Focus Junior for schools

Every day on the web site and on social networks background materials and workshops for kids

Focus Junior, the Mondadori Group magazine that is a point of reference in the world of kids, has launch a daily programme of content to support and entertain children kept away from school by the current health emergency.

Science, history, technology, fun and games: every day on the web site – which reaches an audience of over 500,000 unique users every month (Source: Audiweb, January 2020) – and the Facebook and Instagram social network channels, Focus Junior offers a range of background materials, creative activities and brand new experiments, in line with the brand’s characteristic edutainment philosophy, which aims to stimulate and engage children while having fun.

Like a real day at school, starting at 9 in the morning, with news and the facts of the day, continuing at 11 am with revision of the rules of mathematics and grammar.

At 1 pm and then at 7 pm, background materials in Italian, maths, history, science, with a wealth of curiosities to discover.

At 4 pm, it’s time for creativity with special workshops: videos led by Focus Junior experts, with a range of ideas for things to try at home to exploit manual skills and learn new things, from Harry Potter’s magic potion, which involves chemical reactions, to the construction of a video projector to recreate a little cinema in your bedroom, and much more.

The kids are also invited to talk about their daily activities at home on video, a selection of which will be posted each day on the Instagram profile of Focus Junior.