During 2023, the Board of Statutory Auditors held 21 meetings, which were duly minuted. The Board of Statutory Auditors also held regular meetings with the Control, Risks & Sustainability Committee and the heads of the various corporate functions – including the Internal Audit Function – with a focus on assessing the fitness for purpose of the internal control and risk management system, and with the independent auditors to share information. The Board of Statutory Auditors also met the Supervisory Body, the members of the Boards of Statutory Auditors of the Mondadori Group subsidiaries and the independent auditors, in order to exchange information and regulatory updates.

Board of Statutory Auditors

OfficeMembersTermList*Independence as per CodeAttendance at meetings of Board of Statutory AuditorsNumber of other positions held**
ChairmanSara Fornasierofrom 27/04/2021
to 31/12/2023
Standing auditorFlavia Daunia Minutillofrom 27/04/2021
to 31/12/2023
Standing auditorEzio Simonellifrom 27/04/2021
to 31/12/2023
 M X20/2129

Quorum needed to present a slate of candidates at the last appointment: 2.5%
The Company’s applicable minimum ownership stake for shareholders to submit a slate of candidates was determined by Consob Determination no. 44 of 29 January 2021: 2.5%
Number of meetings that took place during the fiscal year: 21

* M= member appointed from the list voted by majority; m= member appointed from the list voted by a minority;
** this column reports the number of positions held by the person concerned as director or statutory auditor pursuant to article 148 bis TUF. The complete list of these positions is published on Consob’s website, in accordance with article 144-quinquiesdecies of the Consob Issuers Regulation. In the Corporate governance report, only the positions held in other listed companies are described in more detail.