Icon: on newsstands a collectors’ issue with 100 pages by photographer Bruce Weber

Over 100 pages of unpublished images and portraits by the extraordinary photographer Bruce Weber, fashion stories, interviews and special services: all in the new issue of di Icon, on newsstands from Friday 6 March.

A collectors’ issue celebrating art and beauty for the Mondadori Group’s fashion and lifestyle brand that, under the editorship of Andrea Tenerani, editor-at-large Federico Sarica and new creative director Luca Stoppini, signals a further step forward in its mission to increasingly be a “contemporary classic” and to represent fashion, lifestyle, stories, personalities and male passions to an increasingly global audience.

Icon is becoming a statement, a declaration of the intent to more and more identify and define the contemporary by selecting the best stories, personalities and photographs that are also destined to last. In other words, iconic,” explained Andrea Tenerani, editor of Icon. “’I’ as in icon, so, starting from the cover, but also ‘I’ as in the first person singular, a declaration of the desire to  place at the centre of the magazine’s narrative the uniqueness of life and the style of each of our readers and members of our community.”

The is month’s three covers, from the portfolio of Bruce Weber, feature the actor Brandon Thomas Lee, an exclusive Bruce Weber portrait of David Bowie and Antonio and Piero Teoli, two Italo-American brothers, both students at the Frank Sinatra School of Arts in Miami.


Among leading contemporary photographers, Weber has capture many of the biggest names in the world of show business and art. Plus, for Icon, Weber is not just the figure behind the lens, but also talks about himself in an exclusive conversation with actress Anjelica Huston.

It is a collaboration that consolidates the relationship with Icon, which has always been committed to the highest standards of quality in images and content, with the support of leading photographers and personalities from the world of contemporary culture.

This is also a continuation of the process of strengthening the brand in the upscale male lifestyle segment. Also marked by a new look, thanks to a re-design that increasingly highlights the strengths of Icon and its distinctive positioning, starting from the logo, with the highlighted “I”, a graphic symbol that characterises all of the sections, from fashion and beauty, to news and culture.