#CucinaEdonaConGiallo: great success for the Christmas charity challenge organised by GialloZafferano

Francesca Barra, Saturnino, Matricomio, Franz, Ester Marra, CookerGirl, and starred chefs Alessandro Negrini, Fabio Pisani, Viviana Varese in a five-hour social media-based cooking challenge in support of the Progetto Arca Project

Great success for the #CucinaEdonaConGiallo, the first social media charity challenge organised by GialloZafferano, the food media brand that is a point of reference for Italians in the kitchen, with more than 18 million unique users and 12 million fans, in support of the Fondazione Progetto Arca charity

A five-hour Christmas culinary marathon that involved ten exceptional guests: in fact the the site’s three faces  – ManuelAurora and Giovanni – live on social media from the kitchens of GialloZafferano, were joined on videolink by Francesca Barra, Saturnino, the comic duo Matricomio, Franz from Ale e Franz, the starred chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani from Aimo e Nadia, Viviana Varese from Viva, the blogger Ester Marra, the TikToker Aurora Cavallo, alias CookerGirl, in a special recipe-based contest. 

The event also involved users who were invited to post their creations inspired by the dishes presented during the live show, and in this way also contributing to the donation of basic foods to support families in need.  

Thanks to this charitable marathon, tomorrow will see the donation of 5,000 litres of Candia milk and almost a ton of Grana Padano cheese, which will be added to the food parcels that the Progetto Arca Onlus will distribute though its structure to 1,500 families across the country.

Once again GialloZafferano is close to its readers, users and their families by actively helping those in need in a cooking together initiative, for and with their loved ones. Thanks to the participation of its community. The live social media event reached an overall total of more than 2 million users on the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profiles of GialloZafferano