CasaFacile presents a special “New Home” issue

The magazine will focus on new needs for living and new products to transform domestic space in a more conscious, useful and sustainable way

The project includes multiplatform content, from the magazine to social media, and from the web site to the digital out-of-home circuit, confirms the brand’s cross-media character

CasaFacile, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Francesca Magni, presents a special “New Home” issue. On newsstands from 3 October, the issue will focus on new needs for living and new products and services to transform domestic space in a more conscious, useful and sustainable way.

“How will our homes change after the lockdown experience? This is the question that led to the idea of an issue that looks at how to redesign the home, a continuously evolving space, but one which, in recent times, has undergone great transformations,” explains Francesca Magni, editor of CasaFacile. “To try to answer the question we will use the characteristic positive, smart and friendly approach of the magazine, a style that has attracted an enthusiastic and growing community, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and 432,000 on Facebook,” she added.

“In my May editorial I asked readers what they had realised they really needed in their homes. There were many replies: from open air space to more green inside and outside the home, as well as larger windows, better organised rooms that can also be combined, movable walls, fluid solutions that change over the course of the day to allow for the range of activities that now also take place in domestic spaces. In our special issue all of these desires will find answers in the form of homes designed with new criteria. But thanks also to the contribution of 42 of our CFInfluencers who we asked to think ‘outside of the box’, about a new concept for the home. We have called this an Extraordinary Issue, because what we propose are examples of “exercises in extraordinary thinking”. Along with an extraordinary cover and a sparkling logo!” concluded Francesca Magni.

The special issue presents 5 homes organised in different themes: a new way of using colourinnovative solutions for a better use of light indoors, new furniture to integrate work and relaxation (from home cinema to gyms, and from meditation to hobbies) in the domestic environment. At the heart of the magazine is a focus on kitchens and what’s new in technology and design to address new ways of using the kitchen. The number of pages will increase to enhance the pages dedicated to “New Home” design and to look at new ways of experiencing the home.

The cross-media, multiplatform CasaFacile special is developed across the magazine and social media, with the significant contribution of 42 CF Style bloggers who will, for the first time, be directly involved in content production, also in print with: do-it-yourself ideas for remote working and plants inside the home casa, suggestions on everyday sustainability, a selection of products to make our lives easier and  decluttering, in other words, what to keep and what to get rid of so that we cane free ourselves of the unnecessary.

We will also launch a dedicated hashtag#casafacilenewhome, that the bloggers will use on their social media profiles, and we will create an  Instagram filter so you can transform your house into a  CasaFacile cover: all you have to do is capture a corner of  your “New Home” with the frontal camera, take a shot and share it in stories with the hashtag #casafacilenewhome and the tag @casafacile. Plus, we have also planned live social media events with accounts fro the magazine.

Thanks to a unique mix of practical advice that favours teste, style and trends, CasaFacile  is always on the side of its readers and their needs, reaching a total audience (magazine and web) of 765,000 net users every month (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion – March 2020), to which should be added a community on social media that now numbers more than 850,000 followers.

In the context of the current complex market phase, CasaFacile has confirmed its position as the leader del in its segment, with a 53% share of adv. pages (Nielsen data, January to September 2020).

A leadership that has been developed also thanks to the numerous projects conceived and created ad hoc for clients in different sectors. Initiatives that, with the involvement of stylists and bloggers and the spread of original content on the brand’s social media platforms, now represent a benchmark both for the community of followers and the number of interactions generated.

An advertising campaign in support of CasaFacile “New Home” has been planned on Mondadori Group titles and TV e (20 15” commercials on Discovery home channels) and communication on the DOOH circuit.

CasaFacile “New Home” will be on newsstands from 3 October to 22 October banded with Donna Moderna and Grazia