The Group has grown throughout the years, and environments with diverse origins and cultures have become part of it. In light of this, the dynamic Mondadori working environment is lively and a good venue for challenging your ability to adapt and desire to learn.

The Group’s varied nature is seen not only in its activities (books, magazines and bookstore chains), but also in the origins of its identity within a specific sector.

In terms of books, then, the special character of the Group’s diverse publishing brands have always been protected to preserve their individuality and independence. This is because we believe that multiple voices are a must for creating an exciting and vital working environment.

The liveliness and variety found within the Group’s working environments naturally reflect the progression of publishing over the course of time. This plurality is not limited to the dualism seen in the paper–digital relationship; it is also seen in the many facets of each business:  under project-based publishing, for example, are the museum operations, which comprises both the management of bookshops in exhibition areas and archaeological sites, as well as the creation of exhibits and art catalogues. Or, in the magazine sector, whether traditional or Web-based, the planning of innovative services where the brand’s value and the networking experience typical of our retailers creatively converges.

There is, however, a way to be part of Mondadori that highlights how vastly different identities can be housed within one large company: the common threads that make our employees and contractors prepared and competent, namely a passion for publishing, an eye for quality content and services, and constantly striving for innovation