Always improving

2021 has seen the best net result of the last 10 years and a net financial position that has returned to positive again after more than 15 years. The favourable economic backdrop and the financial strength of our Group have therefore paved the way for a return, after 10 years, to a Shareholder Remuneration Policy.

Highlights FY2021

  • Revenues: € 807.3 million
  • Adj. EBITDA (IFRS16): € 105.7 million
  • Net result from continuing operations: € 44.2 million
  • NFP IFRS 16: -€94.8 million (€ 37.4 million excl. D Scuola)
  • Employees1,810

Stock quotes

A transformation path

In 2021, the Group was able to start a new chapter in its growth path, thanks to the acquisitions signed in 2021 in the books and digital businesses.
From a strategic point of view, the Company will continue to strengthen its core business and therefore its leadership in the Books area, increasing its relevance and impact on the overall business.
The Group will concurrently continue to develop its digital skills and range of products, and to rationalize its non-strategic activities.

In 2021 Mondadori was once again able to confirm its national leadership both in Trade and in Education markets, also thanks to D Scuola acquisition.

The constant focus on improving the income statements and products portfolio has meant that the weight of the various businesses on the Group’s revenues has reached a new equilibrium, also due to the profitability of each.

Investing to grow

With the acquisitions made in 2016 in the trade books and digital brands sectors, we have finalized the generation of financial resources for the development of our core businesses.
The financial solidity reached in 2021 allows the Group to continue its development path, particularly in the book business, pursuing further growth opportunities through acquisitions.
Our strategic priority is focused on combining an active investment policy and a steady return on capital guaranteeing concurrently a solid financial structure.