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Mondadori Group: Rosanna Mani leaves Tv Sorrisi E Canzoni

After a brilliant career spanning 55 years, during which she became the backbone of the magazine and a key contact for the greatest performing artists in Italy and abroad, Rosanna Mani has decided to turn over a new page in her personal life

The Mondadori Group has announced that, following a truly unique 55-year career with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Rosanna Mani has decided to turn a new page in her life and spend more time with the people dearest to her.

The publisher affectionately thanks Rosanna Mani for the great passion, inexhaustible energy and extraordinary talent with which she played a key role in the rise to success of the country’s number one show business magazine.

From her beginnings on 1 July 1968 as editor-in-chief and then co-director of the magazine for 25 years to her responsibility for all the publication’s relationships in show business, during her highly successful career Rosanna Mani became an irreplaceable contact person for all the most prominent personalities in the worlds of film, television and music, with whom she built unique relationships of esteem and friendship.

A phenomenal creator of unforgettable magazine covers and musical and television events, Rosanna Mani is responsible for the 1971 creation of the Telegatti, the “stars’ favourite award”, which has played an essential role in the history of show business in Italy.

Gruppo Mondadori: Rosanna Mani lascia Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni

Sanremo Festival: TV Sorrisi e Canzoni awards the Telegatto to Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni – alongside Amadeus and Gianni Morandi at the Festival of Sanremo – was awarded the Telegatto, the most popular recognition among artists, by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Aldo Vitali, director of the point of reference brand for all fans of the entertainment world, handed out the award to the co-host of the 73rd edition of the Italian Song Festival “for her extraordinary first performance at the Festival of Sanremo and, in particular, for her constant involvement in causes aimed at making civil society better” stated Aldo Vitali.

Chiara Ferragni, who will return on the Ariston’s stage at the Festival’s finals, was unable to conceal her emotions upon receiving the award and said: «I dedicate this Telegatto to my family and team. To my family for various reasons, to my team because I’m here thanks to the work we do together. I’m proud of what brought us to this stage. The Telegatto is an icon, and I’m delighted to have received one… Now, I’m no longer the only one of the family not to have one.”

The Telegatto – a sustainable work of art made in the 70s by the artists of Cracking Art for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni – was delivered by Sorrisi’s staff at the Royal Hotel of Sanremo, where its director, Aldo Vitali, satisfies all of the Festival’s fans with exclusive contents on the magazine, website and social networks.

Photo credits for the Telegatto of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni awarded to Chiara Ferragni: ©Iwan Palombi

Festival di Sanremo: a Chiara Ferragni il Telegatto di Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni

Sanremo Festival: Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni honours Gianni Morandi with the Telegatto Award

Sorrisi kicks off the Sanremo week with the most popular recognition of the entertainment world and a highly awaited opening party

Over 300 guests were present at the event, among which the Festival’s hosts, competing singers and many exceptional personalities. Special guest: Maurizio Lastrico

Among the event’s partners, Webboh is present in Sanremo with a storytelling area dedicated to GenZ

The super exclusive party organised by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, together with the cast and artists of the Sanremo Festival, to kick off the most awaited week of the world of music and Italian television was a great hit.

Over 300 guests crowed the parterre of the Royal Hotel of Sanremo to celebrate a great event full of emotions, music and entertainment with Sorrisi: among those present, the Festival’s cast and competing singers – Ariete, Articolo 31, Colapesce Dimartino, Colla Zio, Coma_Cose, Elodie, Gianluca Grignani, gIANMARIA, Lazza, LDA, Leo Gassmann, Levante, Madame, Mara Sattei, Modà, Mr. Rain, Paola & Chiara, Rosa Chemical, Sethu, Shari, Tananai, Will and many other exceptional personalities, such as Serena Bortone, Ernst and Frau Knam, Alberto Matano, Samuel Peron, Giulia Salemi.
The evening’s special guest, Maurizio Lastrico, an actor and comedian of Zelig, entertained all those present with a fun and much applauded performance dedicated to Sorrisi’s public.

The evening, which also marked Sorrisi‘s great return and presence in Sanremo, was preceded by a special moment during which Sorrisi awarded the Telegatto to one of the most undisputed protagonists of this year’s edition of the event.

Gianni Morandi, host of the 73rd edition of the Italian Song Festival together with Amadeus, received the award fromTv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s Director, Aldo Vitali, in Sorrisi’s newsroom to celebrate a special anniversary: 60 years since the release of his famous song Fatti mandare dalla mamma a prendere il latte, a timeless success of this ageless boy of Italian music.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni‘s week in Sanremo will continue from Sorrisi‘s newsroom, at the Royal Hotel, from where its director, Aldo Vitali, will fascinate all the Festival’s fans with exclusive contents on the magazine, website and social networks.
It all starts with a special good morning together with the competing singers and moves on to an evening Aperitif appointment with the director to discuss the Festival’s performances and set list together with personalities from the world of television and entertainment.

Festival di Sanremo: TV Sorrisi e Canzoni premia Gianni Morandi con il Telegatto

Webboh, which spoke on its social channels of the feelings and emotions of those present, is also among the event’s partners. As of Tuesday, Webboh will be present at Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s heardquarters, in the Webboh Room area set up to conduct all interviews with the Festival’s GenZ. The event will also be represented through TikTok videos, while a daily account with Will and a daily column with LDA will be published on Instagram.

The three special issues TV Sorrisi e Canzoni has dedicated to the Festival are another unmissable MUST. Following last week’s release with the iconic cover portraying all the singers together with Amadeus and Gianni Morandi, and containing an exclusive of the lyrics of the Festival’s songs, a new issue depicting the hosts Amadeus and Gianni Morandi together with their co-hosts Chiara Ferragni, Francesca Fagnani, Paola Egonu and Chiara Francini will be released tomorrow. While on Monday, February 13th, readers will instead be able to enjoy the cover of Sorrisi portraying Sanremo’s first three finalists, exclusively shot in the middle of the night and in the magazine’s newsroom immediately following the announcement, as well as a reportage of the event with intriguing revelations and interesting unpublished backstage stories.

A huge thank you to United Music, the opening party’s official music partner and supplier; DR Automobiles, who will accompany Sorrisi from Milan to Sanremo, allowing readers to admire the beauty of the Ligurian cities crossed, and Caffè Motta, who will offer relaxing moments to the editorial staff and guests for the entire duration of the Festival.

Here’s the video of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s opening party in Sanremo:

Festival di Sanremo: TV Sorrisi e Canzoni premia Gianni Morandi con il Telegatto

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will be a protagonist of the Sanremo Festival

An opening party, three special issues, five days of non-stop interviews with all the competing artists and exclusive guests

Loads of original activities in Sorrisi’s Sanremo lounge, among which the Webboh corner to further engage the Generation Z

Emotions, music and exclusive contents for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s great come back, finally face-to-face, in Sanremo,: the editorial staff of the Mondadori Group’s brand will once again follow the Italian Song Festival live, thus the succession of 28 competing artists and many exceptional guests scheduled to perform on stage at the Ariston Theater under the guidance of Amadeus and Gianni Morandi and their co-hosts Chiara Ferragni, Francesca Fagnani, Paola Egonu and Chiara Francini.

This year, the brand will once more accompany readers throughout the five-day event, affirming itself as a point of reference for all fans of the entertainment world, but also for the festival’s authors, singers, hosts and organisers, with the highly awaited and exclusive opening party at which Sorrisi will officially kick off the Sanremo week.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, leader of the entertainment world with an audience consisting of 2,6 million readers (source: Audipress 2022/II) and 2,1 million monthly users (source: Audiweb 2022), will follow all the singing contest’s events at the forefront to provide special contents and insights on its magazine, website and social networks.

The newsroom at the Royal Hotel Sanremo

Tv Sorrisi will be hosted in Hotel Royal’s Palm Salon for the entire duration of the Sanremo event. A lounge will be divided into three areas in which the editorial staff will develop the magazine, interview the Festival’s stars and meet with many exceptional personalities.

Finally, each morning, the magazine’s director, Aldo Vitali, will start the day with a special breakfast in the company of one of the competing singers. Vitali will also be Sorrisi’s leading host for the Aperitif with the Director appointment planned each day at 19.00 throughout the festival to chat with many friends of the TV world and to comment on the contest’s developments in the early evening hours.

Webboh to conquer Generation Z

Webboh, the first Generation Z community with over 2 million followers between Instagram and TikTok and 3 million unique website users each month (source, Google Analytics), will also be part of the original contents aimed at animating Sorrisi‘s lounge in Sanremo. Together, they will speak about the Italian Song Festival from the younger generation’s perspective. Part of the team will be transferred to the city of flowers for the entire duration of the event to create contents for its Tik Tok and Instagram profiles. A super teen area, the Webboh Room where Webboh will interview the Festival’s Gen Z singers and creators, will be set up at Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s headquarters together with Kit Room – the first Italian structure fully dedicated to the creation of digital contents. A series of “vox populi” style TikTok videos will be shot from the streets of Sanremo, while a daily account with Will and a daily column with Lda, both very popular songwriters of Webboh’s community and contestants at the Festival, will be presented on Instagram.

The website and social coverage

The website will cover Sanremo with insights, reports, line-ups and feedback each evening. Not to mention exclusive news, interviews, backstage videos and tons of surprises.
The media coverage is further enhanced with contents on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Sorrisi will offer an interactive and engaging experience to viewers and users throughout the contest, but also throughout each day of the Festival: revelations about the singers and guests, non-stop interviews, real-time news from the press room and much more.
Let’s not forget the daily appointment in the “Accounts of the Artists” format. This edition’s leading personalities will keep the Instagram community informed about each minute of their day, from the moment their alarm rings up to their performance, by sharing their emotions, superstitious rituals, backstage stories and revelations of course.

Three newsstand issues dedicated to the Festival

The most widely read and purchased Italian weekly magazine will publish three special issues dedicated to the Sanremo Festival for readers to find on the newsstands, with an exceptional overall production of 1,5 million copies. The first will be released on January 31: the same will contain the traditional exclusive of the songs’ lyrics. The cover will consists of an iconic shot of all the competing singers with Amadeus, the Festival’s host and artistic director, and Gianni Morandi. On Tuesday, February 7, the cover’s protagonists will instead be Amadeus and Gianni Morandi together with their co-hosts. Finally, Monday, January 13, readers will be able to enjoy the cover depicting San Remo’s first three finalists, exclusively shot in the middle of the night at Sorrisi’s newsroom immediately following the announcement, as well as a reportage of the event with intriguing revelations and interesting unpublished backstage stories.

Thanks to: DR Automobiles, who will accompany Sorrisi from Milan to Sanremo, allowing readers to admire the beauty of the Ligurian cities crossed, and Caffè Motta, who will offer relaxing moments to the editorial staff and guests for the entire duration of the Festival.

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni centre stage at the 2022 Eurovision song contest

As the media partner for the event, Sorrisi reached a total of 1.6 million Instagram users

A special stage for the new Telegatto awards

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Italy’s leading brand in music, cinema and television, has once again confirmed its position as the entertainment benchmark, thanks to its media partnership with the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

Through its special presence at the world’s most important live music event, Sorrisi created an exclusive program of content and initiatives to enable an ever-growing audience of 6 million readers and users (source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, November 2021) to enjoy the competition moment by moment.

The brand proved particularly successful on social media with a non-stop schedule for the entire week of the song contest. On Instagram Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni generated more than 200 posts and stories, videos and 50 exclusive interviews with the artistes from the competing countries, to reach a total of 1.6 million users and 3.7 million impressions.

The only editorial brand with accreditation inside the Venaria Park, the venue for the opening of the 66th song contest, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni followed the entire show on the front line from Turin. 

In direct contact with artists and guests, live broadcasts every day on the website, with the latest news, listening figures, backstage and detailed video reports on each evening’s events. The magazine devoted space to preview interviews with the organisers and delegations and to the programs for each evening in the two special issues published in the weeks preceding and during the song contest, with covers featuring the presenters Laura Pausini, Alessandro Cattelan and Mika as well as Mahmood and Blanco, with an overall printrun for Italy’s most widely read and sold weekly magazine of approximately 1 million copies.

The Eurovision Song Contest also provided a special stage for the new TV Sorrisi e Canzoni Telegatto, the Italian entertainment industry’s most prestigious award which, this year, for the magazine’s 70th anniversary, has been turned into a “green” artwork by Cracking Art.

During the press conference on the eve of the official launch of the competition, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni editor Aldo Vitali made a surprise presentation of the award to the three presenters. The new Telegatto was also awarded to Mahmood and Blanco, Italy’s entrants in the Eurovision Song Contest, to mark their outstanding achievement in music, from their victory at the Sanremo Festival to the great success of their latest albums.

“We are extremely proud of the results Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni achieves on a daily basis,” said Mondadori Media entertainment brand manager Pamela Carati. “This success has been even more remarkable this year – as the magazine celebrates its 70th anniversary – and confirms the brand as an outstanding entertainment benchmark, with a leading role in all the top events: the Sanremo Festival, the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival, an extraordinary season of events and special projects for a magazine that for 70 years has been bringing the best in music, cinema and entertainment into Italian homes while always looking to the future and keeping ahead of the times.”

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni: announcing the new Telegatto

The entertainment world's favourite award evolves with a contemporary look, becoming a “green” artwork designed by Cracking Art

The first Telegatto awarded to Vasco Rossi

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group’s flagship entertainment brand, has launched the new Telegatto, the stars’ favourite award, which, for the magazine’s 70th anniversary, evolves with a contemporary look as a green artwork.

With the new completely restyled and sustainable Telegatto, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni is looking to the future, taking a new approach to celebrate the talent of artistes and enhance the prestige of an award that has become an integral part of the history of Italian entertainment.

The exclusives statuettes, in blue, yellow and fuchsia pink, were designed by Cracking Art, a well-known artistic movement that has created urban installations all over the world. Each piece is made of recycled materials and regenerated plastic, with a procedure that is unique in the world of art.

«We are delighted to present the new Telegatto to the readers of Sorrisi. Our famous statuette has been given a make-over, for a contemporary look in tune with the times. Its function has also changed: the criterion with which the Telegatto used to be assigned was based on a subdivision into categories and it was largely a competitive award. But the world has changed, as has the way entertainment is delivered with the arrival of social media, digital and streaming. At the same time the manner and timing of the presentation is changing: our new Telegatto will be presented on several different occasions during the year, as a recognition of the achievement of the recipient» says Aldo Vitali, editor of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

The Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni awards will be given to the stars of television, music, cinema, and sport, as well as to the most representative personalities in modern entertainment, who for Sorrisi have become reference models for audiences of all ages.

The star who opened the age of the new Telegatto is Vasco Rossi, presented with the Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni award by editor Aldo Vitali as a symbol of Italian music returning to a new season of concerts in Italian stadiums. An artist who is a bridge between different generations of fans.

Vasco Rossi is the cover on this week’s edition of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni with an exclusive interview. Sorrisi is also putting up tickets for the artist’s tour: simply register on the link All the videos on the award of the new Telegatto will be available on the social channels and on the website of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Palazzo Mondadori, where the editorial staff of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni are based, was “invaded” by the new Telegatto for a day: the Cracking Art pieces were placed along the edge of the building created by Oscar Niemeyer for the launch of the initiative. 

The new Telegatto underscores the continuous innovation that has always been a distinguishing feature of the DNA of Sorrisi, a brand that continues to win new generations of readers and users, thanks to its special relationship with the stars of the entertainment industry.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni is a multichannel system with an audience of 2.4 million readers (source: Audipress, 2021/III), 3.1 million users (source: Audiweb, January 2022) and more than 950,000 fans (source: Shareablee e Insight, March 2022). Its editorial offer comprises the magazine, Italy’s best-selling and most widely read weekly publication, the website, social media and events.

The creative project was developed and organised by the Hunbranded agency.

The magical year of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni gets underway with the Sanremo Festival

An exciting calendar of initiatives and special projects for the brand that has been bringing the best in music, cinema and entertainment into Italian homes for 70 years

2022 will be a magical year for TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group benchmark brand in music, cinema and television.

The weekly magazine edited by Aldo Vitali has reached its 70th anniversary and is preparing to mark the event with a packed calendar of initiatives and events, which, throughout the year, will bring an ever-growing public of 5.7 million readers and users and 950,000 fans into contact with the most popular names in entertainment, confirming the special relationship that Sorrisi has always enjoyed with the stars.

The brand will be the protagonist of a series of exclusive and prestigious events: from the Sanremo Festival to the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest as well as the 79th Venice Film Festival, with an abundance of meetings, interviews, original content and initiatives for its users and readers in the magazine, on the website and on social media, culminating with a huge party at the end of the year.

«I’ve never seen such a young seventy-year old! Sorrisi has reached an important milestone, but it is not taking time off to celebrate. It is already looking to the future, and as the content of all our channels shows, no brand is more attentive to contemporary life. Sorrisi has a tradition: to get there first. It was the first entertainment magazine, the first to publish TV program schedules and song lyrics, to put the spotlight on local TV channels and, recently, to devote important space to the world of streaming. A special year lies ahead, involving unprecedented numbers of our readers and fans and giving them the opportunity to enjoy uniquely exciting experiences,» said Aldo Vitali, editor-in-chief of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni.

IT ALL BEGINS AT SANREMO – The celebrations get off to a start at the Sanremo Festival: Sorrisi is taking its community into the heart of the 72nd edition of the year’s most eagerly awaited song contest with a non-stop social schedule on its Instagram and Facebook channels, which last year beat all the audience records.

The real-time reports over the five days in Sanremo will be hosted by Aldo Vitali. Every morning, the magazine’s editor will welcome the Sorrisi public to a special breakfast with an exclusive guest from the artistes competing in the festival: from Gianni Morandi and Ana Mena to Iva Zanicchi and Elisa, ending the week with Highsnob e Hu.

Space will also be devoted to make-up and beauty in the daily “Commenta il look” feature, with tips from Rajan Tolomei: the Make-Up Artist from Max Factor Italia, an exclusive partner of Sorrisi, and the editorial team will comment on all the competition outfits, and create a short make-up video every day so that the beauty looks trending on the stage of the Ariston theatre can be tried out at home.

Another must is the Diari degli artisti format, returning after last year’s success with the contribution of the stars at this year’s Festival, who will be telling the Instagram community about their day in the delightful town of Sanremo, from their morning call through to the moment when they step on stage, with all their emotions, good luck rituals, backstage activities. Ana Mena will take fans inside her life as a popstar, showing all her preparations for the evening, from her choice of outfit to her fitness routine; Sangiovanni will offer the community an original photo diary of his Sanremo week, accompanying his snapshots with suggestions, thoughts and reflections, while Noemi will front an original Posta del cuore with the best songs to listen to.

At the end of each packed afternoon of meetings, live streaming on social media and exclusive interviews, readers and users will be entertained by the not-to-be-missed Aperitivo con il direttore, starting at 7 p.m. with the special participation of Valeria Angione. The young actress and content creator from Naples, a hugely popular figure on the web, will join Aldo Vitali to comment on the progress of each evening’s competition in her unmistakeable ironic style.

THREE SPECIAL ISSUES – Italy’s best-selling and most widely read weekly magazine is bringing out three special issues, devoted to the best of the Italian music festival, with an extraordinary circulation of 1.5 million copies. The first of the three specials provided an exclusive preview of the lyrics of the songs in the competition, with a must-have cover photo showing all the singers together with the Festival’s presenter and artistic director, Amadeus.

The issue out today offers interviews with the co-presenters of the Festival, with a raft of original content and, once again, the lyrics of all the songs. Readers will also find instructions on how to take part in the great Sorrisi 70 competition, an annual competition launched by Sorrisi to thank the public for their loyalty and affection on its 70th anniversary. Three super prizes will be awarded: a Fiat Panda Hybrid, two Costa cruises for the entire family and a Polello jewellery set designed exclusively for Sorrisi (for info and the competition rules:

The third special issue, on news-stands on Tuesday 8 February, will provide a report on the whole week at Sanremo, with the best photos from the five evenings and the first cover photo of the winner, photographed exclusively for Sorrisi.

(source: Nielsen Media Impact Data fusion, May 2021)
(source: Shareablee e Insight, October 2021)


Everything ready for “Sorrisi Live – Un sorriso per Natale”, the must-watch concert organised by TV Sorrisi e Canzoni

A digital music and solidarity event, with the exclusive participation of Gaia, Francesca Michielin, Federico Rossi, The Kolors, Arisa, Deddy, Francesco Gabbani, Emma Muscat and Rocco Hunt

This evening at 7pm on the website and the magazine’s Instagram and Facebook channels

Christmas is a time for music and solidarity with Sorrisi Live – Un sorriso per Natale, the exclusive digital concert TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, the entertainment world’s landmark brand, will present this evening, Wednesday 22 December, so that readers, followers, and fans can enjoy the festive atmosphere together with the top names in Italy’s recording industry.

Following 2020’s great success, the event this year will see the participation of 9 of today’s most popular young artists, ready to offer special good wishes to all their fans from 7pm on the website and on the magazine’s Instagram and Facebook channels.

The artists performing on the Sorrisi Live stage will be Gaia, Francesca Michielin, Federico Rossi, The Kolors, Arisa, Deddy, Emma Muscat and Rocco Hunt, while one of the big names from last year’s concert, Francesco Gabbani, will be making a return appearance.

Hugely talented musicians and singer-songwriters, who will lead the Sorrisi audience into the warm and familiar Christmas mood with an exclusive acoustic version of songs from their personal repertoires.

A playlist of the voices most admired by the young generation, who will give the concert even greater appeal thanks to their popularity on the social networks, engaging an even larger audience and demonstrating the privileged relationship that has always existed between Italy’s best-selling weekly magazine and artists of every generation.

The concert – which can be watched and re-watched on and the magazine’s social profiles will be presented by Gabriele Corsi, with the participation of the event’s host, Aldo Vitali, editor-in-chief of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni.

«This year once again we have the pleasure of offering our readers and social media followers a unique and special Christmas concert, with leading artistes who responded enthusiastically to our invitation and whom I thank most warmly. I’m especially grateful to them because the concert allows us to help many unfortunate children through the Dottor Sorriso Foundation,» said Aldo Vitali.

The concert will indeed provide an opportunity to offer a smile to the families who will be spending the festivities in hospital wards, thanks to the support Sorrisi has decided to give to the Dottor Sorriso Foundation. The foundation has been working in hospitals across Italy for more than 25 years, promoting the Smile Therapy to brighten small patients’ stay in hospital and help them cope with their illness with renewed optimism.

«For the second year, I have the honour and pleasure of joining the editor of Sorrisi to present the Christmas concert. This is turning into a wonderful tradition which, hopefully, we shall soon be able to hold live, » said Gabriele Corsi. «On television, on radio, at events, I always try to get people smiling. So what better occasion, as we celebrate Christmas, than the Sorrisi concert in collaboration with our friends from Dottor Sorriso

With the Sorrisi Live – Un sorriso per Natale concert, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni confirms its standing as a constantly evolving brand with the power to bring together artistes and entertainers, a public of 5.7 million readers and users a month (source: Nielsen Media Impact Data fusion, May 2021) and a community of 950,000 fans on the social networks (source: Shareablee e Insight, October 2021), thanks to an editorial offer comprising the magazine, the website, social media and events.

Click here for information on how to make a donation to the Dottor Sorriso Foundation project.

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni launches a new supplement Consigli

Every month 100 ideas to simplify everyday life

An initiative that enhances the editorial system of the brand leader in the entertainment segment

On newsstands from tomorrow TV Sorrisi e Canzoni Consigli, a new supplement to Italy’s biggest selling and most widely-read weekly.

Every month Consigli will propose 100 creative and easy to realise ideas, to have solutions within reach. Each issue will feature a personality from the world of entertainment on the cover who will share with readers do-it-yourself tricks and solutions. With space for the home and wellbeing, as well as beauty tips and ideas to try out in the kitchen, and, of course, for looking after our gardens and plants and pets. There is even a section dedicated to cars, with solutions for the maintenance of both four and two-wheeled vehicles and an agenda with extensive information for effective domestic administration.

Inaugurating the first issue is Bianca Guaccero, a successful actress and presenter of the TV program with tutorials and advice, Detto Fatto.

“This new supplement extends our offer to readers with a magazine that aims to provide help for a whole range of daily activities: from the home to the car, from the garden to wellbeing, and from the kitchen to pets. Our aim is to create a useful and engaging read to solve, with simple and effective advice, the little problems of everyday life and, perhaps, to gain some extra time for ourselves, time which, unfortunately, is never enough,” said the magazine’s editor Aldo Vitali.

The launch of Consigli further enhances the offer of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, adding to the existing supplements that every week enrich the brand’s content with new and detailed content related to topics of interest and entertainment: Cucina, created in collaboration with GialloZafferano to offer quick and easy recipes; Storie di Fede, which talks about the events and personalities that mark the history of religion; and Enigmistica, published in the summer months with more than 100 quizzes and games, including crosswords, rebus, sudoku and much more.

A continuously evolving editorial system, ranging from the print magazine to the web, to reach an overall audience of 6.1 million readers and users per month (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data fusion, March 2021) and social media, with a constantly growing fanbase of 950,000 (Source: Shareablee and Insight, August 2021). It is here, from Thursday 7 October that the new season of Sorrisi Live will take place: a calendar of events conceived to bring the biggest names from the world of entertainment straight to the homes of readers and users, with interviews, talks and music. The guest of the first event, live on the weekly’s Instagram and Facebook channels, will be the artist Francesco Gabbani.

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni: record numbers for the initiatives dedicated to the Sanremo Festival

Record numbers for the TV Sorrisi e Canzoni dedicated to the Sanremo Festival.

With this unprecedented issue, the Mondadori Group brand – for the first time without the physical presence of the editorial team in Sanremo -–took an evolutionary path by creating a totally video and digital social media-based schedule. Non-stop coverage of the most anticipated television event of the year, thanks to which Sorrisi once again confirmed its position as the point of reference for fans of the Festival, beating all audience records.

“Despite the difficulties due to the exceptional circumstances in which the Festival was held this year, it has nevertheless been a huge success. But Sorrisi can rely on an excellent team able to face any obstacles. And it is not only the numbers that speak loudly, also the affection and friendship of all of the artists involved in our coverage. I would particularly like to underline that Maneskin, just minutes after their victory, called us to do an exclusive live slot on Instagram. Further demonstration of the strength and authoritativeness of our brand,” declared Aldo Vitali, editor of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni.
“We still haven’t taken it all in and we weren’t expecting it at all. It’s an incredible result. The country has changed and Sanremo has been an absolutely amazing, incredible experience,” the band told Sorrisi.

The new web site – launched just a few days ahead of the Festival with a new look, an optimised user experience and a layout entirely dedicated to the event – recorded extraordinary figures.
During the week of Sanremo 1.5 million unique users, +26% compared with last year, 5 million pageviews (+53% compared with 2020) and 2.3 million sessions (+30% on 2020), with a rich and exclusive offer: the lyrics to the songs, interviews with the artists in competition, behind the scenes coverage and content updated in real time, with the running order of each evening, audience figures and daily news from the first Festival without an audience in the history of the event.

There was also big success for “Sorrisi Live”, the format for social meetings with the artists launched in October which, during the Sanremo week, included a daily schedule of live interviews on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram profiles, with over 40 separate appointments.
Starting at 10 am with A colazione con il Direttore” (Breakfast with the Editor), bring together with Sorrisi some of the leading stars of this edition of the Festival such as Arisa, Fedez e Francesca Michielin, Francesco Renga, Malika Ayane and Noemi.
The interviews continued everyday on Facebook and Instagram until 7 pm with the big new feature of this year, the Aperitivo con Sorrisi during which, every day, the editorial team were joined, during five appointments from Tuesday to Saturday, by commentators and much-loved public figures such as Carlo Conti, Costantino della Gherardesca, Diana Del Bufalo, Enzo Miccio, Francesco Gabbani, Michelle Hunziker, Pio e Amedeo, The Jackal and the Trio Medusa,

On Instagram we also published the exclusive digital diaries of six very popular artists among millennials and Gen Z: Annalisa, Ermal Meta, the duo Fedez and Francesca Michielin, Gaia Gozzi, Lo Stato Sociale and Madame, that alternated each day and exclusively sent to Sorrisi a report on their day with all of the private moments ahead of their performance on the stage of the Ariston Theatre.

Live television coverage from the Ariston Theatre of the five evenings was featured in the social media profiles of Sorrisi with a continuous feed of curiosities, surveys, quizzes, and breaking news about what was happening onstage, in real time.

Thanks to the production of over 600 items of content, including videos, posts and stories, that linked the innovation of the formats and approaches with the traditional authoritativeness of the TV Sorrisi e Canzoni brand, the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels also achieved record results, reaching a total of 12.7 million people, an increase of 21% on the previous year. 

Max Factor was the make-up partner of Sorrisi Live: and every morning, live on Facebook, the National make-up artist Rajan Tolomei commented with the beauty editor of Sorrisi on the looks of the previous evening and created exclusive tutorials on the magazine’s Instagram profile, inspired by the artists in competition and the iconic looks of the Sanremo Festival.

There was also great success for the three special issues of the magazine dedicate to the Festival, with an exceptional total print-run of almost 2 million copies.

After the first two issues, on newsstands on 23 February and 2 March, exclusively featuring the lyrics of the songs and the free addition of the Storie di Sanremo special, this week sees the publication of the third unmissable issue with the traditional cover featuring the winners, reports on all the details and news from behind the scenes across the entire five days of the Festival.