Shareholders' meeting of 30 April 2014

The Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., met on 30 Aprile 2014 under the Chairmanship of Marina Berlusconi, to examine the Group’s consolidated financial statements that show a consolidated net loss of €185.4 million and to approve the company’s Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2013. The Annual General Meeting also deliberated, in line with a proposal resolved by the board of directors, to make up the entire net loss for the period of the parent company, amounting to €314,970,500.44, by drawing the corresponding sum from reserves.

Following the expiry of the term fixed for the authorisation issued at the Annual General Meeting of 23 April 2013, the shareholders renewed authorisation to effect share buy-backs, up to a limit of 10% of the share capital. The shareholders also authorised, as per Art. 2357 of the Civil Code, the use of shares involved in such buy back operations or already in the company’s portfolio.

It should be noted that, during the period of the previous authorisation, the company bought made no buy-backs or utilisations of company shares.

The total number of shares comprising treasury stock held by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore SpA is currently 14,953,500 (6.067% of the share capital).

The Shareholders approved the policy outlined in the first section of the Remuneration Report, for fiscal 2014, regarding the compensation of directors and executives with strategic responsibilities.

In extraordinary session, the Shareholders adopted, in line with the proposals of the Board of Directors, resolutions, pursuant to the terms of Articles 2443 and 2420-ter of the Civil Code, regarding the powers of the Board to effect a capital increase and issue convertible bonds.

Specifically the Shareholders resolved:
– the renewal of powers already granted to the Board of Directors by the Shareholders on 29 April 2009 and due to expire at the end of its five-year term, regarding, in accordance with Articles 2443 and 2420-ter of the Italian Civil Code, the attribution of powers to the Board of Directors to increase, with no expectation of excluding option rights, the share capital by a maximum nominal amount of €78,000,000 and to issue convertible bonds for a maximum nominal amount of €260,000,000. The renewal was approved at the same conditions as that about to expire and not used by the Board for a further period of 5 years, in line with the maximum term foreseen by law;
– the attribution to the Board of Directors, for the same five-year period, of additional power to increase the share capital, within the limit of 10% of the existing share capital and excluding option rights, in accordance with Articles 2443 and 2441, clause 4, second paragraph, of the Civil Code.

The resolutions for renewal and granting of powers are motivated by the opportunity to maintain and attributing to the Board of Directors the authority to implement, more effectively, efficiently and flexibly, with respect to the resolutions of the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, capital transactions aimed at strengthening the financial structure to support the development objectives of the Group, and specifically, as previously disclosed to the market, both the consolidation of business lines with higher added value and a recovery of profitability in the magazine area through both external lines and, in particular, in the digital area.

With specific reference to the powers to effect a capital increase with the exclusion of option rights within the limit of 10% of the existing share capital, an offer addressed to third parties could constitute a valuable way of increasing the free float and make it possible to maintain at all times an adequate level of liquidity, or be functional for the entry into the capital of the company of accredited investors, while limiting the dilutive effects for existing shareholders.

Below, as foreseen by art. 125-quater, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 58/98, is an outline of the votes of the Annual General Meeting (ordinary and extraordinary sessions) held on 30 April 2014.