GialloZafferano brings its partner onboard Amazon Alexa

The first cooking brand at an international level to provide vocal content created in cooperation with its commercial partners

GialloZafferano, Italy’s leading food media brand, with 18.8 million unique users (Source: Audiweb, November 2020) and 13 million fans, continues to evolve and expand the user experience it offers to its audience across all channels: from the web to print, social media and events, and through all of the available interfaces on the market, including the most innovative such as virtual assistants.

Since the launch of Alexa and Echo devices by Amazon in Italy, GialloZafferano has offered its users the possibility of conduction searches and cooking with instructions delivered by Amazon’s virtual assistant, using a dedicated Skill. In fact, in many kitchens, Alexa has become an ideal ally able to provide suggestions for an evening meal and to help in the preparation of all kinds of dishes. And the number are the proof: in the last 12 months more than 5 million recipe requests have been made using the vocal service. A figure that is destined to continue to grow as more devices equipped with Alexa enter the homes of customers in Italy.

The experience offered by GialloZafferano in vocal applications for cooking are recognised as best case in terms of the continuous innovation, is now taking a further step ahead by bringing its commercial partners onboard its Alexa Skill.

After specially adapting hundreds of content items to be used by voice and having redesigned its search engine, GialloZafferano will be able to continue to provide vocal recipes produced in collaboration with the brands with which it works in the realisation of dishes. It is an operation through which Italy’s best loved cooking site can evolve its user experience on Alexa, by perfectly integrating into the recipes the companies that invest in the brand, in a completely new, immediate and innovative approach.

Everyone who has an Amazon device with Alexa can therefore continue to interact with the voice service to find inspiration for their dishes, automatically consulting all of the GialloZafferano recipes, which are now richer than ever thanks to the collaboration of GialloZafferano with its commercial partners. All you need to say is “Alexa, find me a recipe for …” to enter the GialloZafferano world of tasty ideas and get help in all phases of the preparation. Users can interrupt the process at any time and start again from where they left off, without ever having to use their hands, which, in any case, in the kitchen, are normally busy doing other things. So you can carry on cutting, mixing and kneading, while Alexa explains the next step.

With this initiative, GialloZafferano will enhance the communication system which every day reaches the homes of millions of people and offers a catalogue of 5,500 recipes and 1,650 high-definition videos and the extraordinary participation of over 10 million hours spent in the kitchen on the site.