SmartWorld, leader in the tech information segment, is online with a new website

On the web and social media with an even more immersive design and an updated visual brand identity

SmartWorld, Italy’s biggest technology network, relaunch its website, now online with a new visual brand identity.

Leader in the tech information segment, with over 2 million unique users every month (Source: Audiweb, January-June 2021), SmartWorld is an articulated communication system based on  3 digital properties (,, that provides the market with a privileged overview of the technological innovations destined to revolutionise our everyday lives: from traditional consumer electronics to home automation, and from gaming to home entertainment, the internet and gadgets.

Over the years, SmartWorld has been able to evolve into an authentic content factory, becoming the leading “brand influencer” in the tech market, thanks to its ability to provide effective coverage across all platforms: from articles on the web to YouTube content, as well as podcasts, news about the best offers on Telegram, reels on Instagram and short videos on TikTok (where the brand has attracted more than 350,000 followers in just one year).

A single hub that places users at the centre, presenting new products and services, reviews and ratings, product profiles and a buying guide divided by category with a clear and simple language, suitable for both straightforward and complex devices and conceived with the aim of engaging not only tech addicts, but also the public at large.

THE NEW SITE – From today, the new SmartWorld site will provide users with a more immediate and easy-to-use interface, making it easier to make full use of the offer.

The new visual brand identity focuses on modern and appealing logos, while the web design is even more suited to access from mobile devices and social media, in addition to being more practical and offering faster download speeds.

The new look is completed with a new homepage, where news and video content will be given new prominence and a special section will be dedicated to partners’ promotional offers with buying guides just a click away, a new proprietary semantic algorithm for content management and an even more immersive design.