A second edition of Mypersonaltrainer days with big numbers: more than 10,000 participants, 20 partners and 50 guests for more than 500 activities

Mypersonaltrainer Days, the event sponsored by the City of Milan dedicated to fitness, wellness and sports, organised by Mypersonaltrainer, a Mondadori Group brand leader in health and wellness, which was attended by over 10,000 visitors in only two days, has once again proven to be a great success.

A weekend with 500 free events, from the most innovative open-air workouts to talks to medical consultations, more than 50 guests and 20 partners, in an area of more than 1,500 square metres in the heart of Milan. 

The MYPT Urban Walk, the charity sports walk to benefit the Fondazione Italiana Diabete (Italian Diabetes Foundation) – with 1,500 registered participants – was met with praise, as well as the medical consultations done in collaboration with the Centro Diagnostico Italiano (Italian Diagnostic Center), which were sold out in only a few hours.

The local event has enabled the brand to strengthen and expand its offerings, where it already reaches 13 million unique users each month and over 3 million followers on social media.

On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September the stage of the Mypersonaltrainer Days at the Dazio di Levante of the Arco della Pace in Milan was used for talks with major personalities and athletes who talked about the importance of sport and physical exercise for a healthy, balanced life. Guests included former soccer player Claudio Marchisio and Mattia Zenzola, the dancer who won Amici 22, psychiatrist and psychotherapist Raffaele Morelli, volleyball champion Cristina Chirichella, Nicola Macchione, andrologist and urologist, author and coach Daniele Di Benedetti and Sara Farnetti, an internal medicine specialist.

All the workout classes at the foot of the Arco della Pace were packed, and the most popular were Wake Up Yoga classes with Yoga Essential, the Super Jump and Fluid Silent Fitness classes with Jill Cooper, and Train with a Smile by Nicolò Famiglietti (of Power Talent Agency). There was major turnout on the sports fields, especially for Pickleball, Acrovolley, and Freeclimbing. 

The results of the initiative

The great public success was combined with the excellent results that Mypersonaltrainer Days recorded on social media, with more than 10 million people reached on the Facebook and Instagram pages, thanks also to the involvement of top fitfluencers.

These numbers are the result of stories, posts, articles and interviews exclusively prepared by Mypersonaltrainer’s editorial, social and filming team being shared. It was a winning formula that contributed to yet another great result: a media impact of more than 40 million contacts, thanks to talking about the event on all of the brand’s touchpoints, an advertising campaign planned for the social networks, the website, press and radio, DOOH, plus spontaneous, high-impact media coverage.

The campaign, that aimed for participation, was very effective, thanks to strategic digital advertising carried out with conversational marketing by Hej! and proximity marketing by AdKaora.

Event partners  

Mypersonaltrainer Days is an event created by Mondadori Media in collaboration with Mediamond and Brand On Solutions, a unit dedicated to the special initiatives of the Mediamond retailer, thanks as well to the support of the 20 partners who championed the initiative. In terms of publicity, the event recorded 100 per cent growth from the 2022 edition.

The following businesses in the wellness, sports and lifestyle industry had the opportunity to meet the public in customised experiential corners to promote a new and broader concept of well-being and health: Zambon, DR Automobiles, Yovis Rigenera, Centro Diagnostico Italiano, Clearcorrect (Straumann Group), Curaprox, Danacol, Croazia con la regione del Quarnaro, Kellogg’s, Pedigree, Natù Rigoni di Asiago, Scholl, Bonomelli, Lete, MCFit and Yogaessential.

During Mypersonaltrainer Days the public was able to try their hand at test drives, exciting and fun games, and consulted with experts in behavioural disorders for companion animals, particularly dogs.

The Mondadori Group supported the initiative with talks by authors from its publishing houses and book signings in a dedicated corner of Mondadori Retail.

Initiative media partners: Radio R101 with speaker Chiara Tortorella.

The set-up and logistics were taken care of by the agency Area62.The Mypersonaltrainer Days project received the support of the City of Milan, which sponsored the event, participating in the opening moderated by Monica Bertini of Sport Mediaset with Emmanuel Conte, Counsellor of the Budget and Real estate Heritage, Rosanna Volpe, the President of the BoD of MilanoSport and Nicola Zeni, President of the Fondazione Italiana Diabete.

The whole Piazza Sempione dedicated to the new edition of Mypersonaltrainer Days

Two days of wellness, fitness and sport for fit lovers, with the involvement of brand partners

After the great success of the first edition, this year there will be more events and initiatives: amazing activities like Free Climbing, AcroVolley and Pickleball, free workouts on the open-air stage, encounters with figures from the world of sports and health and an extraordinary Urban Walk

After the great success of the first edition – which saw the participation of over 5,000 visitors and the involvement of over 20 brand sponsors – the highly anticipated Mypersonaltrainer Days event returns with numerous free activities open to the public for all wellness, fitness and sport lovers.  The event will cover the whole Piazza Sempione on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 2023.

Mypersonaltrainer has been particularly successful in transitioning from the digital sphere to events in the country. To cement the development and growth of the project, this edition of Mypersonaltrainer Days will be even better and more engaging than last year, both in terms of activities, which are innovative and fun, and because of the much larger space that we’ll be using to host the event”, said Daniela Cerrato, Mondadori Media’s Digital Marketing Director. “We’ll engage our followers throughout the Piazza dell’Arco della Pace and in Sempione Park – city’s green heart – with activities and experiences. We’ll offer fit lovers many new workouts, bringing this weekend dedicated to comprehensive health and well-being to life”.

The initiative this year comes with a new name: Wellness Recharge. A real recharging hub for body and mind where you can experience four fundamental areas for well-being: Wellness and Health, with personalised medical consultations and dedicated conferences and talks with health professionals; Food and Nutrition, with free tips and advice; Fitness, with sports activities and encounters with great champions and players. In the fourth area, Happiness, the experience-based corners for those brands engaged in the search for well-being will be front and centre, where they’ll present innovations, products and services dedicated to a balanced and active life that will involve participants in activities and tests.

The events dedicated to fitness will see the participation of sports talents and fitfluencers to try sports like Animal Flow, Mobility or trendy activities that are increasingly becoming popular, like Silent Fitness. All this will take place in the splendid setting of Sempione Park: it’ll truly take over the famous square and the Dazio di Levante with innovative and engaging activities like Free Climbing, AcroVolley and Pickleball, a mixture of tennis, paddleball, badminton and ping pong. They’re amazing activities, which promise real fun for participants and spectators. The Mypersonaltrainer Urban Walk will take place also in this edition, which will be even more exciting and inclusive: a 5 km non-competitive walk where everyone can really participate, even pets.

Mypersonaltrainer will work together with Mediamond and its Brand On Solutions structure, dedicated to special initiatives, to propose original and engaging projects to the market and individual brands for all interested partners.

For the Mypersonaltrainer Days event, an advertising campaign was carried out in several forms of media: newspapers, notices on the DOOH circuit, radio, magazine and the digital side of the Mondadori Group. All the parts that will make up the event – from the teaser stage to the non-stop coverage in the two days, finishing with a follow-up dedicated to the most significant and exciting moments of the two days of events – were described in detail on Mypersonaltrainer’s different social media and web profiles, including its activities and the partners involved.
Media partners: Sport Mediaset and Radio R101.


Mypersonaltrainer is the leading brand in the world of health, wellness and healthy eating and sports, with 13.5 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb April 2023) and over 3 million followers on social media platforms (source: Shareablee and Insight June 2023). With its rich production of content, made by the best experts in the field on the web and on social media, it has established itself as an essential key standard for professionals and for all Italians interested in taking care of themselves.

Huge success for Mypersonaltrainer Days

A huge success with over 5.000 visitors over the two-day event organised by Mypersonaltrainer in the heart of Milan

The results were beyond all expectations, also in terms of the advertising outcomes, which will be the starting point of next year’s edition

The first edition of the Mypersonaltrainer Days, the event in the name of wellness and sports organised by Mypersonaltrainer and which saw the participation of more than 5.000 visitors in just two days, was a huge success.

A weekend with more than 300 free appointments – ranging from training to presentations and medical consultations – that transformed Milan into the capital of wellness on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of October.

A territorial event that allowed the brand of the Mondadori Group, a leader in the world of health and wellness, to strengthen and expand its offer, thanks to which it reaches 13.5 million individual online users each month (source: Audiweb, July 2022) and almost 3 million social network fans.

The Mypersonaltrainer Days were Mypersonaltrainer ‘s first opportunity to really meet its community and the many fans of a healthy and active lifestyle who took part in the initiative.

Sports and wellness lovers were able to meet the brand’s multidisciplinary staff and fitinfluencers and to listen to more than 100 exceptional speakers who animated the weekend’s shows under the guidance of Edoardo Stoppa. Among the guests, the sports champions Filippo Tortu, Linda Cerruti, Matteo Giupponi, but also many personalities from the world of entertainment, such as Federica Panicucci and Michela Coppa.

The results of the initiative

The huge success achieved during the Mypersonaltrainer Days event is not only due to the public, but also to the amazing outcomes recorded on the website and social networks: more than 2 million people on the website and beyond 3 million on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels.

These numbers are the result of a continuous sharing of stories, posts, articles and interviews exclusively prepared by Mypersonaltrainer’s editorial, social and filming team.

A winning formula that contributed to yet another great result: a media impact of more than 25 million gross contacts, thanks to the communication campaign on all of the brand’s touch points, an advertising campaign designed by Casiraghi Greco & for the social networks, website, press and radio, DOOH, OOH and influencer marketing and a spontaneous media coverage of great impact.

The results of the Mypersonaltrainer Days were beyond all expectations, also in terms of the advertising outcomes – handled by Mediamond – which allow Mypersonaltrainer to immediately lay the foundations for the second edition of the event, planned for next year.

The partners of the event

The success of the Mypersonaltrainer Days was also made possible thanks to the partnership with Brand On Solutions, a unit devoted to the special initiatives organised by Mediamond, and to the partners who believed in the initiative’s holistic approach. During the Mypersonaltrainer Days, businesses of the wellness, sports and lifestyle industry had the opportunity to meet the public in customised experiential corners to promote a renewed and more powerful wellness experience: Zambon, Italian Diagnostic Centre, Eridania, Croatian Tourism Body, Ibsa, Giuliani, Gold’s Gym, My Benefit, Tescoma.

The support of technical institutions and partners

Mypersonaltrainer’s project was supported by the City of Milan, which sponsored the event and which was present at the inauguration with Emmanuel Conte, its Counsellor of the Budget and Real estate Heritage, and Francesco Caroli, its representative of the Welfare and Health Department.

The opening presentation was moderated by Lucia Blini, Deputy Director of Sport Mediaset, and Stefano Gobbi, territorial Head of the Sports and Health Affairs, also intervened.

Mypersonaltrainer Days was a Mondadori Media event organised together with Mediamond.

A huge thanks to MyEvents, Top Run, for the MYPT Urban walk, the partner companies and technical sponsors: Alpro, Esi, Foodspring, K-Well, Lete, Lycia, Yogaessential and Full Breathing.

Mypersonaltrainer Days: a weekend of fitness, nutrition, health and wellness for everyone

Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of October

For two days, Milan will turn into an outdoor gym full of activities absolutely free of charge: trendy workouts and training, stories of with great athletes and fitfluencers, medical consultations with specialists.

Among the special guests and renowned sports champions: Filippo Tortu, Federica Panicucci, Linda Cerruti, Arianna Talamona, Jill Cooper and many others.

The first edition of Mypersonaltrainer Days, two full free days of activities for everyone dedicated to fitness, nutrition and health, kicks off on Saturday, October 1, in Milan.

 A weekend conceived to regenerate the balance and well-being of one’s mind and body in the midst of the vegetation and nature of the Sempione Park. Additionally, the Customs Building of Levante will be entirely dedicated to the event to ensure a complete, immersive and fun experience bound to be extended to the adjacent outdoor areas.

On the agenda, a succession of 100 free appointments for all tastes, from the best workouts and trendy wellness practices, to stories with exclusive figures of the world of sports and wellness, not to mention a series of very useful and free medical consultations.

The entire weekend has been organised by the editorial staff and fitfluencer team of Mypersonaltrainer, a key reference for all lovers of a healthy and active lifestyle with an audience of over 11 million individual online users and 2,7 million fans on the social channels.

The event, under the patronage of the City of Milan, will also include the first MYPT Urban Walk, a fast walk over a 5 kilometres distance suitable for everyone and scheduled for Saturday, October 1, at 11:30, at the Arco della Pace. The same will be led by the Olympic athlete Matteo Giupponi, a race walking podium winner at the 2022 European Championships, and will comprise three moments of targeted training and tips developed by Mypersonaltrainer’s trainers.


Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of October, the setting of theMypersonaltrainer Days (Customs Building of Levante, ground floor) will be animated with encounters with great personalities and exceptional athletes under the guidance of Edoardo Stoppa, an anchor fond of sports, environment and sustainability, to speak about the importance of sports and physical exercise in view of a balanced and healthy life.

The first appointment is Saturday, at 11.30 with the very fast Olympic medal winner, Filippo Tortu, who will share his life story and successes with the audience of the Mypersonaltrainer Days: from his victory at the 2021 Olympic Games of Tokyo, with the 4×100 relay race, to the exceptional time achieved at the 2022 World Championships of Oregon, where he earned the title of second fastest Italian ever on the 200 metres race, just behind the European record holder, Pietro Mennea, and up to the bronze on the 200 metres race at the European Championships of Munich this summer.

At 12.00, Federica Panicucci, a renowned and beloved face of Italian television, will be the protagonist of a chat on daily well-being, during which she’ll be providing tips on how to live well and to start loving oneself.

At 12.30, the American personal trainer, Jill Cooper, the queen of fitness, will take the stage to explain how to stay fit at any age and to provide small tips on how to live better. At 14.30 of the same day, Jill Cooper will lead a Freedom session, an outdoor silent fitness activity or tribute to exercise.

The soccer coach, Gaia Missaglia, will address the women’s soccer revolution at 16.30. Since 2009, she’s been working as a Soccer and Motility Instructor at the Milan Junior Campand is the co-author of the book written together with Francesca Maria Gargiulo “Voglio fare la calciatrice”.

At 17.00, appointment with the freediver, Anna Sedone, creator of the “Fullbreathing” method, an integrated system of breathing techniques aimed at making the most of our breath. The author of the book “Il Respiro nell’Apnea” will go in-depth on the many ways used to train the body and mind through breathing techniques.

Among the Mypersonaltrainer Days’ guests, the audience will enjoy the participation of Lamberto Bertolè, Welfare and Health Counsellor of the city of Milan, and of Stefano Gobbi, Head of the Sports Department of the Sports and Health Territories, who, together with Carlo Mandelli, Managing Director of Mondadori Media, Lucia Blini, Deputy Director Sport Mediaset, and Edoardo Stoppa will inaugurate the event on Saturday, October 1.

Sunday, October 2

Sunday’s event will start at 10.00 with Sabina Fasoli, a psychologist and sexologist who shares clear and comprehensible content on sexual education over the social channels to spread sexuality in the most gratifying, safe and conscientious way.

At 10.30, the soccer coach, Joanna Borella, known as Mister Jo, will speak about soccer as a resource of life and well-being. Then, an interview with the gynaecologist, Ambra Garretto, who will provide intimate answers to girls of all ages by addressing sexual topics and questions without taboos.

At 12.00, Iader Fabbri, a nutritionist biologist and scientific writer author of “L’indice di Equilibrio”, will take the stage. He’ll speak of nutrition and of a key concept of his book: “How, what and when to eat is more important that how much to eat.”

At 14.00, appointment with Sara Compagni, the body coach and founder of the Instagram profile, Postura da Paura, who will go in-depth on the importance of a proper posture for the well-being of our entire body and beyond.

At 15.00, Arianna Talamona, the paralympic swimming champion, will take the stage. The discussion will cover the story of this great athlete and of her incredible career.

At 17.00, a meeting with Michela Coppa, the TV host and current yoga teacher, who will explain how to eat healthy and without depriving oneself.

To conclude the event, at 18.00, the synchronised swimming champion, Linda Cerruti, will speak of the values of sports and of her commitment to overcome prejudices, especially against women.


Over the two days, in the two areas of the Sempione Park adjacent to the Customs Building of the Arco della Pace, a programme of activities will be provided to sports lovers by Mypersonaltrainer’s fitfluencers and by some of the most renowned personal trainers, among which Paolo Zotta.

Among the courses: postural gymnastics, breathing courses, yoga, total body, pilates, Legs, Abs and Glutes, functional training, couple revoring, zumba, AMRAP workout, total tone, stretching, silent fitness.

It’s necessary to book the courses from the specific website and from which it’s possible to consult the entire programme.


Mypersonaltrainer Days will devote great attention to the world of health and well-being, also through discussions on prevention and a proper lifestyle, in which sports play an essential role.

The Customs Building 1 of the Arco della Pace will in fact provide (2nd floor) an extended area where doctors and specialists will be available for 200 face-to-face consultations with the public: it will also be possible to make free appointments with experts of the Italian Diagnostic Centre specialised in dietetics, genetics, internal medicine, orthopaedics, physiatry and physiotherapy.

Moreover, experiential corners will be set up together with the most important brands of the world of wellness: Zambon, Italian Diagnostic Centre, Eridania, Croatian Tourism Body, Ibsa, Giuliani, Gold’s Gym, My Benefit, Tescoma, Alpro, Esi, Foodspring, K-Well, Lete, Lycia, Yoga Essential.

 Information and reservations on:



Mondadori Media: partnership with Twitter for the enhancement of video contents

Mondadori Media, Italy’s leading multimedia publisher with 55.5 million fans on social networks, has signed a partnership with Twitter to join the Twitter Amplify program, which allows the possibility to amplify and promote video contents on the platform, reaching an even wider audience.

The agreement involves the Twitter accounts of the Mondadori Media brands Giallozafferano, MyPersonalTrainer, TheWom, Smartworld, Focus, NostroFiglio and Studenti, which are real points of reference in vertical segments linked to the passions of Italians – from cooking to wellness, from technology to science and training – with 1.6 million followers overall.

The partnership highlights the strength of Mondadori Media, chosen as an important partner to get in touch with valuable audiences through innovative content, relying on consolidated know-how in the production of videos for social media: an area in which Mondadori Media has already strong experience and leadership, thanks to an internal team dedicated to the co-production of editorial content with partner brands and successful special projects.

Thanks to this agreement, Mondadori Media and Twitter will offer partner companies the possibility of inserting pre-roll advertising videos, before the contents published by the Mondadori Media brands.

Mondadori Media will further expand the development of branded content social projects and initiatives on Twitter. This will extend the opportunities for companies and investors interested in reaching new audiences based on their needs and in an authoritative, transparent and highly interactive context thanks to the involvement of the Mondadori Media brand communities, making advertising communication ever more effective.

New record digital audience for the Mondadori Group

A result driven in particular by GialloZafferano which has recorded almost 23 million unique users per month and by Donna Moderna and Mypersonaltrainer, unchallenged leaders in their respective segments

The Mondadori Group confirms its position as Italy’s leading digital publisher: Comscore data for March shows that the Group’s brands are in first place, with a total audience of almost 33 million unique users per month. The reach rises to 84% of the online population, with a peak of 91% among women, corresponding to almost 18 women across Italy.

The figures show that it is not only news that has been rewarded in this period of emergency, but also content related to the passions and interests of Italians, and for which the brands of the Mondadori Group are a point of reference, both in print and in digital.

This success is also confirmed by continuously growing results of social networks. In the months of March and April the combined fanbase of Mondadori’s media brands grew more than 1.7 million people overall, with more than 700,000 new fans on Facebook, over 500,000 new followers on Instagram and 200,000 users on Youtube. Today, the combination of all the communities of the Group’s brands across the various social media platforms totals some 33 million people.

This breakthrough has been achieved, in particular, thanks to the results of certain brands who are now established as authentic protagonists in the lives of Italians and leaders in the vertical segments of food, women and wellness.
A leading role that is confirmed by Comscore data and also supported by the results of the Scenario Media 2020 research, recently elaborated by Mondadori Lab on 3,000 representative Italian users. The rich and varied offer of content in the magazines, live events on social media and other web initiatives and projects, has enables the Mondadori Group to remain lose to its readers and users and be rewarded with significantly rising numbers. In fact, these are results that, once again, underscore the strong links between the brands and their communities and a capacity to continue to put people and their interest at the centre.

The biggest success has been achieved by GialloZafferano which has recorded an absolute all-time record in terms of audience of 22.9 million unique users per month and a 59% reach di (Source: Comscore March 2020), a 40% increase in monthly users compared with the previous record in December 2019.
This outstanding result by GialloZafferano is also confirmed in the weekly data of Audiweb which, in March recorded an average of over 12.5 million weekly unique users, an increase of 100% compared with the pre-lockdown period. Plus, on the day before EasterGialloZafferano recorded another new daily record, with over 4.5 million daily unique users.
According to the Food Media Brand analysis, produced by Mondadori Lab, GialloZafferano is the undisputed leader among media brands on the media web, TV and print, in the kitchen and the hearts of Italians. In fact, more than one in two people consider it an unmissable point of reference in the kitchen. Moreover, for more than 90% of interviewees it is the top brand for assisted knowledge, reaching 55% in top of mind recognition, being cited spontaneously first among cooking brands by more than one in two of the sample. All of these metrics show that GialloZafferano is the leading brand, further confirmation of its role as the point of reference.

Another important result has been recorded by Donna Moderna which, thanks to a winning mix of stories, live events on social media and practical advice, is once again the brand leader in the women’s segment, with 14.4 million unique users per month (Source: Comscore March 2020). In addition, the Scenario Media survey shows that for 47% of the sample Donna Moderna is the top of mind brand in the women’s segment and the number one brand for assisted knowledge both in print (94%) and online (78%). Donna Moderna is described as useful, complete and a product that the sample trusts and which is able to meet their needs

In the health and wellness segment, Mypersonaltraineis shown to be a point of reference for Italians in terms of health and wellness, reaching an audience of 14.4 unique users per month (Source: Comscore March 2020).



Mypersonaltrainer: a new dimension for all-round wellbeing

Fitfluencers, high quality videos, a new Instagram profile. The Mondadori Group’s brand leader in wellness, with 11 million users, has a new identity

Mypersonaltrainer, the Mondadori Group site that is a point of reference for health for over 11 million unique users per month is enhancing its offer and has been transformed into an all-round editorial brand A new logo logo, a new look, a team of fitfluencers with video tutorials focused on wellbeing and a new Instagram profile: are among the main new features which, together with a new and authoritative scientific committee, will help to inspire a healthy lifestyle

  • New look: the redesigned heart-shaped logo is emblematic of the brands new objective, to help you to live a healthier and happier life. The editorial content is organised in thematic areas and divided on the basis of energetic colours which help users to find their way. Moreover, the site is both more dynamic and easier to use, also from a mobile device, and able to make suggestions and point users in the direction of pertinent and personalised content
  • Scientific committee: made up of specialist doctors from a selected number of hospitals, initially the Istituto Auxologico Italianoand the Ospedale Niguarda, who will provide additional supervision of the more scientific content
  • Fitness influencers and video: an exciting collaboration has been launched with a pool of fitfluencers. Experts in yoga, Pilates, running, fitness, workouts and healthy recipes are the protagonists of a range of videos that Mypersonaltrainer users can access anywhere, on any of the brand’s digital channels, at home, in the garden, the office or the car.
    The videos will have a schedule, with fixed appointments each day of the week.
  • Instagram: the brand is also expanding its social community, which is already strong on YouTube – with 264,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views – on Facebook – with 340,000 followers and reaching over 3 million people, with a new Instagram profile, and becoming an authentic social magazine. The content will range from the fitfluencer videos, to motivational memes, short video tutorials, photo recipes and thematic infographics

The new brand, already appreciated in the last year by leading advertisers in the health and wellbeing area, will offer its partners new, integrated, multi-channel communication opportunities, with branded content and tailor-made videos for storytelling initiatives for their products.



The fit influencers:

– Gabriella Vico,  fitness trainer – Former volleyball player, professional trainer and nutritionist, working in Italy, France and Spain. Offering fitness training with exercises related to different muscle groups

YOGAESSENTIAL, yoga lessons – Elena Vitale and Selena Mercandelli, yoga teachers, creators of the YOGAESSENTIAL clothing line inspired by the practice and Made In Italy, and the Milan yoga school Spazio Garibaldi 77, offer the different styles of yoga with the best teachers from the discipline

– Cristina Turini, running trainer – Architect and running mother, she is the creator of the Instagram profile Run and the City which brings together outfits, music, photos and a healthy lifestyle

– Federico Trombini, fitness school – Personal trainer, hiker and naturopath. Scuola di fitness is the titl of his column which focuses on functional training and the mistakes to avoid. For example, how to tackle a squat by improving balance and control skills, which helps to minimise injuries to the ankles and knees

– Denise della Giacoma, Pilates lessons – Former cross-country skier, teacher of Pilates, yoga and wellbeing techniques. A globetrotter, her videos are shot in some very attractive locations

– Alice Mazzo, the protagonist Alice’s Recipes. In fact, Alice’s heart beats for healthy eating: a food enthusiast, her mission is to transmit her passion for healthy cooking, transforming high-calorie bombs into light mouthfulls, without renouncing taste

Mondadori Group leader in digital

A year of changes for Giallozafferano, Donna Moderna, MyPersonalTrainer, Icon, Interni and Icon Design

The Mondadori Group continues to pursue digital innovation. The leading publisher for the passions and interests of Italians currently attracts 26.5 million unique users per month (Source: Audiweb, November 2018) and a competitive positioning that makes it a leaders also in social media, with a total of 26.3 million fans through130 profiles.

Every second 300 new users visit a Mondadori Group site 14 people interact on the brands’ social network pages.


  • Video factory: an annual production of 10.000 videos 4 different formats, generating over 200 million views per month.
  • People: an internal team of 180 talents, including content editor, videomakers, cooks, product designers and data scientists.
  • Innovation is in our DNA: from proprietary semantic search engines to Altervista, Italy’s leading blogging platform prima. Mondadori is also among the first Italian publishers to test and adopt innovating conversational interfaces, such as chatbots, intelligent speakers and connected devices.


The development of languages and engagement systems for users, from the use of video to the valorisation of new web-based talents such as influencers and YouTubers, to the control of all of the touchpoints: our business models makes it possible to respond to new challenges and development opportunities, while constantly focusing on the real needs of users.

Today, our brands are authentic multimedia systems ranged across print, the web, social media, apps, smart speakers, TV and events.

In 2019 the evolution of our products will affect some of the iconic brands in the high-value vertical markets: food, women, beauty, health and wellbeing, design, male lifestyle.



  • From April, a new look for the web site and a new Giallozafferano Benessere channel, with over 4,000 recipes, enhanced with information about nutritional values and calories.
  • The first vocal site with integrated Google Assistant.
  • The first on vocal devices: Google Home, Amazon Alexa’s Echo Show, Samsung’s Bixby.


Donna Moderna:

  • Donna Moderna Beauty: a new social magazine will be launched after the summer dedicated to the world of beauty and conceived by millennials for millennials, with the special participation of Beauty Influencers.



  • a complete overhaul of the site affecting all of its touchpoints from September.
  • A new series of videos involving Fitness Influencers.



  • A new format for the site from March: ideas, inspirations and and models, with the style and shopping guides that today’s man needs.
  • Icon Wheels: the creation of a new channel dedicated to luxury and exclusive car.
  • Fashion, beauty, grooming, how-to-spend with videos, tutorials and a selection of the best products.


Icon Design and Interni:

  • A restyling of the sites to coincide with Milan’s Design Week 2019.

Mondadori Group: Italy’s leading digital publisher with 30 million unique users per month and a total of 26 million fans on social networks


Further success for the Mondadori Group in the digital area as it is confirmed as Italy’s leading publisher in the list drawn up by Comscore. According to the figures for November 2018, the audience of the Mondadori brands reached 30 million unique users per month, an 11% increase on the previous year.

In a market in which the digital population is constantly expanding, Mondadori’s reach is conformed as the most extensive among Italian publishers (75%): with three out of four people visiting the Group’s sites and using a unique offer of quality content.

A breakthrough to which a special contribution has been made by the success of some of Mondadori’s strongest brands, which provide a prompt response to the needs of the population by covering a range of interests in the areas of food, beauty and wellnes.

These include, Giallozafferano, the point of reference for Italian food lovers, with a peak audience of almost 16 million unique users per month; Donna Moderna, which, with over 13 million unique users per month, confirmed its position as the publishing network of reference for women in Italy; Starbene, which, along with Mypersonaltrainer, is the leader in the world of health and wellness, reaching 10 million unique users per month.

Mondadori starts the new year also as the leading publisher on social networks, thanks to a fan base across the Group’s 100 social media properties that have an overall total of 26 million fans on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.