Always improving

The year 2022 saw the Group complete the strategic path of reshaping its business portfolio, which helped greatly ease its exposure to magazines while strengthening its foothold in book publishing, and will now continue with an exclusive focus on developing its core business.

Highlights FY2022

  • Revenues: € 903.0 million
  • Adj. EBITDA (IFRS16): € 136.3 million
  • Net result from continuing operations: € 52.1 million
  • NFP IFRS 16: -€177.4 million
  • Employees1,900

Stock quotes

A transformation path

Thanks to the financial and capital solidity achieved, the Group can continue on the virtuous path of development it embarked on a few years ago, pursued also through the continued use, especially in the books and digital businesses, of M&As, beneficial to the Group’s intention to continue to seize opportunities for inorganic growth.

The constant focus on improving the income statements and products portfolio has meant that the weight of the various businesses on the Group’s revenues has reached a new equilibrium, also due to the profitability of each.

Investing to grow

From a strategic point of view, we intend to continue on the path of consolidating its core business and therefore our leadership in the Books area, from a publishing point of view, by strengthening the identity and specialization of the various publishing houses, and by pursuing the process of vertical integration of book chain activities.