The pharmacy of the future: the AdKaora analysis on the evolution of the pharma market

The Observatory on changes in markets and consumers of AdKaora, the digital agency of the Mondadori Group specializing in mobile advertising and proximity marketing, has published the new research “The pharmacy of the future”: focusing on an analysis of the transformations in pharma sector in 2021 and the definition of the new profile being adopted by pharmacies as they evolve as points of sale.

In 2021 physical pharmacies have broadened their catchment area, expanding from a traditionally local clientele to customers of online pharmacies, which are constantly growing as support platforms for physical outlets, which continue to offer a customer experience that cannot be replicated on the web.

In addition to providing medicines and health and beauty advice, pharmacies are also becoming authentic prevention centres and service hubs, which while on the one hand requires a significant effort in terms of adaptation and investment aimed at supporting the transformation, on the other hand they continue to have undisputed advantages.

The aim of the survey was to investigate how consumer needs regarding to pharmaceutical products have changed and changes in buying habits, the relationship with physical points of sale and the effectiveness of advertising.

The research is the result of AdKaora’s consolidated knowledge of the market, thanks to the management of geo-fencing and geo-behavioural data on a panel of 9 million ID devices, to an analysis of footfall at more than 470,000 verified points of interest. and surveys conducted on the habits and behaviour of the procurement managers of the CheckBonus app, with which the brand has a multi-year partnership.

Here are some findings that emerged from the study:

  • Changes underway: pharmacies are commercial operations that also play a role in providing assistance to people, thus confirming their role as a fundamental and high-potential market that is changing and becoming “service pharmacies”.
  • The bricks-and-mortar pharmacy as a point of reference: consumers believe that physical stores are irreplaceable, even though they are increasingly multichannel in terms of the purchasing process.
  • Quality and reliability: not very permeable to concepts other than quality and reliability in terms of health, consumers tend to see the pharmacist not only as a seller, but also as a source of expert advice.
  • New communication must-haves: brands have started investing once more in communication with a renewed approach and new principles to be taken into consideration.

For the full version of La farmacia del futuro(The Pharmacy of the Future), click here.

The survey is part of an in-depth analysis on consumption and purchasing trends that the AdKaora internal Observatory produces regularly during the year, using analytical and measurement tools used for client’s advertising strategies, such as granular data, footfall analysis and consumer insights, which are subsequently used scientifically for information purposes and exclusive publications.