AA 1000 (AccountAbility 1000)

AA1000 (or AccountAbility 1000) is a process standard developed to assess the results achieved by companies in the field of ethical and social investment and sustainable development.
Created in 1999 by the British ISEA (Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability), the standard allows organisations that decide to adopt it to promote the quality of “social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting” processes, in order to improve the company’s social accountability.


To render account in a responsible manner. The company decides to account for its choices and actions by reporting them transparently to its stakeholders.

Add-on sales

Publications, including books, distributed together with newspapers and magazines.


Acronym of Accertamento Diffusione Stampa, an association that supplies statistics about the number of newspapers and magazines published.

Annual report

The main function of the annual report is to provide information factual and accurate information to shareholders and third parties at the end of every fiscal year on the financial situation of the company. It provides a summary of the activities undertaken during the year and makes it possible to determine the financial results (profit or loss) for every period of the year. The annual report must be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting for approval.


The number of people who follow a radio program.


Annual report on the number of people who read newspapers and magazines in Italy.