Market Trends (2022)

Following the remarkable growth seen in 2021, 2022 witnessed a consolidation phase of the book market, which was basically steady in terms of value (+0.2%) and volume (-0.4%) versus 2021.
stronger increase has been shown by Comics (+7.5%), which continued to be the most dynamic segment even after the remarkable growth seen from 2019 to 2021.

The Education book market (primary and secondary schools) in Italy in 2022 is estimated to increase by approximately 1% versus the prior year, settling at a total of approximately € 605 million.

The Media relevant market performed as follows in 2022:

  • the advertising market posted an decrease: for digital activities of 3.2% and for magazines of 4,8%;
  • the magazines circulation market declined by 7.4%;
  • the add-on sales market reported a negative trend of 13.9%.

Market's evolution

Trade books+3.0%+0.2%+0.1%-1.8%-1.6%+14.7%+25.3%+36.8%+5.4%+3.6%+3.3%-3.8%-10.1%-9.6%
  • Circulation**
  • Advertising




  • Add-ons

* As of May 2019, GfK expanded its coverage panel by increasing the survey of e-commerce operators; as a result, the overall market value and the relative yoy differences were re-profiled and the details by channel were revised by merging book chains and e-commerce.

* *Starting from 1H 2016, the % variations refer to the whole circulation market trends (newstands + subscriptions)

Trade book: GFK (mkt value, sell-out data)
Media: circulation (newstands + subscriptions), internal estimate (value) – advertising, Nielsen (value)