DateInvestment/divestmentDetailsRead the press releases
15 April 2024Acquisition of Chelsea Green Publishing CompanySigning of agreement to acquire 100% of Chelsea Green Publishing, US book publisher.15 April 2024
1 February 2024Acquisition of Star Shop Distribuzione S.r.l.Completion of the acquisition of 51% of Star Shop Distribuzione, a company operating in the comics retail channel, through the Mondadori Libri S.p.A. subsidiary.1 February 2024
4 July 2023Acquisition of AdgageAdKaora acquires the remaining 70% of Adgage, a Spanish company specialising in mobile and in-game advertising.4 July 2023 (Italian)
29 June 2023Acquisition of Star Shop Distribuzione S.r.l.Acquisition of 51% of Star Shop Distribuzione, company operating in the comics channel.29 June 2023
19 January 2023Acquisition of Power S.r.l.Acquisition of the talent agency Power.19 January 2023
13 January 2023Acquisition of 75% of A.L.I. S.r.l. – Agenzia Libraria InternationalConclusion, through our subsidiary Mondadori Libri S.p.A., of the acquisition of a further 25% stake in A.L.I. S.r.l. – Agenzia Libraria International.13 January 2023
10 January 2023Disposal of brands Grazia and Icon to Reworld Media S.A.Completed disposal to Reworld Media of the operations under the Grazia and Icon brands.10 January 2023
15 December 2022Acquisition of Webboh S.r.l.Acquisition of the Webboh company and brand.15 December 2022 (Italian)
20 October 2022Disposal of brands Grazia and Icon to Reworld Media S.A.Put option on Grazia and Icon brands.20 October 2022
30 June 2022Acquisition of 51% of Edizioni Star Comics S.r.l.Conclusion of the acquisition of 51% of Edizioni Star Comics S.r.l.30 June 2022
6 June 2022Acquisition of 51% of Edizioni Star Comics S.r.l.Agreement signed for the acquisition of 51% of Edizioni Star Comics S.r.l.6 June 2022
11 May 2022Acquisition of 50% of A.L.I. S.r.l. – Agenzia Libraria InternationalConclusion of the acquisition of 50% of A.L.I. – Agenzia Libraria International11 May 2022
1 April 2022Acquisition of 50% of DeA Planeta Libri S.r.l.Closing acquisition of 50% of De Agostini Libri1 April 2022
16 December 2021Acquisition of De Agostini Scuola S.p.A.Gruppo Mondadori acquires De Agostini Scuola S.p.A. through its subsidiary Mondadori Libri S.p.A.16 December 2021
22 November 2021Acquisition of 50% of DeA Planeta Libri S.r.l.Agreement signed for the acquisition of 50% of DeA Planeta Libri S.r.L. from De Agostini Editore S.p.A.22 November 2021
11 November 2021Acquisition of 50% of A.L.I. S.r.l. – Agenzia Libraria InternationalAgreement signed for the acquisition of a 50% stake in the share capital of A.L.I. S.r.l. – Agenzia Libraria International.11 November 2021
12 July 2021Acquisition of De Agostini Scuola S.p.A.Agreement signed for the acquisition of De Agostini Scuola S.p.A.12 July 2021
29 January 2021Acquisition of Hej! S.r.l.Adkaora S.r.l. buys Hej! S.r.l.29 January 2021
18 March 2020Transfer of 50% of SEE S.p.A. investmentTransfer to PBF S.r.l. of 50% of investment in the associate Società Europea di Edizioni S.p.A.18 March 2020
20 December 2019Disposal of 5 magazines to Stile Italia Edizioni S.r.l.Disposal of Confidenze, Cucina Moderna, Sale&Pepe, Starbene and Tustyle to Stile Italia Edizioni S.r.l.20 December 2019
19 December 2019Acquisition of Abscondita S.r.l.Electa S.p.A. buys art publishing house Abscondita S.r.l.19 December 2019
31 July 2019Disposal of Mondadori France S.a.s.Sale of the subsidiary Mondadori France S.A.S. to Reworld Media S.A.31 July 2019
2 May 2018Disposal of Inthera S.p.A.Disposal to HCI Holding of 100% of the share capital of Inthera S.p.A., specialized in strategy, planning and development of content & data driven marketing solutions, CRM, database analysis and management15 May 2018
2 May 2017Disposal of NaturaBuyMondadori France completes the disposal of marketplace NaturaBuy to NextStage.2 May 2017
28 April 2017Disposal of logistics of Mondadori Libri and Mondadori RetailMondadori completes the disposal of business units involved in the logistics activities of Mondadori Libri and Mondadori Retail to CEVA Logistics Italia S.r.l.28 April 2017
1 December 2016Trasfer of BompianiMondadori completes the transfer of Bompiani business unit to Giunti Editore for a total price of 16.5 million euro1 December 2016
26 July 2016Disposal of Marsilio EditoriMondadori completes the disposal, through its subsidiary Rizzoli Libri S.p.A., of its 94.71% interest in the share capital of Marsilio Editori S.p.A. to the De Michelis family.26 July 2016
8 June 2016Closing of Banzai MediaMondadori completes the acquisition of Banzai Media Holding S.r.l. (vertical content division of the Banzai Group)8 June 2016
14 April 2016Acquisition of RCS Libri S.p.A.Mondadori buys the entire equity interest (99.99%) held by RCS MediaGroup S.p.A. in RCS Libri S.p.A. through its subsidiary Mondadori Libri S.p.A.

The company changes name in Rizzoli Libri S.p.A.

14 April 2016

14 April 2016

30 September 2015Sale of 80% of Monradio S.r.l.Mondadori sells 80% of Monradio S.r.l. to R.T.I. S.p.A. 30 September 2015
30 September 2015Sale of 50% in Harlequin Mondadori S.p.A. jvMondadori sells its participation in the jv Harlequin Mondadori S.p.A. to Harlequin Italia S.r.l. 30 September 2015
1 July 2015Acquisition of 50% of share capital of the joint-venture Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori S.p.AMondadori takes 100% ownership of Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori S.p.A. and exclusive control of the company. 1 July 2015
2 December 2014Acquisition of KiverMondadori buys digital marketing company Kiver. 2 December 2014
19 May 2014Acquisition of London-Boutiques.comMondadori buys to create the global e-commerce platform for the “Grazia International Network”. 19 May 2014
11 March 2014Acquisition of AnobiiMondadori buys Anobii, the global social reading platform. 11 March 2014
14 November 2013Contribution by Mondadori Pubblicità to MediamondContribution to Mediamond S.p.A. of the business concerning the sale of advertising for magazines and radio managed by Mondadori Pubblicità S.p.A.14 November 2013
30 November 2012Sale of 50% of Random House MondadoriSale of 50% of the share capital of the Spanish registered company Random House Mondadori S.p.A.30 November 2012
10 January 2012Sale of 20% of Mondadori PrintingSale of the residual 20% stake in Mondadori Printing SpA to Pozzoni SpA, which has held a majority 80% stake since November 2008. 10 January 2012
29 April 2010Mondolibri stakePreliminary contract agreed for the acquisition of the 50% of Mondolibri held by Società Holding Industriale di Grafica (DirectGroup Bertelsmann). The transaction is valued at 6.75 million euros.
With this acquisition, Mondadori will own 100% of Mondolibri.
 8 February 2010

29 April 2010

22 July 2009Creation of Mediamond joint ventureMondadori Pubblicità and Publitalia ‘80 agreed to create a joint venture to sell online advertising. The new company, called Mediamond, is equally owned by Mondadori Pubblicità and Publitalia ’80 and manages a large amount of advertising including on the Internet sites of the Mondadori Group, Rti and some third-party publishers.22 July 2009

3 November 2009

19 November 2008Sale of 80% of Mondadori PrintingMondadori has signed the definitive contract for the sale of 80% of subsidiary Mondadori Printing S.p.A. to Pozzoni Group.
The transaction’s value was worked out taking into account that the enterprise value of 100% of Mondadori Printing was 145 million euros.
 14 October 2008

19 November 2008

31 August 2006Acquisition of Emap FranceFinalisation of the accord for the acquisition of the entire share capital of Emap France, one of the principal magazine publishers in France, from Emap Plc.
The transaction was valued at 545 million euros.
 31 August 2006
22 January 2005Acquisition of RadioThe acquisition, through the subsidiary Monradio, of the radio station Radio 101 One-O-One is finalised.
The transaction was valued at 39.6 million euros.
 22 January 2005
14 October 2003Acquisition of 70% of Edizioni PiemmeThe acquisition of a stake in Edizioni Piemme is finalised.
The acquisition allows Mondadori to significantly strengthen itself in the “kids” sector and to add many authors in the “various” sector.
 14 October 2003
20 March 2003Acquisition of a stake in Attica PublicationsAccord signed for Mondadori to buy a stake in Attica Publications S.A, which is listed on the Athens stock exchange andis the leading Greek magazine publisher. 20 March 2003
13 July 2001Creation of Random House Mondadori joint ventureAccord signed for the creation of Grupo Editorial Random House Mondadori.
The new 50-50 joint venture of Mondadori and Random House has the objective to become the second biggest book publisher in the Spanish language market.
Random House Mondadori takes over all the publishing interests owned by Random House and Mondadori that operate in the Spanish and South American markets.
 13 July 2001
16 March 2000Creation of Bol Italia joint ventureAgreement with Bertelsmann for the launching in Italy of the internet media store Bol Italia.
19 April 1999Acquisition of Le MonnierContract signed for the acquisition of Le Monnier, one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian publishing companies.
The acquisition is part of Mondadori’s strategy to strengthen itself in text book publishing, where the company intends to be a key player.
The shareholders of the financial holding company that is the target of the acquisition are members of the Paoletti family. The base price agreed to is 58.4 million lire.
11 November 1998Birth of MondolibriClub degli Editori, which is 100%-owned by Mondadori and is the market leader in Italy for the sale of editorial products by post, is spun off from Book Club.
These businesses are funnelled into a new company called Mondolibri that is owned in equal parts by Mondadori and Bertelsmann.
Euroclub S.p.A, which is 100%-owned by Bertelsmann and is the market leader, is also absorbed into Mondolibri.
9 November 1998Acquisition of MursiaThe subsidiary Elemond signed an agreement to buy the text book publishing arm of Gruppo Ugo Mursia Editore S.p.A.
5 October 1998Acquisition of Gulliver bookstore chainMondadori acquires the arm of Opportunity Books Srl that distributes books through franchising contracts with 60 “Gulliver” bookstores and sales points.
28 December 1995Acquisition of Sperling&KupferMondadori acquires 100% of Programmi Editoriali S.p.A., which owns directly or indirectly 56.25% of Sperling&Kupfer Editore S.p.A.
With this operation Mondadori, which already owned 43.75% of Sperling & Kupfer Editore S.p.A., gains control directly or indirectly of 100% of the publishing company.
15 June 1990Shareholding in Cemit Direct MediaMondadori takes control of Cemit Direct Media S.p.A., market leader in Italy for direct marketing services. Today the Mondadori Group owns 100% of Cemint.
With this agreement Mondadori acquires a stake of 57% in Cemit, which is added to the initial stake of 13%.
16 May 1990Creation of Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori joint ventureAccord signed with Gruner + Jahr for the creation of a joint venture owned in equal parts by the two companies.
Gruner + Jahr/Mondadori has among its objectives the publication of magazines in Italy.