TV Sorrisi e Canzoni launches a new supplement Consigli

Every month 100 ideas to simplify everyday life

An initiative that enhances the editorial system of the brand leader in the entertainment segment

On newsstands from tomorrow TV Sorrisi e Canzoni Consigli, a new supplement to Italy’s biggest selling and most widely-read weekly.

Every month Consigli will propose 100 creative and easy to realise ideas, to have solutions within reach. Each issue will feature a personality from the world of entertainment on the cover who will share with readers do-it-yourself tricks and solutions. With space for the home and wellbeing, as well as beauty tips and ideas to try out in the kitchen, and, of course, for looking after our gardens and plants and pets. There is even a section dedicated to cars, with solutions for the maintenance of both four and two-wheeled vehicles and an agenda with extensive information for effective domestic administration.

Inaugurating the first issue is Bianca Guaccero, a successful actress and presenter of the TV program with tutorials and advice, Detto Fatto.

“This new supplement extends our offer to readers with a magazine that aims to provide help for a whole range of daily activities: from the home to the car, from the garden to wellbeing, and from the kitchen to pets. Our aim is to create a useful and engaging read to solve, with simple and effective advice, the little problems of everyday life and, perhaps, to gain some extra time for ourselves, time which, unfortunately, is never enough,” said the magazine’s editor Aldo Vitali.

The launch of Consigli further enhances the offer of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, adding to the existing supplements that every week enrich the brand’s content with new and detailed content related to topics of interest and entertainment: Cucina, created in collaboration with GialloZafferano to offer quick and easy recipes; Storie di Fede, which talks about the events and personalities that mark the history of religion; and Enigmistica, published in the summer months with more than 100 quizzes and games, including crosswords, rebus, sudoku and much more.

A continuously evolving editorial system, ranging from the print magazine to the web, to reach an overall audience of 6.1 million readers and users per month (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data fusion, March 2021) and social media, with a constantly growing fanbase of 950,000 (Source: Shareablee and Insight, August 2021). It is here, from Thursday 7 October that the new season of Sorrisi Live will take place: a calendar of events conceived to bring the biggest names from the world of entertainment straight to the homes of readers and users, with interviews, talks and music. The guest of the first event, live on the weekly’s Instagram and Facebook channels, will be the artist Francesco Gabbani.