Focus confirms its leadership in the popular science segment and expands its offer for the summer

In july and august two double issues with 40 pages of Domande & Risposte (questions & answers) and two exclusive “Focus guides” dedicated to the 101 UNESCO heritage sites

Focus, the Mondadori Group brand, leader in the popular science segment, once again confirms its role as a point of reference for all enthusiasts about issues related to science, technology and nature, and introduces an even richer offer. 

With over 3.1 million readers every month (Source: Audipress, 2021/I), the magazine edited by Raffaele Leone underlines its position as Italy’s most widely read monthly thanks to a successful formula which has always managed to combine authoritative contributions from internationally renowned scientists and experts, with an unmistakable style that is both clear and direct and able to reach an increasingly large audience.

Every day Focus makes the most recent discoveries accessible and engaging, helps readers to navigate around fake news and broaden awareness and understanding of the evolution of the most recent discoveries through a multimedia system that includes the magazine and the web, special events such as Focus Live, as well as podcasts and social media, where its numbers continue to grow. The brand’s community currently has more than 3.2 million fans (Source: Shareablee and Insight, June 2021), an increase of 17% compared with 2020 thanks to a rich schedule of engaging and instructive content, reaching a peak organic reach of over 1 million per post.

Plus, it is going to be a summer of new features for Focus, that is enhancing its offer with special content and new editorial initiatives.

Starting with the magazine, which will be on newsstands in July and August with two double issues: both of which will, exceptionally, add to the features and columns of Focus 40 pages of Focus Domande & Risposte, (Questions & Answers) to satisfy the curiosity of everyone and provide answers to the most incredible and interesting facts: from the animal world to technology, and from history to health, as well as food, sport and economics.

And, for the first time, Focus will bring to newsstands the Focus Guides”, two exclusive collectors’ volumes to explore and admire the 101 UNESCO Heritage Sites, available from 30 July. The first volume “Paesaggi e natura” (Landscapes and Nature) features an account of the most beautiful and suggestive sites in every country, from the Great Wall in China to the Galapagos Islands, and the extraordinary Italian villages of the Cinque Terre. The second volume “Arte e civiltà” (Art and Civilisation) will be a journey of discovery of the world’s cultures and the symbolic sites of history.

The launch of these initiatives will be enhanced by an advertising campaign conceived to amplify the new features among the target audience, and planed across various media, from the magazines and newspapers, as well as radio, social media and TV.

These activities also confirm Focus as a dynamic brand that is always careful to satisfy the needs of a highly curious and interested public looking to discover and understand the world through the lens of science.