GialloZafferano: indispensable in the kitchen for 62% of italians

Italian brand leader on the web and social media is “top of mind” among food media and the most useful for preparing recipes and discovering new products

The best known, most consulted and indispensable in the kitchen: GialloZafferano once again confirms its position as the food media brand that is the undisputed reference point for Italians in the kitchen.These are the results from the latest research on the main publishing brands in the sector in Italy, promoted by Mondadori Media through the Mondadori Lab panel in collaboration with BVA-Doxa. The survey was carried out on 1,900 food buyers who experiment in the kitchen, taking into consideration magazines, TV programmes, websites and social media profiles that talk about food and recipes.

An analysis of the habits of the sample shows that for 36% cooking is a great passion, particularly in the younger age groups, aged from 18 to 44. 49% love to experiment with regional dishes and 24% try to introduce ethnic cuisine at home. The main source of recipes for 72% of respondents is the web.

In the top spot among the most popular food media brands is GialloZafferano: it is also top of mind, spontaneously cited by 34% of the sample and in first place also for assisted notoriety with 89% of preferences, an increase on the previous year. In addition, 71% said they had consulted the brand in the last 3 months.

GialloZafferano is considered indispensable by 62% of the interviewees: and a closer look at the image of GialloZafferano in the minds consumers shows that the main characteristic associated with the brand is its usefulness (66%), not only for the preparation of recipes, but also for the discovery of new products. An offer that users consider “clear and simple”, “rich in content” and “always up to date”.

These figures are confirmed by the continuously growing community and that confirm the brand’s ability to provide a service for people at various times of the day: 15 million users per month on the web, where GialloZafferano is the world’s leading cookery site for market penetration with a 33% reach and 70% of the time spent by users who consult food sites.

The brand is also the leader on social media, with over 20 million fans on 6 platforms, generating a total of 100 million video views per month.

Moreover, GialloZafferano has the largest food blogging community in the country, with an additional 17 million fans reached thanks to its 50 top bloggers and is now also the top attraction for talent and boasts a team of 50 food creators who collaborate regularly with the brand, with a total fan base of 38 million users.

The GialloZafferano formula has conquered food lovers thanks to its mix of exclusive content and original language: a production process based on an in-house content factory that selects, tests and realises recipes three times to ensure they are perfect and “user-friendly”, in different formats and on different platforms, to actively engage an ever-wider audience. The brands is also present on Instagram and TikTok with a distinctive editorial offer, thanks also to the collaboration of some of best creators, the brand today boasts an even stronger positioning in the 18-35-year-old target, making it a reference point in the kitchen also for young people.