Donna Moderna: the third edition of Corri con Noi kicks offi in 12 cities and 2 final challenges

The project is aimed at women who run or walk for networking and improve their self- belief Among the many new features this year. 3 new cities, a challenge in Europa and the big event in the desert

Corri con noi (Run With Us) the big project aimed at women who run and walk to keep fit, network and improve their self-belief today kicks off in twelve cities and with two final challenges.

Developed from an idea by Donna Moderna, the Mondadori Group brand and leader in the women’s segment, the previous editions of the initiative met with great success and, in fact, in 2019 attracted over 1000 subscribers in 9 Italian cities, with 270 training sessions and 45 participants in the final challenge in Morocco.

“With ever bigger numbers and enthusiasm, in just three years Corri con noi has become a gym for sisterhood and female emancipation and we are delighted to include another three cities in the project,” declared Annalisa Monfreda. 

Donna Moderna aims to continue to reinforce the community that rotates around a passion for running, given that running is not just a sport but a way to help women become more conscious of their potential, their strengths, make them feel more secure, improve their mood and keep day-to-day stress at bay. It is also an activity that is accessible to everyone and has the capacity to regenerate energy all while in the company of like-minded people.

This year 12 Italian cities will participate in the training sessions: Catania, Florence, Lecce, Milan, Naples, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Pescara, Rome, Turin and Verona.

Participants will be divided into 3 groups, according to their level of fitness, and followed by qualified coaches, with whom they can log their progress with regular checks. Each city will have its own ambassador who will engage and motivate the participants by sharing their efforts, progress and the values of aggregation of Donna Moderna.  The programme will include one weekly training session and, to introduce participants to trail running, i.e. running in a natural environment, they will be able to take part with a team from the magazine in two challenges: the final challenge in the desert and, for the first time this year, a new spring challenge in Europe.

To sign up to become a member of the Donna Moderna  runner crew all you need to do is go to the platform Each subscriber will receive a welcome kit with a T-shirt, bag and personalised Corri con noi bracelet.

You can follow the entire initiative  on all of the brand’s social channels with the official hashtag #corriconnoi. Plus, week by week, the magazine will also cover the training sessions with a photographic report.

The web site, with the special will provide users with all the necessary information and advice, as well as details on how to sign up for the stages and to take part in the two big challenges.

Plus training tips and suggestions for all experienced and aspiring runners.

Initial Partners of the initiative areSCARPA® Italy’s leading producer of technical sports shoes with the Spin Ultra model for trail running; GARMIN world leader in GPS technology for sport, fitness and the outdoors; Mediterranea Cosmetics with its line of cosmetic products for skincare and bodycare; Lauretana producer of Europe’s lightest mineral water;  SIXTEMLIFE® with Benped® that includes advanced technology product for the well-being of the foot.

The print, web and social campaign has been curated by Hunbranded.

Donna Moderna, Italy’s leading women’s network, is an ecosystem that through the magazine, web and social channels, embraces a digital audience 14 million unique users every month (Source: Comscore December 2019) and reaches 3.5 million readers per month (Source: Audipress 2019/2) to which is added over 1.3 million fans on Facebook, over 500,000 followers on Twitter and 430,000 on Instagram.