Grazia on newsstands with a special issue ‘Torneremo ad abbracciarci’

A hymn to positivity and strength, with exclusive interviews, reinforced content, 100 pages of fashion and an extensive section dedicated to beauty

“A virtual embrace between China and Italy is not just a hope as spring arrives, but also a symbol of sisterhood between nations. We will embrace again, and it will be wonderful. Meanwhile, read us and enjoy the triumph of the joy of living in our pages.  You are Grazia,” declared Silvia Grilli, editor of Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, present around the world with 20 international editions, in her editorial in the issue on newsstands from Thursday 19 March.

A special issue, which in a difficult moment for everyone, brings together testimonies of positivity and energy, human warmth and strength, of hope and gratitude.

Grazia continues to evolve and reinforce its content and in this issue, the opening of the magazine is given over to messages from the editors of the 20 international editions and addressed to Italy and the world now caught up in a global emergency.

The news section is marked by the strapline: “We will embrace again” and examines the issues currently facing the world: doctors and nurses are celebrated, while well-known entrepreneurs and authoritative voices discuss how to rebuild the country.

The writer Luca Bianchini appreciates a rediscovered slowness, writer Camilla Baresani talks about the moment when we understood that alone we are nothing alone and that we can only face these difficulties together. Yet another writer, Daniela Delle Foglie, discusses our sentimental life in a time of virus, the influencer Iris Ferrari (with 3.2 million followers on TikTok) comments on the fact that kids are staying connected without meeting. While the author of the book Spillover, David Quammen demands limitations on the trading of wild animals and an Australian writer shares her experience of recovering from a catastrophe.

The magazine also finds space for naturalist Jane Goodall to talk about the strength of the universe that always protects life.

But Grazia è is also fashion: 100 exclusive pages to make you dream and relax, and a shooting produced by Grazia China dedicated to Italy with the hope that we will soon be able to overcome the emergency.

And, of course, a section dedicated to beauty: pages full of advice on how to always treat yourself well and choose the right products suitable for all types of women.