Donna Moderna chooses the Estetista Cinica as its cover face, the businesswoman who has revolutionised the way we talk to women about beauty

Donna Moderna, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda, has chosen as this week’s cover face Cristina Fogazzi, the digital businesswoman, better known as the Estetista Cinica (the cynical beautician).

With her engaging, empathetic and honest style and sincere professionalism, in less than five years she has managed to become a point of reference for women for beauty matters.
Cristina Fogazzi has revolutionised the way we talk about beauty to women and in the pages of Donna Moderna she talks authentically and even becomes an exclusive protagonist of a fashion shoot and for the first time is the face on the cover of an Italian women’s magazine.

Her story, her beauty tips and her wonderful sincerity will also feature in an unmissable appointment with the editor of  Donna Moderna, Annalisa Monfreda: a multicast live streaming event on the magazine’s Instagram profile and Facebook page, scheduled for Thursday 4 June at 3 pm. The live show with the Estetista Cinica will also be available on demand on social networks and the magazine’s web site.

“With this issue we’re back, after the lockdown, to shooting cover photos for the magazine. And we have chosen Cristina Fogazzi, a businesswoman who represents and symbolises the re-start, thanks to her ability to continuously renew her business. And because she has demonstrated that it is possible to do business in the world of beauty by telling women the truth, and without making them feel inadequate. And, more generally, because her story shows us that if you really have the wellbeing of your staff at heart, you can go anywhere,” said Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna.

As she explains to Donna ModernaCristina Fogazzi declared herself a “cynic” when she started to do what no one in the beauty business had dared to do, precisely, to tell the truth about creams and treatments: “We did the opposite of what the beauty business does. We gathered our customers by not making them feel inadequate or to blame for their flaws. At the same time, we told them the truth about the effectiveness of treatments. And it worked. Then I put this way of communicating online: with the creation of the Estetista Cinica blog.”

In 2016 she began to give beauty advice also to the readers of Donna Moderna in a column of beauty tips.
She also published, in collaboration with Dr Enrico Motta, the book Guida cinica alla cellulite (A cynical guide to cellulite), which has just been re-published with a new cover in an updated edition by Oscar Bestsellers (Mondadori).

In her interview with Donna Moderna, Cristina Fogazzi also talks about the future of her company and the value of the territory, form a business perspective: In fact, she produces her products in the Brescia area, where she was born and still lives. “My friends are here. And this is where we have the production side.” And, she underlines, “This is not just my company, it’s my story.”

She showed great attention and a sense of responsibility to this area also during the lockdown when, as she tells the magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda, she started promoting small local businesses simply and spontaneously.
Her way of doing business reflects her personality and goes against the grain of traditional business, and not without criticism. “Or so it seems. But if being a certain type of businesswoman means that I have to betray the kind of person I chose to be, I won’t do it. I will remain a small businesswoman. However, in the meantime, I have been on the cover of Donna Moderna,” she concludes.

Donna Moderna, the brand of reference in the women’s segment, is an ecosystem that, thanks to a unique mix of practical advice, first-hand testimony, stories and live daily coverage, is always at the side of its readers and their needs. Through the magazine and its web channels, it reaches a total net audience of 14 million users every month (media impact data fusion December 2019 based on Audiweb and Audipress figures), to which should be added over 2 million fans on social media with 1.4 million monthly interactions (Source: Sensemakers Maggio 2020).