Mondadori Store delivers culture and entertainment to the homes of readers

Coming soon: a new service “Il tuo libraio” (“Your bookseller”): Mondadori Store booksellers provide reading recommendations

Readings, recommendations and online events with writers and personalities: also when the doors of bookshops are closed and the streets deserted, Mondadori Store remains a socio-cultural beacon reaching out to Italian families in their homes with an offer of books and entertainment and bringing readers, booksellers and authors closer together.

As a way of supporting its public, providing moments of relaxation and support in this new day-to-day existence, the Mondadori Group’s bookstore chain has launched “Mondadori Storie”: a daily programme of content on Facebook and Instagram to accompany readers from morning – with some of the great openings of novels, both classics and new titles – till night-time – with stories for children, suggested by children – and to engage fans with thematic challenges and keep the whole family entertained thanks to social events with special guests.
The Mondadori Store week of events on social networks begins with a good-mood look at the stars, every Monday morning with a literary horoscope before continuing with book presentations, readings and workshops aimed at parents and children of all ages, with expert recommendations on how to best face time away from school. Artists and authors will meet the public also in videochats and respond to users’ questions and curiosities.

And, coming soon, a brand new free personal shopping telephone service for readers called “Il tuo libraio (Your bookseller): a direct line of communication with Mondadori Store booksellers, available to customers to provide reading suggestions, advice based on preferences and new tips, with also the possibility to buy books and have them delivered, for personal use or as a gifts.
Full information will be available on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Mondadori Store.
Fiction, non-fiction, miscellaneous and classic titles, as well as cartoons and children’s books. In fat, on the web site it is possible to choose from a selection of over 1 million titles, as well as music, films, stationery, toys and e-Readers.