confirms its position as a point of reference for high school diploma exams

From conceptual maps to podcasts, thousands of items of content available online

Record on TikTok, with 7 million views and 3 million likes in the week of the exams

Teaching materials, summaries, conceptual maps, guides and background details prepared by teachers, as well as podcasts with audio snippets for speed up revision, a YouTube channel and dedicated groups on Facebook and Telegram: also this year confirms its role as a point of reference for schoolkids involved in the high school diploma exams, making available all of the necessary resources to face and overcome the challenge.

The Mondadori Group brand – used by the community also as a platform for sharing opinions, doubts and expectations, starting from surveys and questionnaires – has continued to offer support for students outside of school with a wide range of materials on its web site and on social media, confirming its position as a leader in the educational segment with 5 million unique users per month (Source: Comscore, April 2021).

THE MOST CLICKED CONTENT – Exhausted after a year and a half of distance learning and by the final rush of checks and tests, final year high school students have once again found in digital content an indispensable source of support for revision ahead of the exams. This is confirmed by a survey conducted on the eve of the exams by on a sample of 40,000 pupils: 50% of them declared that they found the summaries extremely useful, followed by conceptual maps (25%), background (14%) and videos (9%). However, it is podcasts that won the record number of clicks, for which, in the month of May alone, more than 165,000 downloads were recorded, with a total of over 1.2 million downloads on the brand’s channel.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY – Among the many difficulties encountered at the end of the year, the biggest one concerned the preparation for the exam: it is by chance that, according to a recent survey by, 80% of students did not feel adequately prepared or were afraid of gaps due to distance learning. The exams, however, went better than expected, as can be seen from the comments collected on the brand’s social media channels, which have become an authentic meeting and exchange point for all the students: “My exam went well. I was excited, I had studied a lot and it seemed like a walk in the park,” writes Veronica. “Guys, I’’s over! An unforgettable feeling, good luck to the next lot!”, echoes Desiree.

From literary summaries to mathematical explanations, from English cards to scientific curiosities, and from practical tips to jog the memory and concentration to suggestions for dealing with performance anxiety, the final year exams are confirmed as increasingly social and digital.

RECORD ON TIKTOK Present on all major social networks with a fanbase of 910,000 users (Source: Shareablee and TikTok, June 2021), in the weeks of the exams enjoyed unprecedented success on TikTok. In fact, for the first time, with the launch of the hashtags #imparacontiktok, #imparacontiktokitalia and #maturità2021, even the popular social network attracted a significant number of students struggling with the state exams.

Thanks to the quality and immediacy of the educational video snippets, as well as the openness and spontaneity of the young creators, the channel received a wave of subscriptions, with more than 310,000 followers and more than 3 million likes; a total of 7 million views.

The commitment of the team will not stop even during the summer months: the brand’s TikTok creators will continue to keep students company, with lots of new content designed to support them both in their choice of university and in view of getting back to school.