A year full of novelty for CasaFacile: special issues and brand new digital initiatives to talk about new ways of home living

In April the first digital Festival digital dedicated to Dream Homes

CasaFacile, the magazine edited by Francesca Magni, continues to evolve along with the needs of its readers and to present new ways of living and designing the home, which, in recent months has become even more central as our living habits have been transformed.

These issues will be at the heart of special issues, features and digital initiatives that the Mondadori Group brand will launch this year and running themes across the upcoming issues of the magazine and developed from the print edition to the web site, and including the first digital festival dedicated to homes.

An offer of continuously evolving multiplatform content that responds to new desires and trends, and once again confirms the cross-media nature CasaFacile, which brings together around the brand a constantly growing community of enthusiasts.

CasaFacile is a bit like an orchestra: for more than 10 years print, the web and social media have been integrated like the sections of a musical ensemble, each with its own tone, but playing together to produce a ‘sound’ that brings together a growing community that follows us every month on newsstands and every day online. We have always talked about a home that changes around us, aspirational but accessible, well organised but always attentive to style, customised, joyous, and friendly, where ‘upscale’ and democratic design mix in a highly personal style, just like in fashion. And following the experience of the pandemic, CasaFacile can’t but lead its readers towards the design of a dream home, of the kind we have realised are absolutely vital. Multifunctional, super organised, and from natural light to an authentic contact with nature and the outdoor, we listen to new needs and lead the way to a movement towards a re-design of the houses around us,” declared Francesca Magni, editor of CasaFacile. 

New in the magazine
Among the new features in the magazine in 2021 are two ne columns: New Home, tp tale a closer look at emerging trends in living styles that have taken shape as a result of the pandemic in order to design space on the basis of new needs, and Bello e possibile with ideas and solutions to create a complete corner of the home on a limited budget.

The March issue will also include a special feature dedicated to small homes: 6 beautiful apartments of between 25 and 92 square metres with innovative designs that make it possible to ‘live bog’ also in small spaces, with particular attention to what we feel we need right now: more light, better organisation of space, a comfortable kitchen and a dialogue with nature and the outdoors. Exceptionally, there will also be two ‘before and after’ (Prima & Dopo) projects exclusively created by CasaFacile, the only magazine in Italy that every month creates and photographs the re-invention of a real home.

The digital festival
This focus on new ways of living will culminate in April with “La Casa dei sogni by CasaFacile”, the magazine’s first digital festival dedicated to the home. From 7 April to 7 May, a combination of initiatives that will be developed across the brand, from the magazine to the web site and social media.

Starting with the April issue: a special issue of the magazine that, thanks to an innovative thematically organised range of content, will examine what we are currently dreaming about for our homes and respond to the new living needs in the unmistakably joyous, smart and friendly style of CasaFacile.

Five dreams that will be realised in five design projects presented in the pages of the magazine: from the need for more green space at home, with innovative ideas and solutions to ensure that our apartments are never without a green corner, to the desire for more natural light with detailed information and advice about windows and light sources. But there will also be a home where the protagonist is colour with ceilings and furnishing in bold tones, as well as a home that gifts relaxation, thanks to easy-to-use automation and spaces that area accessible and adaptable to everyone. And finally, there will also be a design for a functional home, with tips on how to create organised spaces, with solutions that are variable and suitable also for a home office.

The storytelling of the special issue extends also to the Facebook and Instagram pages of the brand with posts and original and dynamic videos to innovatively engage users. These features include Scuola di stile (Style School) to learn how to use, place and combine a product, Instaquiz and Gare di styling competitions And then Provato per voi (Tried for you) an engaging way to present products with video tutorials, and the Ufficio cortesia format in which the editorial team and blogger of CasaFacile answer questions and requests from users.

In addition to the April special issue and the calendar of video clips and live events on social media, there will also be a special on the CasaFacile.it web site.

The initiative provides a unique opportunity for partner companies of the project to present and talk about new products and trends, along with the stylists and the team of 61 bloggers that share with CasaFacile the desire to write about and promote their passions and skills in the area of décor and furnishing.

The initiative also confirms the role of CasaFacile as leader in its segment, with a 53% share of advertising pages % (Nielsen data, January-September 2020).

Thanks to a unique mix of content, initiatives and practical advice, CasaFacile is constantly at the side of its readers and their needs and every month reaches a total audience (magazine and web) of 778,000 users (Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion – May 2020), to which should be added the a highly active social media community of more than 1 million fans, that has grown by 64% since January 2020 (Source: Shareablee plus Pinterest).