Smartworld releases its Black Friday guide on the web and social media: growing numbers of videos to choose the ideal buy

With more than 645,000 followers on Tik Tok, exclusive content, offers and unboxing, Smartworld reaches record video views

This year once again, Smartworld, the leading tech information brand, is the star of Black Friday, the not-to-be-missed date for devotees of the latest trends in the world of technology: smartphones, notebooks, smart TVs, videogaming, domestic robots, virtual assistants, home automation, wearables and a host of other innovative digital products and services.

With the Smartworld guide, Black Friday is not simply the last Friday in November, but a packed series of tips and offers for all four weeks of the month: countless opportunities, special offers and discounts from the leading brands, flagged by the Smartworld team with daily updates, to help consumers take advantage of the year’s best deals and make an early start with Christmas presents.

This is a retail occasion offering brands significant visibility at a time of great interest and traffic, with solutions including domination of the “Black Friday” keyword or Total Unboxing (videos and cards on the Smartworld social profiles, native posts on the website); all with Mediamond advertising support.

That the Mondadori Group brand is a top shopping guide is confirmed by a survey conducted (in collaboration with BVA-Doxa) among 800 users aged between 15 and 44, who explore a tech brand on the web and social media at least once a year. The survey found that:

  • 64% of Smartworld users, especially women and millennials, greatly appreciate the brand’s offer, attributing an outstanding quality score between 8 and 10, on a scale of 10, to its content;
  • 62% of Smartworld users choose the brand to obtain detailed information before making a purchase online or in a store.

A success story that Smartworld has developed over time, to reach an audience totalling 1,650,000 followers on social channels, from Facebook, Telegram and Twitter to Instagram, YouTube and most recently TikTok, where it has immediately generated great interest.

In just a few months, Smartworld has built up a fanbase of more than 645,000 followers on the favourite platform of generation Z, establishing a distinctive positioning thanks to unboxing videos, product reviews and quick tips to help consumers make the best use of digital products and services on the market.

 In September, thanks to content covering topics of particular interest such as the launch of the new iPhone, Smartworld secured fourth place in the TikTok scoreboard of the brands with the most video views in Italy (11 million, source Comscore/Shareable).

 Smartworld is the Mondadori Group reference brand for all the latest entries in the tech world. Its website provides news, reviews, unboxing videos as well as purchasing guides with the best offers available online and in stores. On social networks, Smartworld has a total of 1,650,000 followers on TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (Source, social insights, October 2022).

Mondadori Media: partnership with Twitter for the enhancement of video contents

Mondadori Media, Italy’s leading multimedia publisher with 55.5 million fans on social networks, has signed a partnership with Twitter to join the Twitter Amplify program, which allows the possibility to amplify and promote video contents on the platform, reaching an even wider audience.

The agreement involves the Twitter accounts of the Mondadori Media brands Giallozafferano, MyPersonalTrainer, TheWom, Smartworld, Focus, NostroFiglio and Studenti, which are real points of reference in vertical segments linked to the passions of Italians – from cooking to wellness, from technology to science and training – with 1.6 million followers overall.

The partnership highlights the strength of Mondadori Media, chosen as an important partner to get in touch with valuable audiences through innovative content, relying on consolidated know-how in the production of videos for social media: an area in which Mondadori Media has already strong experience and leadership, thanks to an internal team dedicated to the co-production of editorial content with partner brands and successful special projects.

Thanks to this agreement, Mondadori Media and Twitter will offer partner companies the possibility of inserting pre-roll advertising videos, before the contents published by the Mondadori Media brands.

Mondadori Media will further expand the development of branded content social projects and initiatives on Twitter. This will extend the opportunities for companies and investors interested in reaching new audiences based on their needs and in an authoritative, transparent and highly interactive context thanks to the involvement of the Mondadori Media brand communities, making advertising communication ever more effective.

SmartWorld, leader in the tech information segment, is online with a new website

On the web and social media with an even more immersive design and an updated visual brand identity

SmartWorld, Italy’s biggest technology network, relaunch its website, now online with a new visual brand identity.

Leader in the tech information segment, with over 2 million unique users every month (Source: Audiweb, January-June 2021), SmartWorld is an articulated communication system based on  3 digital properties (,, that provides the market with a privileged overview of the technological innovations destined to revolutionise our everyday lives: from traditional consumer electronics to home automation, and from gaming to home entertainment, the internet and gadgets.

Over the years, SmartWorld has been able to evolve into an authentic content factory, becoming the leading “brand influencer” in the tech market, thanks to its ability to provide effective coverage across all platforms: from articles on the web to YouTube content, as well as podcasts, news about the best offers on Telegram, reels on Instagram and short videos on TikTok (where the brand has attracted more than 350,000 followers in just one year).

A single hub that places users at the centre, presenting new products and services, reviews and ratings, product profiles and a buying guide divided by category with a clear and simple language, suitable for both straightforward and complex devices and conceived with the aim of engaging not only tech addicts, but also the public at large.

THE NEW SITE – From today, the new SmartWorld site will provide users with a more immediate and easy-to-use interface, making it easier to make full use of the offer.

The new visual brand identity focuses on modern and appealing logos, while the web design is even more suited to access from mobile devices and social media, in addition to being more practical and offering faster download speeds.

The new look is completed with a new homepage, where news and video content will be given new prominence and a special section will be dedicated to partners’ promotional offers with buying guides just a click away, a new proprietary semantic algorithm for content management and an even more immersive design.

Giallozafferano bets on TikTok

A new exclusive collaboration with three emerging creators: Cooker Girl, Theavokiddo and michi.fadda

GialloZafferano, Italy’s best-loved food media brand, is betting big time on TikTok to enhance the title with a new language, original content and to further strengthen its relationship with Generation Z.

First launched on the short-video platform in June, the GialloZafferano profile already has more than 200,000 followers, and growing rapidly, with over 17 million video views with the hashtag #giallozafferano and an average of more than 200,000 views and 20,000 likes for each video posted.

On TikTok the Mondadori Group brand offers  original and exclusive content with its unmistakeable mix of recipes for everyone, and the simple ideas and advice that makes the web site a point of reference in the kitchen for 18 million unique users  every month (Source: Audiweb, average Jan-Jun 2020) and 12 million fans on social media, from Facebook to Instagram, Youtube to Pinterest, and now also on TikTok. GialloZafferano produces different and ad hoc content for each platform with the aim of being always close to Italians in the kitchen, thanks to always new proposals and responding, 7-days-a-week, on the web site and on social media, to tens of thousands of comments and requests from users.

“Once again, we are evolving, with new content and approaches, in order to remain in constant contact with people. We follow changes in habits on new media through the constant development of new and original formats, also to interact with a new audience, and expanding our presence on social media,” declared Andrea general manager of Mondadori Media. “For some time now we have seen social media not just as a way of disseminating our content, but as a new paradigm, in which GialloZafferano is the instrument for the creation of a community built around the passion of Italians for food and cooking, a and where it is not the brand that is the protagonist, but people, who are increasingly engaged and central.”

To reinforce even more its position on TikTok, from today, GialloZafferano will also take advantage of the exclusive collaboration of three innovative food creators: Cooker Girl (Aurora Cavallo), Theavokiddo (Aisha Ben Thabet) and michi.fadda (Michela Fadda), very young food enthusiasts who have been able to discover interesting and fascinating ways to emerge and engage users on TikTok.

Aurora Cavallo, or Cooker Girl, is 19, has 250,000 followers and 5.4 million likes on TikTok. She was born in a small village at the foot of Monviso and is a student at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. She likes to define her cooking as “traditionally new”. Often reinventing tradition, combining different culinary cultures and techniques to make every dish her own, Aurora learned to cook on the web web, watching thousands of video recipes on YouTube and reading numberless articles on blogs, in books and magazines. And it is perhaps this “amateur” background that has had the biggest influence on her way of communicating; spontaneous, simple and direct, rich in values, but hiding close study and limitless passion.

Aisha Ben Thabet, or Theavokiddo, is just 16 years old, has over 450,000 followers and 18 million likes on TikTok, and lives in Milan where she studies and a languages-based high school. She began cooking when he was six years old, along with her sister, and in 2016, for fun, she took part in Masterchef Junior where she came third. During lockdown she took up cooking again and, in a few weeks, her TikTok profile became one of the most popular in Italy. She shoots video recipes that are tasty and within the reach of all schoolkids, in a spontaneous way and an immediate editing style with brilliant effects. The kitchen has become her safe space as, though the ingredients, the preparation and sharing of her recipes, she manages to express her feelings.

Michela Fadda, or michi.fadda, is 20, has over 350,000 followers and 12 million likes on TikTok, and has Sardinian origins and studies Educational Sciences at the di Milano Bicocca University. Even as a little girl she cooked with her mother and grandmother, a passion that she has continued to pursue over the years.  With just her smartphone and her creativity, with her videos Michela tries to transmit the peace and serenity that she herself finds when she’s cooking. With a single light, Michela manages to capture the details of every recipe, enhancing the ingredients and highlighting the preparation of each dish in the editing and an always pertinent choice of music, while also trying to remind us that beauty lies in small and simple things.

For the Mondadori Group, the novelties on TikTok don’t stop here: for some months, other brands have begun to try out new things on this platform, from Grazia, that launched its profile during the recent fashion week, with a continuous increase in the number of followers, to a DMBeautySmartworld and
A continuous evolution that will soon also involve also other Group brands, with new projects and exclusive collaborations. These editorial developments generate new opportunities for interaction and Mediamond is already working, alongside Mondadori, on the development and fine tuning of new proposals for branded content for 2021, aimed at all interested commercial partners.