The Nostrofiglio community comes together for the ‘Andrà tutto bene’ initiative to amplify the positive message

2 million contacts and over 40,000 interactions in 24 hours on the social media pages of Nostrofiglio, with the contribution of GialloZafferano, FocusJunior and Donna Moderna

All across Italy, on front doors, windows, balconies and verandas posters and banners have appeared bearing the words “Andrà tutto bene” (All will be well) and a large rainbow of hope. The have been made by Italian children with the aim of sending a message of hope and solidarity in these days of the health emergency. Using coloured felt tip pens, crayons and paint, the kids have used the initiative as a way of passing the time drawing and colouring in a fun way

Nostrofiglio, the portal for mums and dads 2.0, with contributions from of Giallozafferano, FocusJunior and Donna Moderna, decided to support the Andrà tutto bene initiative also by asking the families that are pert of their community, and therefore also to the children, to submit photographs of their “work”.

The result so far? 2 million contacts, 40,000 interactions and more than 5,000 drawings, sent in from all across Italy to the social media pages of the brands Nostrofiglio, Giallozafferano, FocusJunior and Donnamoderna whose support has spread and amplified the initiative’s positive.

Here is a gallery from the Facebook profile of Nostrofiglio where you can see the children’s drawings: