: a combination of the words ‘reflection’ and ‘action’ forms the title of the installation designed for Audi by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. ‘Action’ is understood as action aimed at harmonious technological evolution, but also as a concrete commitment to environmental protection and building a more equitable social ecosystem. ‘Reflaction’ is an invitation to reflect on the consequences of what we do and the meaning of our very existence in the world. It is no surprise that mirrors were chosen to define two high walls that intersect symmetrically, dividing the centre of the Piazza del Quadrilatero at Portrait Milano into four areas using imposing walls (10 m x 1.2 m x 8.5 m), the same number as Audi’s rings. Almost invisible, the structure multiplies people and objects, creating different situations that invite us to the numerous activities offered during the FuoriSalone. Visitors can move around Reflaction and stop in the Performance section, where two Audi SQ6s in different shades of grey are on display for the official preview. Community, in the shade of Japanese maple trees, is the space dedicated to stimulating exchange and conviviality. Knowledge consists of a circular amphitheatre with solid wood steps and chrome-plated steel balustrades where meetings and talks are held. The Audi light technologies area shows the innovative digital lighting technologies developed by the German brand.

At the Brera Botanical Garden – Eni Space

The Brera Botanical Garden turns into Eni Space to host sunRICE, the recipe for happiness. The installation, designed by CRA – Carlo Ratti Associati and Italo Rota for Eni in collaboration with Niko Romito, presents an experience dedicated to happiness — eating well, new discoveries and everything unusual. Visitors are led to see familiar elements of everyday life with new eyes via a simple food: rice. Starting with the plant and moving on to the ingredient and its innovative use in the kitchen, this step-by-step journey also shows how rice processing waste can become raw material for new, sustainable buildings. The installation consists of triangular modules made of geopolymer (silica-based) suitable for outdoor use. This material is generated by reusing rice milling waste (rice husks) in a zero-impact production process. In a spirit of circularity, the installation will be transformed once again at the end of the exhibition, becoming nourishment put back into the soil for cultivation.
For SunRICE, Chef Niko Romito, who has built his own distinctive vision of food and gastronomy over the years based on the circularity of creative thought, has created a biscuit whose ingredients include rice and herbaceous raw materials grown in the Brera Botanical Garden. The tasting offered to visitors will contribute to an unexpected experience and promote the core values of the initiative.
SunRICE focuses on sharing the core issues behind transformative economies, wellness and health, skills and training.

At the University of Milan, the future Italian Pavilion for EXPO 2025 Osaka

Already the focus of two meetings organised last autumn — in Bergamo for the Landscape Festival and in Bologna at Cersaie — the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka is now the star of FuoriSalone in Milan. In fact, the 1:100 scale model of the building designed by Mario Cucinella – MCA Architects is on display as part of the Cross Vision exhibition in the University of Milan auditorium. The model illustrates the founding principles of the work but also the communication agreement between the General Commissioner for Italy at Expo 2025 Osaka and INTERNI. This partnership will result in a series of events and presentations that will accompany the public at the World Expo scheduled in Osaka, Japan from 13 April to 13 October 2025.

‘Milan Design Week celebrates “Italian know-how”, whose value is globally recognised,’ says the Italian Commissioner for Expo 2025, Ambassador Mario Vattani. ‘The FuoriSalone exhibition organised by Interni is the ideal setting to officially present the Italian Pavilion designed by Mario Cucinella’s Studio (MCA), which will host all of “Sistema Paese”. The theme of our pavilion is “Art Regenerates Life”. For us, the term “art” is understood in a broad sense and is synonymous with eclectic Italian creativity, that “thinking with your hands” that forms the basis of our success in design around the world.’

Mario Cucinella’s project focuses on people and their interactions with society, technology and sustainability. The architecture of the pavilion revisits the ideal Renaissance city in a contemporary key, with the theatre, piazza and Italian-style garden as distinctive sites of Italian urban planning. ‘Designing the Italian Pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka,’ says Mario Cucinella, founder and creative director of MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, ‘is a unique opportunity to create a stage where we not only showcase our country’s culture, history and innovation, but also create a place where we can weave connections.’

Installations and designers: the leaders in INTERNI CROSS VISION

The large INTERNI exhibition-event was created to initiate and multiply connections and relationships in a virtuous system among creative figures, businesses and distribution networks who have a fundamental need to connect people and ideas from different cultures and backgrounds. In collaboration with businesses, multinational companies, start-ups and institutions, more than 44 designers have created over 40 projects (site-specific installations, displays, design islands, micro-architecture and macro-objects) to explore the theme of this year’s exhibition.

University of Milan

At the University of Milan, a series of impressive installations come to life. Oceans, mountains, paths suspended over water, stone gardens, constellations and monumental sculptures lead visitors through environments that require respect and rediscovery, inviting people to reflect on the topics of design, innovation, recovery and sustainability.

The 18th-century courtyard houses the installation SUB: Sustainable Underwater Balance, designed and created by Piero Lissoni and Sanlorenzo. Through immersion in a virtual sea, it tells of the green future of yachting, setting the silhouette of innovative hydrogen-powered boats alongside sea creatures, waves and swimmers. The work consists of an open pavilion with rectangular floor plan enclosed by a roof and wall to mark the edges. Both architectural elements are entirely covered with LED walls that recreate the lights and sounds of the marine environment, while the platform is made of a reflective material. Walking through the pavilion, visitors are enveloped by the projections for evocative immersive effect.

The Pharmacy Courtyard houses The Amazing Walk, created by Amazon in collaboration with MAD Architects. The international architecture firm chose the image of a mountain to accompany the public through the discovery of home products, furniture, lighting, smart home and technological accessories available on The mountain is accessed via a path suspended over a body of water, symbolising the customers’ journey of product exploration.

The exhibition continues in the Courtyard of Honour with dozens of extraordinary installations, starting with Travelogue on Mountains by Wu Bin, a project with strong symbolic value that translates into the discovery of Oriental architecture. Made of lightweight and environmentally friendly materials produced by Yardcom, it consists of a labyrinth outlined by long sheets of DuPont® Tyvek® positioned at regular intervals, leading to the heart of the work containing a pool of water. The work was also supported by INTERNI China.

Annabel Karim Kassar responds to the theme of INTERNI Cross Vision with her first encounter between performance and installation. In fact, Travelling incorporates a studio space where visitors can watch her paint (Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 April, from 2 to 4 p.m.). The works she produces will complete and transform the environment during the exhibition period, crossing the boundary between finished architecture and active experience. The project, by AKK Architects – Annaka, is divided into seven rooms, each representing a human activity: work, music, sexuality, meditation, art, play, cinema.

In contrast, the image of a flower, which symbolises lightness, renewal and evolution, is the leitmotif and basic module of the Stone Garden, a project by Vivian Coser promoted by Centrorochas (Brazilian Center of Natural Stone Exporters) and ApexBrasil and organised by It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone. Involved in creating biophilic projects for more than 20 years, the Brazilian designer chose this form because it encapsulates the concept of biophilia used in architecture to give life to spaces ‘that blossom and change, just like the life of a flower’.

Internationally renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma presents StoneGrove. Using modular elements in marble and quartz agglomerates, he reinterprets the principles of Ikebana in a contemporary key and with alternative materials, creating a composition that represents the different textures and finishes of stone products made by Quarella.

Umbral, the Temple of Listening was produced by Rubner Haus based on a design by Carlo Farina, Veronica Pesenti Rossi and Memo Sánchez Cárdenas, under the guidance of the Franco Albini Foundation. The concept of the installation is the importance of co-creation. The title Umbral — ‘threshold’ in Spanish — evokes the idea of a boundary between the known and the unknown, and invites us to enter a new design culture, whose centrepieces are the Blockhaus solid wood construction system and the principles of the Albini Method. Red thread, both real and symbolic, creates the central tree representing the bond that unites us all in a single community of sharing.

Marco Piva for Saint-Gobain Italia gives life to Material Tower a rigorous hexagonal structure more than 5 metres high that houses and encloses a glass wool sculpture with soft, undefined contours, symbolising ‘a cloud of creative thoughts’. The filaments capture light and nuances from the top of the tower, which is outlined in LEDs of different colours. Of the six sides of the tower, two have tactile cladding and two are transparent, which, like suspended windows, reveal what lies within the glass volume. The remaining two consist of LED walls presenting the story of production at Saint-Gobain.

Inspired by Kiko Milano’s iconic 3D Hydra Lipgloss, which blends glossy transparencies with sensual colours and volumes, Tandem interweaves the two different design approaches of Jacopo Foggini and Massimo Iosa Ghini to recount how diversity can be transformed into harmony. Anchored to two elements with rounded corners designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, Jacopo Foggini’s large chandelier is a cascade of transparent rods that plunge into the ‘lip’ shapes of the sofa designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini.

The large totem El Paron – Wisteria Tower by designer Patricia Urquiola for Cimento evokes a sense of movement, towering in the Courtyard of Honour and representing the intersection of nature and technology, production and the environment. El Paron — a term in Venetian dialect meaning ‘the master’, traditionally referring to the bell tower of a church, a tall structure that dominates the landscape — is a monumental sculpture composed of four overlapping modular elements that reach a height of 10 metres.

Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects for Roca, Sparking Change is a 4.5-metre-high semicircular backdrop made of 1,200 3D-printed modular ceramic elements. It recounts the evolution of the sector between tradition and industrial innovation. The concept is inspired by new developments in technology and digital tools and bears witness to the renewal behind sustainability, thus reflecting the essence of Roca.

I am what I throw away is by Italo Rota, NABA Scientific Advisor, and Claudio Larcher, NABA Design Area Leader, with the involvement of students in the Design Department of NABA Academy and AMSA – A2A Group. It uses both recycled and innovative materials to make the ethics of circular processes and the virtuous results of recycling visible and understandable.

Eighteen portals consisting of golden spheres and arranged in six rows form Mille Miroirs is a brilliant, spectacular, dreamlike landscape of regular geometries by French designer Cyril Lancelin for Fidenza Village, part of The Bicester Collection. As they walk between the structures, people move between shadows, light and reflections, plunging ‘into the heart of the artist’s imagination and losing their balance, out of time and reality’ in an enthralling atmosphere.

PATH – Dream | Dine| Delight | 37 hectares of pure wellness by Simone Micheli recalls the PATH project at Porto San Vito in Grado, which covers an area of 37 hectares. Based on a concept by Andrea Bigot, CEO of Porto San Vito, the pavilion traces the geometry and contents of Simone Micheli’s vast architectural project and accompanies people viewing it on a virtual journey through the focus and themes of the area’s redevelopment.

Sit Together – Climate Adaptive Bench by Berlin-based studio Topotek 1 in collaboration with MDT-tex and with the support of Mapei, is part of the design project for a new range of street furniture that adapts to climate change. The prototype, previewed at the INTERNI exhibition-event, is the result of a formal union between the classical European bench and wind towers in ancient Persian tradition: a welcoming bench at any time of day and in any season, where one can sit and socialise. One side is warm and darker and the other is cool and lighter, while the tower protects it from the sun.

Also in the Courtyard of Honour, Ludovica Diligu, designer and founder of Labo.Art, together with the artistic duo Plastique Fantastique (Marco Canevacci and Yena Young), brings Planetarium to life. This 9-metre-diameter inflatable structure surrounds a tree trunk and transports the public into a planetarium with constellations made of branches, leaves, stars and the voice of Pablo Trincia reciting nursery rhymes by Gianni Rodari. The De Ambrogi Gallery exhibits Marvelous Creatures, two large sculptures in recycled plastic by the artist Dario Ghibaudo, while sport and design interact, intersect, observe and talk to each other in the Powerful Intersections project by Marco Acerbis for Santini Cycling.

Marco Nereo Rotelli, with Ever in Art® for Bertolotto, has designed a large golden portal, Door is Love, installed behind the arches of the lower portico of the Courtyard of Honour. Consisting of 46 golden gates, it symbolises entry to all the cities of the world. The threshold is understood as a real and metaphorical space, a boundary between matter and nature, which becomes a gateway, a place of passage, of waiting and meditation. There, a packaged tank displaying the word ‘LOVE’ is situated as a further message of peace.

The tour continues in the lower portico with the exhibition From a Thousand Years to the Future curated by Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita with Bizen City and Odate City. It reflects on the future of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the topicality of crafts that have reached high levels of perfection over the years. Juxtaposing the skills and creativity of the crafts originating in the two Japanese towns, the exhibition showcases, for the first time in Italy, works with a thousand-year history.

Re-Ceramic by Tom Dixon for VitrA is an exploration into the world of recycling and an opportunity to present the Liquid line of high-strength ceramic bathroom fixtures created using an innovative process. The installation shows the stages of material transformation leading to the creation of the Liquid washbasin, the first in the world made of almost 100% recycled ceramic from waste materials recovered during the production of such fixtures.

For Caravanserraglio, Lorenzo Palmeri elaborated on the concept of ‘mingling’, designing a space conceived precisely for transit and to receive people passing through the lower portico of the Courtyard of Honour. For its construction, he chose Cosmolite® from Stone Italiana, a material consisting of recycled minerals from the quarrying industry.

Turkish designer Julide Konukoglu then covered part of the columns of the lower portico with strips of Kutnia fabric for her installation Weaving Inside Out. She creates a contrast between the hardness of stone and the softness of this contemporary handmade fabric, which blends history, research and innovation. Other columns give life to the Quinte Mutevoli project, created by Catello Raffaele, Ornella Formati and Vincenzo Esposito in collaboration with the students of the Interior Architecture Course at the IUAD. This project immerses visitors in ‘active participation’ that allows them to customise parts of the installation, freely moving its coloured slats.

Conceived by Giulio Cappellini, The Art of Independence stems from the activities at the San Patrignano Community craft workshop. It expresses the latest developments in the work carried out there using digital tools, which allow the community’s young people to follow training useful for their professional reintegration. Covering four entrance columns of the University of Milan, it is intended to emphasise the ancient building by means of graphical signs that draw on a contemporary key to reinterpret a series of decorations found in various corners and historical buildings of the city.

The theme of wellness, taking care of oneself and reconnecting with nature, is dedicated to Metodo Benessere, the installation designed for Zentiva Italia by Emiliano Calderin, which tells the story of the iconic Schoum Solution bottle. With its harmonious scheme, the installation creates a transverse relationship between the product, its narrative, and the architecture, before returning to the city with the iconic Torre Velasca, which becomes the view, reference, inspiration and perspective of the installation itself. The itinerary, which develops organically around the columns of the cloister in the Courtyard of Honour, also houses the work by students at the University of Genoa who took part in a workshop focused on creatively reinterpreting the bottle of this well-known plant-based drug.

An example of the versatile Tile of Spain catalogue of Spanish ceramic manufacturers is presented by designers Carlos Sánchez García and Luis Navarro Jover with their House of Mirrors, an installation consisting of ceramic elements with mirrored walls that multiply the view of the tiles on display.

The West Loggia, doorways of the Grand Staircase and the Courtyard of Honour are transformed into the Brazilian design manifesto curated by Bruno Simões and organised by ApexBrasil. The project is inspired by Coccoloba gigantifolia, a plant recently discovered in the Amazon which is known for its resilience and originality. The 50 selected companies and independent design studios reflect the present, and the creations, made with different materials and techniques and inspired by Brazilian culture and landscape, hail from different regions of the country. The exhibition is accessed via the two imposing staircases on either side of the university vestibule, which will house an immersive installation evoking the importance of water and light in the process of photosynthesis. The organic design of nature is exemplified both in the set design by Estojo Arquitetura and in the pieces and their innovative, sensitive use of natural materials.

The East Loggia will shine with Arik Levy’s Path of Visions for Sans Souci. Suspended mirror elements held together by cables and jointed connections that rotate randomly continuously multiply the space, superimposing images of architecture, landscape and people. The installation continues in the Courtyard of Honour, where the faces of the sculpture Ghost interact with anotherreflective composition that, when placed on the wall, projects light and reflections prismatically.

The works will also include chandelier-sculptures: Unlocking No.3 Flavours a spiral shape (1.20 x 1.50) designed by Alessandra Baldereschi for No.3 Gin, which interprets and imagines ‘making the aroma of gin visible’ with a delicate, fairy-tale touch; and Scomposizione di un volo by Federica Marangoni which, with the support of Murano glassworker Simone Cenedese, uses a deliberately classical structure to depict crystal seagulls, whose legs also run along the central tube almost as if supporting it. The work is ‘a metaphor for the life of a city on the water, a strong aesthetic presence, symbolically uniting good and evil, air and earth’.

Finally, 100% Arabica, Uni viaggio alla scoperta tra design e sostenibilità is the design for the exhibition press rooms at the University of Milan. It is inspired by Arabica coffee plantations, and the walls are covered in wallpaper depicting coffee plants. The arrangement of the space, curated by Carlo Bach, artistic director of illycaffè in collaboration with Kartell, is intended to highlight Italian know-how in a constructive comparison with the cultures of other countries. It consists of research, innovation, and experimentation based on the universal principles of sustainability and protecting places — so much so that the furnishings are made from coffee capsule waste.

The new location: Università Cattolica

Università Cattolica, which for the first time is included in the circuit of exhibitions organised by INTERNI, hosts Sonosfera® by David Monacchi, Sherwood by Marcantonio and projections on the former Castagnaravelli barracks.

From Pesaro – Italian Capital of Culture 2024, comes Sonosfera®, resulting from the vision of its inventor, David Monacchi. This initiative embodies the union of art, technology and environmental awareness. Monacchi uses his interdisciplinary expertise in sound engineering, field research and eco-acoustic art to pay tribute to Pesaro as a UNESCO City of Music. Sonosfera®, which has been hosted in Pesaro since its creation, will be presented in the Leone XIII Courtyard of Honour at Università Cattolica. This exhibition aims to tell the story of Pesaro and go beyond the classic concept of a temporary installation by presenting a work resulting from decades of research and concrete actions.

The Sonosfera® experience is accessible in groups of 40 people, who will be immersed in a three-dimensional sound field created by 45 loudspeakers positioned in a spherical geometry. This sensory theatre reproduces the closest sound to reality ever made. Sound spectrograms are projected onto a 360° ultra high-definition sphere, generating a powerful visual transposition of the audio experience, overturning perceptual hierarchies. Sonosfera® fits into this epochal ecological transition as an accelerator of consciousness, where high technology paradoxically allows us to reconnect with the primordial world through profound sensory and cognitive experiences. The sounds of the Earth’s oldest and most diverse forest ecosystems are recorded in 3D and projected in every direction. Partners in the installation include CTE Square – Home of Emerging Technologies and Renco, an international company present in 20 countries and a benchmark in engineering and design. Free entrance by reservation at the following link.

Large deer animate a dreamlike universe between fantasy and reality. A presence with a strong energy dominates the space of the Benedict XV and Pio XI Cloisters at Università Cattolica, awakening emotions and immortalising the relationship between man and nature. Sherwood, a QEEBOO project designed by Marcantonio, consists of an imposing deer whose antlers branch out to become chandeliers decorated with crystals and pendants. The animal’s strong natural energy is immortalised by the designer, who imagines it moving proudly through a forest, creating magical glowing light in the night with its mighty horns, as if it were a guide to follow. Sherwood takes centre stage in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Eataly Milano Smeraldo and De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol.

For the second year running, Eataly Milano Smeraldo and De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol join in the INTERNI CROSS VISION exhibition-event circuit.

Eataly Smeraldo presents Food, Design & Happiness, a work created by Giulio Cappellini. It consists of four suspended modular panels supported by natural wood frames that form a backdrop for transparent containers holding wine, legumes, pasta and oil. Each screen is divided into modules made of rice paper. The work, which will remain on view until 6 May, fits like the wings of a stage into the entrance hall of the former Smeraldo Theatre and narrates everyday products in the store in a unique and different way.

Continuing with the H2O Help installation in the 2023 edition dedicated to the water emergency, this year Urban Up | Unipol bears witness to its commitment to environmental sustainability through a large installation focused on air. ‘The Breath of Air’, designed by Studio Azzurro, transforms De Castillia 23 into a 4,000-m² vertical sky using 13 soft, air-inflated ‘Magritte-style’ clouds of various sizes (from 7.5 m x 2.5 m to 13.5 m x 5 m). Installed on the building façade, they are lit in blue every evening starting at 8 p.m. The aim of the installation chosen by Urban Up | Unipol is to raise awareness among the broader public at Design Week 2024 of the importance of focusing on air quality improvement in urban design and in the management policies of large cities (including Milan).

The INTERNI System

The INTERNI integrated system of communication multiplies and reiterates its role as a key source of information for the world of design. Three printed publications (Interni, Interni King Size and FuoriSalone Guide), one major event (Interni CROSS VISION), two digital events (Interni King Size and the FuoriSalone Guide), Interni online (website and social media), with in-depth features and videos conveyed through a newsletter system, all provide tools so you can keep up to date in real time on trends, novelties and design previews.

Now in its 34th edition, the FuoriSalone Guide is the essential handbook for anyone who wants to discover and explore the increasingly packed calendar of Milan Design Week. 350 events involving the companies, designers and architects participating in FuoriSalone are presented briefly, organised both by day and in alphabetical order. The guide, which is available for free with the April issue of INTERNI in Milan and at all the showrooms, institutions, museums and other locations participating in FuoriSalone 2024 (as well as at the fair itself), can also be accessed online (both on tablet and smartphone) with an interactive map.

The brand’s strength is also clearly visible on the ground. In fact, a major street advertising campaign is planned for CROSS VISION with: 10 customised points of sale at the Malpensa (T1) and Linate airports and at Milan Central Station; 68 digital screens at Milan Central Station, 10 large retro media on shuttles/buses; 38 LCD monitors on the Digimupi circuit at the Cadorna, Porta Garibaldi, Domodossola, Lambrate, Rogoredo and Bovisa railway stations; 17 LCD monitors for Brian & Barry Digital Downton in Piazza San Babila; 15 digital box installations on Corso Vittorio Emanuele; 41 selected FSU digital installations (from the Clear Channel circuit) in the centre of Milan; window displays at the Mondadori Multicenter in Piazza Duomo, the Rizzoli Store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the related Ledwall circuit in both stores; as well as 50 customised newsstands around the centre and at major transit points in the city.

For information

Emma, guest of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni at the end of the Fuorisalone in Milan

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the benchmark brand in the entertainment world, is once again taking part in this year’s FuoriSalone by bringing a special artist.

The Sorrisi show, which will be held on Sunday 21 April in the Aula Magna of the University of Milan, as part of the INTERNI CROSS VISION exhibition-event, will feature one of Italy’s best-loved stars: Emma.

A versatile and eclectic artist, Emma, real name Emmanuela Marrone, is one of the most popular artists on the Italian music scene, and will be the guest of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni director Aldo Vitali in an unmissable event celebrating Italian music. During the event, the singer will be honoured with the Telegatto, the prestigious award given to the most important personalities in show business.

Emma will perform for the Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni audience in a special showcase at 6 p.m. (free admission subject to availability).

Gen Z and mobility of the future: green and safety first

According to a Webboh survey, 1 in 4 young people are Independent Navigators

For World Earth Day, in just 24 hours, almost 9,300 young people aged between 12 and 20 answered the instant survey launched by Webboh Lab

Among the profiles that emerged was that of the Independent Navigator: young urbanites who prefer transport that allows greater autonomy, favouring sharing systems, and who would buy electric cars and scooters in return for greater incentives.

Gen Z prefers public transport and more than a quarter of respondents advocate needs such as efficiency and flexibility in mobility, as well as collective sustainability.

For World Earth Day, Webboh Lab, the first permanent digital observatory of Gen Z, interviewed Webboh’s young audience on issues related to the mobility of the future.

The research was conducted using the psychometric approach, analysing motivations, perceptions and value aspects related to emotions, in order to understand young people’s involvement with mobility and sustainability issues.

The survey, which involved almost 9,300 respondents from young Italians aged between 12 and 20, revealed 5 identikits:

  • Independent Navigator (27%): these are young urbanites who prefer autonomy and personal convenience in mobility. They generally prefer cheap parking spaces, are in favour of incentives for electric cars and scooters and support the use of sharing systems. They support affordable public transport and advocate teaching money management in schools. Finally, they promote inclusive and language services.
  • Green Pathfinders (20%): these are progressive, sustainable and social integration-oriented young people. They prefer collective mobility and are more interested in policies related to sustainability and education, like free public transport for students, which they see as part of the social and educational fabric of the city. They reject incentives for cars and scooters and the expansion of sharing systems, instead favouring sustainable mobility solutions and investments in public transport. Finally, they promote financial education in schools.
  • Urban Optimiser (19%): this group favours a wider range of measures to improve urban mobility. They support the use of public transport for cultural and sporting activities, promote its free use and would like it to be more active after sunset. They favour incentives for electric cars and scooters, but also support the use of shared transport for more environmentally friendly transport solutions. Finally, they value accessible mobility services, including those with language support.
  • Local Boosters (18%): this group supports the local economy, small businesses and accessible public services. They support offering free tickets for public transport and language support for an inclusive community. They oppose financial education in schools and transport sharing. Policies such as public transport after sunset or access to parks and cycle paths are not priorities for Local Boosters.
  • Community Curator (16%): this group falls into the category of urban youth, but are focused on more sustainable, community-centred and inclusive mobility. They support shared mobility, promote access to parks and cycle paths, and encourage using public transport for cultural and sporting activities. They are involved in supporting local shops and small businesses and support school policies on money management.

The survey showed that 2 out of 3 respondents don’t really cycle and admitted that they never (43%) use it to get around or only do so less than once a week. The situation would be different if cyclists were made safer in the city by improving cycle paths (39%), fixing potholes in the streets (38.5%) and reducing delinquency (30%).

Furio Camillo, Professor of Business Statistics at the University of Bologna and Scientific Director of the Webboh Lab, said: “Although in many cases young people’s vision will have to be liberalist and individualist, it starts from an approach that puts the common good and the growth of a society that respects diversity and favours public spending at the centre of everything, perhaps finally returning to discuss public investment for the future of our young generations”.

The 5 clusters, identified using Webboh Lab’s psychographic approach, show a generation of young people demanding a change in mobility and liveability in the city, made up of people rather than means in relation to each other.

Although public transport is the preferred solution, more flexible transport solutions are needed, perhaps favouring and incentivising sharing solutions. Young people who favour these choices embody an individualistic approach to city life, choosing solutions that allow personal independence and economic convenience, but always with a view to maximising social and environmental efficiency. On the other hand, there are groups where public transport is crucial, but always with a view to efficient mobility as well as collective sustainability.

The nod to a given territory is also very interesting: one typology in particular boosts local business and production activities, encouraging a way of life that allows inclusion and multiculturalism. Semantic affinity analyses with local policies throughout Italy could detect which ideas, initiatives, programmes and campaigns best match the 5 types of young people.


Webboh Lab, which came about after a meeting between Webboh (4 million followers on social media) and the Sylla research institute with Furio Camillo as its scientific director, is the first permanent observatory on Gen Z. Webboh Labs is committed to hearing the voice of the younger generation, investigating and exploring their issues and bringing them to the table of people making decisions for them, the adults of tomorrow.

Webboh is the flagship media for Gen Z. Created in April 2019, it has been part of Mondadori Media since February 2023. It currently has a fanbase of 4 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp, 70% of which are under 24. The website receives 3.2 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb Last Quarter 2024). It is in the top ten most influential Italian media companies on social media, as well as the first targeting Generation Z for engagement and video views (source: Italian Top Media Rankings for First Communication made by Sensemakers). The topicality, authenticity and interest generated by the content is guaranteed by the bottom-up editorial model: the community is involved in every part of the creative process.

Emma awarded the Telegatto

Yesterday, on the final day of the Salone del Mobile, Emma, one of the Italian public’s best-loved artists, was honoured with the entertainment world’s coveted award, the Telegatto.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni ‘s iconic statuette was presented by the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Aldo Vitali: “Emma deserves the lifetime achievement award for her outstanding career on the Italian music scene. Through her powerful and passionate voice, she has tackled deep themes and universal emotions with courage and authenticity and has demonstrated a constant artistic evolution, always conveying a strong message of authenticity and determination. Emma is an icon of Italian music and an example of dedication, passion and talent”.

The singer-songwriter performed in a special showcase for the audience in the Aula Magna of the University of Milan – as part of the INTERNI CROSS VISION exhibition-event, open to the public until 28 April – with some of her songs – Iniziamo dalla fine, Amore Cane and Mezzo Mondo – from her new album, Souvenir, as well as the Sanremo hit, Apnea.

GialloZafferano grows under the banner of innovation: Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau named Resident Chef Creator

GialloZafferano invests in skill and talent to meet the interests of its audience more and more: 20 million people in Italy and almost 70 million followers worldwide.

GialloZafferano, Italy’s leading food media brand, announces the addition of two new resident chef creators to its team: Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau, true culinary talents who, with their appetite for innovation and creativity in recipes – together with their solid knowledge of culinary techniques, ingredients and raw materials – will enrich the experience of all food lovers.

Empowered by their new roles, the two chefs will have the opportunity to further develop their expertise and put it at the service of the GialloZafferano community. Their creations will be inspired by the most successful content, offering new recipes and menus to spark the imagination of the many cooking enthusiasts and stimulate their creativity.

Lulù and Sebastian, young chefs who graduated from Alma – the prestigious School of International Cuisine based in Colorno (PR) and founded by Gualtiero Marchesi – reflect the values of Italian cuisine, like the love for quality raw materials and respect for traditions, which they are able to transmit effectively through content on social media.

Lulù Gargari offers her fanbase of 400,000 followers inclusive and healthy cooking: fit, tasty and affordable recipes. The young chef’s technique meets creativity, with the aim of instilling a love for food and the very act of cooking, without losing sight of the person’s health.

“Cooking is a universal language that speaks directly to people through flavours. I am thrilled to be collaborating with the GialloZafferanoteam, a true leader in the international culinary scene, and that I’ll be able to offer authentic recipes and get everyone cooking,’ says Lulu.

Sebastian Fitarau has a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry and is followed by a community of more than 1.3 million followers. Sebastian offers genuine contemporary cooking that focuses on the details, even in the simplest recipes. Focusing on raw materials, accuracy and craftsmanship in the recipe give his dishes unique tastes and presentation, qualities that distinguish his video recipes.

“Cooking for me is a passion and an art form that finds expression in all my dishes in different ways. I am really grateful and very happy to be part of this project, and to be able to inspire food lovers through GialloZafferano,’ said Sebastian.

To celebrate the addition of Lulù and Sebastian, GialloZafferano will launch the ‘Resident Chef Creator Day’ on Friday, 19 April. This is a day entirely dedicated to the creativity and content of the two creators who will offer some new recipes on the brand’s social media profiles directly from the kitchens of GialloZafferano for the occasion. It will be a unique opportunity for followers to discover the processes, secrets and facts about their dishes.

The two new resident chef creators are part of the roster of Zenzero, Mondadori Media’s Talent Agency that exclusively manages the best food creators on the Italian digital scene.

GialloZafferano supports and promotes new talents in the kitchen and, from today, also has the expertise and grace of Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau.

Zenzero exclusively manages the best food creators on the Italian digital scene. Created at the end of 2022 from the collaboration between GialloZafferano, One Shot Agency and 6 of the top food creators on the Italian digital scene, it has over 43 million followers and over 50 million video views. Zenzero Talent Agency represents a new point of contact between an extraordinary hub of creators and brand partners with the aim of setting up effective communication pathways that respond to the increasingly strong need of brands to tap into the passions, values and new languages of Generation Z.

GialloZafferano is Italy’s leading food media brand on the Internet: every month 1 in 2 Italians cooks with GialloZafferano for a total of 20 million people (Audicom Dec 2023). It is the fourth largest food media brand in the world on social media, with a fanbase of 70 million followers (source: Internal Analyses and Shareableand Comscore Data 2024). Thanks to recipes within everyone’s grasp, it is available to people 24/7 on all channels: from the Internet to social media, from apps to smart devices, as well as magazines, books and local area events nationwide.

Peanuts 3D Collection on news stands with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, wins in the Best Licensed Kiosk Product category at the 61st Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Peanuts 3D Collection, the must-have collection of the famous characters from the world of Peanuts, the historic comic strip published in the United States in 1950 starring Snoopy and Charlie Brown, launched on newsstands last December 2023 with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, wins in the Best Licensed Kiosk Product category in the Bologna Licensing Awards 2024, a prestigious award now in its 7th edition.

The must-have collection of 30 3D figurines, which faithfully reproduce characters from the historic comic book, won a special award. The award is an integral part of the 17th Bologna Licensing Trade Fair/Kids (BLTF/K), the only fair dedicated to children’s, teen and young adult brands, which will take place from 8 to 11 April as part of the 61st Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF).

This year, the Bologna Licensing Awards 2024 has 13 categories in total, including two new ones – Best Sustainable Licensing Project and Best New Licensing Stars – and attracted no less than 182 entries from various European countries and other parts of the world, like the UK, the USA, Colombia and China. Five renowned international judges gathered in Bologna’s Salaborsa library to select the winners: Peanuts 3D Collection won first prize in the Best Licensed Kiosk Product category.


The Peanuts collection was created by Mondadori Media’s Joint Sales division, with the help of supplier Pea, a company that produces games, collectables, projects and innovative long-lasting products, both physical and digital, and WildBrain CPLG, a leading global brand, entertainment and sports licensing agency with offices in the UK, Europe, India, the Middle East, the US and Asia-Pacific.

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni is the leading brand for TV and entertainment fans, reaching a total monthly audience of 2.7 million readers (source Audicom – Audipress system 2023/III), 3.7 million users (source Audicom, January 2024) and over 1.1 million fans (source Social Insights IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube), thanks to a multi-channel system comprising the magazine, the website, the socials, and the events and side products.

The first MypersonalExperiencekicks off at the launch of Mypersonalbeauty and The Wom Beauty at Mypersonal space at Yogaessential in the heart of Milan

For the occasion, the partnership between MypersonalTrainer and Spazio Garibaldi 77 / Yogaessential was announced for the MypersonalExperiences, a new live format that allows brand partners to provide an immersive wellness experience in line with the philosophy of the two realities.

Also presented were the new formats and first homes on MypersonalBeauty and The Wom Beauty, which offer new opportunities for brands in the beauty and wellness sectors.

Yesterday evening The Beauty Revolutionwas held: the first  MypersonalExperience at the  Mypersonal space at Yogaessential in the heart of Milan, the exclusive event to celebrate the new beauty offer of Mondadori Media, the leading multimedia publisher in the social and digital area. A dedicated location for brand experience activities with partners; events, workshops, team building, fitness, yoga, wellness and beauty demonstration sessions involving talent.

Less than a month after the launch of MypersonalBeauty, Mondadori Media offers varied and flexible solutions capable of satisfying all business and communication needs in the beauty segment and of accommodating the growing demand for partnerships in the sector also in the field of events, thanks to MypersonalBeauty and The Wom Beauty. Two complementary editorial brands that dialogue with all generations: from the over-35, knowledgeable and high-achieving women of MypersonalBeauty curated by a team of professionals, including Medici, cosmetologists, researchers, wellness coaches and beauticians, to the young under-35s, whom The Wom makes aware, also through the authenticity of the creators of Power Talent Agency, of beauty looks, style inspirations and the latest trends, anticipating trends.


MypersonalBeauty and The Wom Beauty celebrated the beauty world at an exclusive event on 10 April at the newly opened  Mypersonal space at Yogaessential. It was an opportunity to experience an experiential journey dedicated to beauty, thanks to three special master classes involving guests and partners:

  • FACE YOGA: a holistic practice involving facial massage to tone and brighten the skin, dedicating a moment of daily well-being. Teacher: Anna Kostina, bio cosmetologist, Yoga and Face Yoga coach and expert in rejuvenation techniques;
  • MAKE UP LAB: tips from makeup artist and face of Power Talent Agency, Sara Dimastrogiovanni, and The Wom beauty contributor Nicole Spiga on how to best wear matte pencil and lipstick in the iconic MAC Cosmeticsshade Marrakesh;
  • BODY BRUSHING: the best technique for exfoliating the skin and reactivating circulation by means of special handmade brushes. Teacher Davide Guzzoni: naturopath specialising in wellness disciplines, researcher of body brushing.

Also speaking during the evening were Power Talent Agency creatorsCamilla Mangiapelo and Elisabetta Rossi and MypersonalBeauty beauty trainerAngelica Amodei.


MypersonalBeauty: exclusive partnerships for the Hub format

Among the big news is the Hub format, which is available for exclusive long-term partnerships, and which benefits from MypersonalTrainer ‘s search engine leadership and the authority of its content, guaranteed by expert support. It is a hub that will be dedicated to a particular topic from time to time, a comprehensive vertical guide on the subject realised cross-platform. A real informed journey that unfolds on the web, via social activation with posts and video reels, advanced smart search functionality. It may also include Test&Tell operations and product trials, with the subsidies of an interdisciplinary team, including fitness and wellness coaches.

The Wom Beauty: new social format and partnership with Deborah launched

Last night’s event was the occasion for the launch of new branded formats that have been added to the palette offered by The Wom Beauty, including The WOMderful Look with Camilla Mangiapelo who, together with a makeup artist, recreates the latest trendy looks, guiding users with tutorials on how to replicate them and delving into the characteristics of the products used.

Worthy of mention is the partnership with Deborah Milano, for the launch of the new Super Vinyl No Transfer Shake Lipstick, with the aim of increasing customer brand awareness and creating buzz on social media to support its campaign for the launch of the new product. The social activation includes the video Tried for you starring Anna Ianniello, creator of  The Wom Beauty and part of the Power Talent Agencyroster, launched both on her Instagram profile and on TikTok. Among the absolute novelties is the creation of an exclusive Instagram Rebus, an interactive riddle-style card that emphasises in a fun way the peculiarity of the product, namely the need to shake it before use, using the illustrative and visual language typical of GenZ.


The  Mypersonal space at Yogaessential (Spazio Garibaldi 77) is the result of the strengthening of an already existing partnership between the two realities, which opens up to the realisation and offering of MypersonalExperience: a series of dedicated activities that may also include shootings and other experiences with Power Talent Agencytalents.


Mondadori Media is Italy’s leading social and digital publisher, with a distinctive positioning and audience on the publishing market. The Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company caters to the passions of the Italian people through its brands – food, beauty, fashion, health and wellness, science and tech – and reaches more than 27.8 million unique users every month (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience January 2024) and over 106 million followers (source: Comscore Shareablee + Pinterest and Social Insight February 2024).

The Wom is the all digital, social first media brand dedicated to MillennialZ, a generation who sees uniqueness as a strength and an enriching value for themselves and others. The Wom is the benchmark for the younger generation on TikTok and Instagram, with a total fanbase of 9 million followers (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024) and 10 million unique users on the Internet (Audiweb Total Digital Audience February 2024). The Wom Beauty: the first vertical channel dedicated to cosmetics for the young generation, under 35, Instagram and TikTok first with 1.2 million followers.

Mypersonaltrainer is Mondadori Media’s leading brand in the world of health, wellness, healthy and functional sports nutrition, with 14 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience January 2024) and over 6 million followers on socials (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights March 2024). Mypersonalbeauty was created as a brand extension of Mypersonaltrainer and, with the experience and authority of the brand and the potential guaranteed by this synergistic combination, it completes its offer in the personal care and beauty sector, which is understood not only as an external objective to be achieved, but as an integral part of physical and mental wellness. Thanks to Mypersonalbeauty, which already boasts over 1.3 million followers on socials (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024).

YOGAESSENTIAL / Spazio Garibaldi 77 is the multi-experiential place dedicated to wellness and practice, in an elegant and luminous environment, dedicated to welcoming and tranquillity promoting harmony of body and mind. YOGAESSENTIAL is the Italian athleisure brand that offers clothing and accessories inspired by yoga practice. –

GialloZafferano presents the new roster of Italian chef creators who are conquering New York

After opening its New York office, GialloZafferano continues its growth path with Zenzero Talent Agency in the United States by strengthening its collaboration with New York's top Italian chefs

GialloZafferano, Italy’s leading food media brand, continues its growth path in the United States with the launch of a new roster of Chef Creators, true ambassadors of Italian national culinary excellence, who are conquering New York City with their restaurants and cooking philosophy.

With almost 70 million followers on social media globally, GialloZafferano is now the fourth most important food media brand worldwide and the first player to promote the quality of Italian cuisine and products abroad with its content. The overseas presence represents an opportunity for Italian brands that want to strengthen their positioning in the American cooking market.

GialloZafferano landed in the US over a year ago with a strategy consisting of dedicated social media profiles, original content productions, iconic talent, and million-view results. It’s no coincidence that GialloZafferano Loves Italy, the social media account dedicated to internal audiences, has decided to promote the new wave of Italian cuisine, mixing tradition and modernity, which is a feature that’s necessary today in order to be able to communicate Italian products worldwide, especially to the US market.

This content offering is now joined by important new stars: Silvia Barban, Nicola Fedeli, Alberto Marcolongo and Riccardo Orfino. Together with GialloZafferano, four of the most successful and talented Italian chefs in New York will invent original recipes and content dedicated to the American market. Giallo ‘s communicative power and the chefs’ recipes will create an original mix of format and content capable of combining authority and quality with record-breaking reach.

From today, with GialloZafferano, Italian food brands will have a veritable food content factory of authentic and engaging content designed for an American audience at their disposal to promote their products.

And that’s not all: the project will also count on the involvement and passion for cooking of Cooker Girl, Aurora Cavallo, the food creator with over 2 million followers and the new brand ambassador for GialloZafferano in the United States, who in the coming months will be the star of GialloZafferano Loves Italy, the new English-language miniseries dedicated to the history and quality of Italy’s most iconic products.


Silvia Barban is the Executive Chef and co-owner of Larina Pastificio e Vino in Brooklyn (NYC). Her cuisine revisits local tradition with her energy, using seasonal and even unusual products from all over the world, which she combines with fresh handmade pasta. In the past, she has participated in several talent shows and TV programmes in the States.

Nicola Fedeli, with a series of experiences in the Tuscan region behind him, is Executive Chef at the Hotel Fasano in New York, now a standard for those who love classic Italian cuisine with a contemporary touch.

Alberto Marcolongo is the Executive Chef at Alain Ducasse’s Benoit in New York. After working at Davide Oldani’s D’O, and gaining experience in Paris, he landed in the US as sous-chef at Alain’s renowned bistro in Midtown (NYC). Alberto is considered one of the most promising Italian chefs, thanks to his ability to combine the use of excellent raw materials with international cuisine recipes.

Riccardo Orfino is the Executive Chef and partner of Osteria 57 and Alice in New York. After heading the first Bistrot di Aimo e Nadia in Milan – under the guidance of Chefs Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini –, he moved to New York, bringing his experience with a new idea of contemporary, pescetarian and sustainable Italian cuisine.

GialloZafferano‘s new roster of chefs in the United States will be managed by Zenzero, Mondadori Media’s vertical food talent agency.


GialloZafferano is Italy’s leading food media brand on the Internet: every month 1 in 2 Italians cooks with GialloZafferano for a total of 19 million people (Audicom Nov 2023 – Jan 2024). It is the fourth largest food media brand in the world on social media, with a fanbase of 69 million followers (source: Internal Analyses and Shareableand Comscore Data 2024). Thanks to recipes within everyone’s grasp, it is available to people 24/7 on all channels: from the Internet to social media, from apps to smart devices, as well as magazines, books and local area events nationwide.

Zenzero exclusively manages the best food creators on the Italian digital scene. Created at the end of 2022 from the collaboration between GialloZafferano, One Shot Agency and 6 of the top food creators on the Italian digital scene, it has over 38 million followers and over 50 million video views. Zenzero Talent Agency represents a new point of contact between an extraordinary hub of creators and brand partners with the aim of setting up effective communication pathways that respond to the increasingly strong need of brands to tap into the passions, values and new languages of Generation Z as well.