Focus Wild

The first edition of the “School Camps” organised by Focus, Focus Storia, Focus Junior and Focus Wild are under way

A new way of seeing and experiencing educational trips: real training, interdisciplinary and customised courses aimed at primary and secondary school students

The Focus system brands pursue their licensing development through this initiative

Focus, Focus Storia, Focus Junior and Focus Wild launch the first School Camps edition, a new project conceived in partnership with Sunny Life, a company specialised in tourism and cultural travels for children between 6 to 18 years of age and affirmed tour operator of the Focus Junior Summer Camps.

The School Camps provide innovative and complete educational offers focused on students and teachers, starting from in-class training to on-field experience at the camp and ending with the drafting of final summary in digital format.

The Focus system brands pursue their licensing development through this initiative, by further extending their educational offer to educational trips: real training, interdisciplinary and customised courses – using the tested STEAM approach – to spread knowledge on scientific and mathematical subjects with the help of other disciplines such as art, history and architecture.

Such activity, designed for primary and secondary school students, aims to stimulate and involve the youngest by exploiting knowledge and developing skills. Such project asserts the attention of the Focus, Focus Storia, Focus Junior and Focus Wild brands towards both the education of the youngest and highly topical issues, such as sustainability and inclusion.

In addition to being real learning workshops, the 2023/2024 School Camps allow children to live truly unforgettable experiences under the guidance of professionals.

  • Focus, a leading brand of scientific information, provides a package of ideas specifically designed for secondary schools and studied around the most current educational topics, with particular interest and insight into the technical, scientific and technological fields.
  • Focus Storia, a magazine dedicated to the most striking historical and cultural facts and great protagonists of the past and present, offers a special catalogue conceived for secondary schools and designed to revive those places in which traces of our history are still evident.
  • Focus Junior, a point of reference in the kids’ segment, suggests experiences developed to introduce topics such as innovation, sustainability and inclusion to primary and secondary school students – through a multidisciplinary and transversal approach – always according to the needs and age of such young learners.
  • Focus Wild, an intergenerational brand dedicated to the world of animals and nature, provides primary and secondary schools with a vast repertoire of experiences conceived to specifically attract the students’ attention towards the most current and urgent environmental issues, always in an engaging, fun and exciting way.

Verona, Milan, Genoa, Rome, Pompeii and Matera are just some of the destinations planned for the School Camps of Focus, Focus Storia, Focus Junior and Focus Wild. All destinations were selected by the Mondadori Group brand among the vast range of cruises and school trips suggested in Sunny Life’s catalogue.

The complete and updated catalogue will be available on the following link:

Publishing: a new monthly for children hits newsstands

Focus Wild, a magazine dedicated to the world of animals expands the portfolio of titles published by Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori

Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori has launched a new product with the Focus brand in the Italian magazine market dedicated in particular to children who love animals.

The title is called Focus Wild and the monthly makes its first appearance on the newsstands on Tuesday 26 July. The magazine is edited by Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, head of the children’s and young people’s area of Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori (Focus Junior, Focus Pico e Focus Geronimo Stilton).

Focus Wild is aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 14 with a passions for the world of animals in general. The new title is divided into two main areas: the first is the section entitled Mondo, where readers can admire high quality images and reports about animals and their behaviour, interviews with well known personalities and a range of interesting curiosities. The second section, entitled How-to, features pages dedicated to looking after domestic pets.

“With this new product,” underlined Fabienne Schwalbe, managing director of Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori, “the recognised authority of the Focus brand will be able to satisfy the needs of a market that, until now, was not catered for in print. The launch of Focus Wild, with its innovative approach, puts us again in step with the times and tastes of our targets and confirms our absolute leadership in the kids’ edutainment segment.”

Focus Wild,” added Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, “is a magazine that, as well as presenting the wonders of the animal world, also features surveys and reports on environmental problems and suggests a number of ways in which “you can do something”. In fact there are a great number of kids who are passionate about animals and want to get involved personally. This magazine is for them.”
With 68 pages and in the 22 x 28.5 cm format, Focus Wild will have a cover price of €3.50, and a print run for the launch of 150,000 copies.

The launch of the new title will be supported by a major advertising campaign on Mediaset channels, as well as digital and satellite channels aimed at children, ad pages in both Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori and Mondadori titles and point of sale posters.

Advertising sales are being managed by Mondadori Pubblicità.