Grazia presents G21

G as in Grazia, 21 as in the personalities who combine their voices to discover new perspectives, 21 as in the current year, 21 as in the number of international editions of the magazine

Grazia, the leading, 100% Italian fashion magazine, and symbol of the contemporary, style and elegance, launches G21, an exclusive project dedicated to the future and rebirth, across all of the brand’s channels, and culminating at the end of the year in an appointment involving all of the international editions of the title.

G as in Grazia, 21 as in the personalities who combine their voices for this special initiative to discover new perspectives, 21 as in the current year, 21 as in the number of international editions of the magazine.

And at the heart of this Grazia project, a special issue, on newsstands from tomorrow, Thursday 18 March. How can we redesign the future? How can we manage the social and cultural revolution unleashed by the pandemic changing ways of thinking and lifestyles?   What new prospects and opportunities are there and how can they be developed?

“We have been saddened, frightened, angry, resigned, recovered, and can’t wait to get going again with new prospects,” said the editor of GraziaSilvia Grilli. “But it won’t be like switching on a light that has been switched off, and, as in the story of Sleeping Beauty, finding everything as it was before. This extraordinary issue of Grazia has been conceived to examine proposal and ideas for the future. The achievements of the personalities present in the issue, their excellent work in different fields, are an example for the country and the world. And for us at Grazia and for them, believing in ideas means fighting to defend them and make visible the unseen,” concluded Grilli.

So, in this issue of Grazia some of the most well-known figures from the worlds of cinema, the arts, fashion, science, technology, entertainment and medicine give shape to the future in a special collectors’ issue.

Designer Giorgio Armani, the head of Spotify Italia Federica Tremolada, Facebook executive  Sheryl Sandberg, actor Pierfrancesco Favino, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the Rector of Bocconi University Gianmario Verona, doctor Paolo Veronesi, along with virologist Ilaria Capua, architect and entrepreneur Piero Lissoni, digital creative Elisa Maino, Olympic athlete Bebe Vio, champion swimmer Federica Pellegrini, economist Lucrezia Reichlin, Formula One chief executive Stefano Domenicali, the director of the Biennale Arte Cecilia Alemani, the world’s most celebrated Italian chef Massimo Bottura, writer Teresa Ciabatti, ballet star Roberto Bolle, multi-award-winning singer Laura Pausini, publisher and politician Massimo Bray and the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli.

This is an historical moment that everyone considers and opportunity to rebuild and reinvent ourselves. To give just a few examples: the actor Pierfrancesco Favino thinks that when theatres and cinemas can re-open, they should become places where we can meet actors and directors and get young people back into the audience. For Laura Pausini music as a way of bringing people together will be stronger than ever. Microsoft founder Bill Gates talks about the ecological transition and how we will free ourselves of fossil fuels. The architect and entrepreneur Piero Lissoni thinks that after the pandemic we will take more care of what is most precious to us; our homes, our time and the places where we live. Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg reflects on the new opportunities for women offered by the digital world. The Rector of Bocconi University Gianmario Verona writes about how the revolution in distance learning will lead to made-to-measure training for every student. Ballet star Roberto Bolle asks that private donations and public funding come together to relaunch the arts.

The coverage will then continue with a rich schedule of the social media profiles of Grazia, where the content of the magazine will be expanded with contributions from the personalities involved.

And with this initiative, Grazia confirms its position as a brand able to continuously evolve, becoming a point of reference for over 4.7 million users (Source: Data Fusion Nielsen Media Impact May 2020) and 1.55 million fans (Fonte Shareablee + TikTok and Pinterest February 2021).

And on the occasion of dl G21, also the Grazia Factory – a workshop of original productions, shootings and contemporary initiatives – will evolve, offering its users innovative digital projects and new creators. Factory 21 will introduce twenty-one new digital talents: from a travel expert to a lover of design, a beauty creator to a videomaker, a fashion photographer, a as well as a stylist, a lifestyle expert and an art director. The range of talents of Factory 21 will engage in line with the different issues.

To celebrate and broaden the appeal of the values of G21, which are focused on the reconstruction of the future and rebirth, the Palazzo Mondadori has exceptionally illuminated its arches with the colour magenta of the cover of Grazia, using spectacular special lights.

Coverage of the G21 project will culminate with the production of special editorial content in collaboration with La5, on air on Wednesday 31 March.

The initiative has been received with great interest in the market with many clients expressing appreciation of the project and  booking one or more pages. The issue has sold over 100 advertising pages, proof that the market is both optimistic about the future and willing to invest in the recovery.

The launch of this new Grazia project will be supported by an advertising campaign on the press, radio, web, social media and DOOH.