Market Trends in 2023

The positive operating and financial results achieved by Mondadori during the 2023 benefited from a positive trend in the book market:

  • following the consolidation phase in 2022, in 2023 the book market showed further growth in value of 3.4% and a substantial stability in volume; the digital book market (e-books and audiobooks) recorded a growth of 5% compared to 2022 thanks to the sales of e-books, which experienced an increase of 2.5%, but in particular of audiobooks which have recorded double-digit growth of 12%.
  • The Education book market (primary and secondary schools) in Italy in 2023 is estimated to increase by approximately 3.5% versus the prior year, settling at a total of € 618 million.

The Media relevant market performed as follows in 2023:

  • the advertising market posted an increase for digital activities of 2.4% and for magazines of 0,8%;
  • the magazines circulation market declined by 8.1%.

Market's evolution

Trade books+3.4%+2.3%+2.7%+3.0%+0.2%+14.7%
Education books+3.5%-0.5%+2.5%
  • Circulation**
  • Advertising





Trade book: GFK (mkt value, sell-out data)
Media: circulation (newstands + subscriptions), internal estimate (value) – advertising, Nielsen (value)