GialloZafferano confirms its position as the top destination for italians in the kitchen and makes its debut abroad

Online now a new multi-touchpoint platform that takes the GialloZafferano offer also to an international audience

2020 was a year full of initiatives of the digital brands of the Mondadori Group: a successful portfolio that ranges from GialloZafferano to Donna Moderna, and from MyPersonalTrainer to Grazia and, and that confirms its role as a point of reference for the interests and enthusiasm of Italians online.

In December, with a +7% increase on the same month of the previous year, the digital network of Mondadori Media reached 29 million unique users per month (Source: Audiweb), confirming in particular its position as the publisher of reference for female users, with almost 17 million visitors.

A competitive positioning with, at the top, GialloZafferano, Italy’s most popular food media brand, which, again according to Audiweb, is visited by more than 20 million users per month.
In fact, in December, Italians spent over 7 million hours on GialloZafferano, which is equal to 70% of all the time spent by Italians across all cookery sites.
And with this result Giallozafferano also confirms its position as the fourth most used publishing brand overall, and the first excluding news sites.

This leadership should then be added to the brand’s position on social media where it is followed by over 18 million fans on six platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, YouTube to TikTok, as well as Twitter and Pinterest.
Particularly interesting is the brand’s success on TikTok, where in just over six months from the launch, the brand has gained more than in 650,000 followers, and is continuing to grow, also among the younger target.
The growth trajectory of GialloZafferano continues also in 2021 with the launch of a new multi-touchpoint platform in English, already available online and on the main social networks, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks to this initiative the brand will give added impulse to its development and aim to become an essential destination, not only for Italian users, but also for a global audience of cooking enthusiasts who want to learn about and try traditional Made in Italy dishes, and becoming an authentic world ambassador of Italian cooking.

“For more than fifteen years GialloZafferano has been recognised by food lovers for the quality of its content and the continuous one-to-one care that it gives to all its users, across all media. With the launch of the English-language version of GialloZafferano and its social media, marks the beginning of the brand’s international expansion which will enable us to spread the best of Italian cooking around the world: in fact, along with fashion and design, food is one of the Italy’s most important assets and the Mondadori Group is active all of these sectors with outstanding brands,” declared Andrea Santagatageneral manager of Mondadori Media.

For its international debut GialloZafferano has developed a communication system that starts from the web with dedicated to “The best Italian recipes”. The new site offers and extensive selection of the best dishes from the Italian kitchen with over 200 step-by-step recipes produced or translated into English and accompanied by videos and photos, and the aim is to arrive at 500 video-recipes by the end of 2021.

The multi-touchpoint approach is ranged across social media, from Facebook and Instagram pages, and dedicated YouTube channels, with a total initial fanbase of 4.5 million fans, of which 170,000 followers on Instagram, over 4.1 million fans on Facebook and 200,000 subscribers on the “GialloZafferano Italian recipes” YouTube channel. In fact, for many months Giallozafferano has been curating and growing its presence on social media in English. On YouTube the brand already offers around 500 video-recipes, while on Facebook and Instagram a unique and distinctive positioning had been developed that brings together and promotes, not only the best of Italian cooking, but also the best of Italy in general, in order to allow users to discover the “best and the beauty” in which the country excels.
The brand will also take advantage of the collaboration of creators that will focus on the inimitable classic recipes of our country.

The new GialloZafferano platform in English is an ideal opportunity also for Italian companies in the food sector who want to aim their campaigns at a global audience.


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