Focus: exclusive collaboration with the WWF

A special issue to examine the projects and places to defend in order to safeguard the planet

The journalist of the brand that is a reference point for popular science will work side by side with researchers from the WWF on an extraordinary report marking the 60th anniversary of the association

Focus, the Mondadori Group brand, leader in popular science, is strengthening its commitment to safeguarding the planet with a special issue produced in collaboration with the WWF.

An extraordinary project that sees Italy’s most widely read popular science monthly, a point of reference for science, nature and technology enthusiasts, travelling with the organisation’s researchers to examine – through the authoritative lens of the editorial team – the projects that for 60 years the WWF has pursued in order to protect and endangered land and species.

The project, which brings together Focus and the WWF, will lead to a special report that aims to share with the whole of the brand’s community – of 5.2 million users and readers (source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, May 2021) – the message that, now more than ever, our defence of the environment cannot be postponed. An initiative that is the first stage of a journey that in 2022 will see Focus celebrate its first 30 years with a series of activities and special events.

“Since 1961, the WWF has been fighting for the protection of nature and ecosystems. And it does so because it understood, before others, that humankind’s wonderful journey has also endangered the planet’s delicate balance. So, we travelled around Italy and the world with the WWF to learn more about the nature reserves they defend, the work they do, the wild places, the plants and the animals that live there. We observed the amazing nature of the earth so that we could tell you about it. And, once again, we did it in awe and admiration, with an amazement that we never want to lose.” said Raffaele Leone, editor of Focus.

Focus proved to be an extraordinary travelling companion that enabled us to talk about the work we did in our first sixty years, from the challenges we have overcome to those we still have to face, aware that our wellbeing also depends on the wellbeing of the nature that surrounds us. Today we know that in the next 10 years we will have to do much more than what has been done in the last 60 years if we are to face the climate crisis and reverse the trend in biodiversity loss. In the last 60 years we have seen the world undergo profound transformations and even the WWF has changed in that time, but one thing will never change: our absolute determination to create a future where people can live in harmony with nature,” said Donatella Bianchi, president of the WWF Italy.

This initiative is the result of a multi-year commitment that Focus has been engaged in to raise awareness and promote the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda through initiatives that involve readers, students and teachers across all its channels, which make the brand an important multimedia platform of reference for such issues.

At the heart of this special edition of Focus are reports, first-hand accounts and encounters by journalists from the magazine’s editorial team, exceptional protagonists of the expeditions conducted together with WWF experts.
A journey through the pages of the magazine that will accompany readers around the world with exclusive stories and a selection of unpublished images of the territories explored and their inhabitants.

In Paraguay visiting environments where nature still reigns supreme: an expedition to the heart of South America, which begins in the Chaco area, a territory increasingly threatened by the expansion of livestock breeding and extensive agriculture and which continues from the Pantanal area to the Atlantic forest.

And then in central Africa with a visit to the protected Dzanga-Sangha area where gorillas – overwhelmed by poaching and further threatened by both pervasive and silent deforestation and diseases such as Ebola – are protected and admired by tourists thanks to an “habituation” project launched by the WWF in the 1990s.

The issue also features the story of the search for whales and dolphins in the waters of our own seas: a direct testimony of the experience lived on board the Blue Panda, the WWF ambassador ship, which last summer crossed the Mediterranean Sea spreading its message on the importance of safeguarding the marine ecosystem.

Further enhancing the project, there is also a programme of special content available on the website and on the brand’s social channels – which reach more than 3 million followers – with many additional insights, interviews and exclusive images and videos on WWF projects to satisfy the curiosity and interest of users.

A multichannel and circular offer which, from the magazine is developed and enhanced on Focus’s digital channels, confirming the brand’s successful formula that combines the contribution of authoritative voices of international standing with an always fresh and rigorous look with an unmistakably clear and direct style that is able to reach an ever-wider audience.