Donna Moderna launches “Greenlife”: a special issue to talk about how we can all work together every day to protect the planet

The brand’s commitment shared with its community in favour of increasingly sustainable lifestyles continues

Featured on the cover, the TV presenter Camila Raznovich: “Care for the environment is a duty and the responsibility of all of us”

What are the green choices that we can actually adopt every day? What actions can we take with others to safeguard the environment in which we live? These are the questions answered by Greenlife, the new issue of Donna Moderna, on newsstands from Thursday 14 October.

At the heart of the magazine is a 24-page special printed on 100% PEFC recycled paper, with first-hand accounts, advice and insights to discover how to make your lifestyle increasingly sustainable thanks to small and simple daily gestures.

It is need that also emerges from the survey conducted by the brand, in collaboration with BVA – Doxa and Mondadori Lab, which shows that Donna Moderna readers are increasingly likely to adopt virtuous behaviour. Among the most shared issues are attention to energy saving and separate waste disposal (64%), a reduction in the use of plastic (47%) and the purchase of organic and local products (33%).

These initiatives are part of the activities that the brand, a reference point in the women’s segment, has been pursuing with its community to make a concrete contribution to safeguarding the planet. A commitment that started with #BeeGreen, the participatory project with which Donna Moderna this year involved over 9 million readers and users, in sustainable actions with extraordinary results: over 200 tons of CO2 saved, and a home provided for over 1 million bees in Milan.

“We realised that what our readers want to leave to their children is not material goods, but a planet in better condition than they found it in. Our job is to provide inspiration and information, and at the same time record the good practices that the readers themselves introduce into their routines in such a way that an account of this changing lifestyle becomes a sort of collective novel,” said Annalisa Monfreda, editor of Donna Moderna.

The special issue
Featured on the cover of this special issue of Donna Moderna is Camila Raznovich, the presenter of the TV show Kilimanjaro who was selected by Donna Moderna for her green soul. Attentive to the environment, very wary of consumerism and a black belt of separating waste, Camila talks to Donna Moderna about her world of escapes into the green and music, of vintage shopping and recycling, as a house rule but also a question of love: “Care for the environment is a duty and the responsibility of all of us,” she tells the magazine.

Three main issues are developed in the pages of this special.
Starting with the story of the small gestures that we can adopt every day, with the testimonies of 27 women, journalists and readers, who reveal the conscious choices they have made to protect the environment, plus lots of advice on how to put them into practice.

And then there is an in-depth study dedicated to what we can actually do together with others to protect the planet. Extensive space is devoted to the phenomenon of girls and boys who have given life to projects and associations throughout Italy to safeguard the areas in which they live.

A map of Made in Italy excellence will highlight the many records that the country has achieved in terms of sustainability

A storytelling on green issues that the magazine will also develop on the brand’s website and social media channels, in which Greenlife issues will be developed and expanded. From stories to video reels to calls-to-action: content aimed at engaging the brand’s over 2.2 million fans and talking about the sustainable actions that we can adopt every day.

#BeeGreen Honey Day
Donna Moderna initiatives in favour of sustainability have also included the #BeeGreen Honey Day, a unique event, which took place at the Cascina Merlata last September 26, organised to coincide with the UpTown Green Week, and celebrate the honey production of over 1 million bees housed by Donna Moderna and underscore the concrete commitment of the brand and its community to the environment.

An activity that was also promoted through the project’s green ambassadors on their Instagram profiles.

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