AdKaora and Madi Ventura join forces on an innovative enhanced proximity marketing strategy

Created to promote three product lines, the campaign combines latest-generation rich media formats with advanced drive-to-store technological solutions

AdKaora, the Mondadori Group digital agency specialised in user-centric mobile advertising and proximity marketing, is continuing collaboration with Madi Ventura, a key player in dried fruit, which has decided to promote three seasonal product lines – Fichi e Datteri, Linea Difesa and BBMix Funzionali – with a new proximity marketing strategy.

The campaign, managed together with Asset Media, went online in November and December. It was designed to cover each step in the funnel from awareness to drive to store, and to combine the creative power of advertising formats with a strong impact on engagement with the advanced tools of footfall analysis, post-sales analysis, consumer insight and brand lift surveys, in a planning approach integrating online and offline strategy.

Two rich media formats with high engagement power designed by AdKaora Creative Studio were used to enhance brand awareness: the Swipe format for the Fichi e Datteri line and the Geyser format for the Linea Difesa and BBMix Funzionali lines. Swipe and Geyser are innovative interactive formats that give the user a unique brand experience through dynamic forms of interaction for a powerful, personalised discovery of the product: all their calls to action take the user directly to the brand site to obtain additional information, and, with the Geyser format, to see a short video presentation.

To promote footfall in the supermarkets involved in the campaign, the strategy also used a mixture of geolocal mobile display advertising formats and near-store, in-store and near-product push notifications, shown to customers in the vicinity of stores and set up to steer them to AdKaora’s proprietary Find&Go Now! technology, an interactive map that leads the consumer to the nearest shop where they can buy the product.

The campaign produced a positive engagement rate and boosted visits: the interaction rate was 21% with the Swipe format for Fichi e Datteri, 25% with the Geyser format for Linea Difesa and 28% with the Geyser format for BBMix Funzionali. For Find&Go Now!, the engagement rate was 25%, while the uplift for visits to the stores reached 68%.

To check the effect of the campaign, the AdKaora solutions were combined with sales and product data, collected through a qualitative analysis by CheckBonus and a quantitative analysis by IRI, both partners of the agency.

With CheckBonus, a variety of marketing tools was used to give visibility to the products – BB Mix Funzionali in particular – and obtain valuable insights in terms of sales drill-down, sales by retailer and sell-out analyses, together with socio-demographic breakdown and consumer behaviour data. A special survey provided information on the factors that influenced purchases, brand and product perception, and the positioning of the brand with respect to competitors.

The analysis supplied by IRI, which monitors the effects of advertising on product purchasing during a specific period, highlighted positive results in terms of sales uplift with a sales increment of 4.3%.

Matteo Giorgi, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager Madi Ventura: “Proximity marketing is now an integral part of our communication strategies, which are evolving rapidly in a multi-channel direction. With AdKaora we created a complete proximity campaign and took it to another level: brand and product awareness, consumer engagement, and, above all, measurement of results (footfall and sell-out) and the impact of advertising on in-store sales. Insights into consumers were equally important, helping us to monitor the market. An enhancement of all the steps in the funnel together with close attention to KPIs.”

Alessandro Garziera, Partner & Head of Digital Asset Media: “A multi-product advertising campaign with innovative creative assets and monitoring of the entire funnel. The strategic decision to guarantee a complete view of the brand and the products using AdKaora’s innovative tools at the various digital touchpoints proved to be effective. The agency is satisfied with the results achieved.”

Davide Tran, CEO AdKaora: “We are very happy with this on-going collaboration with Madi Ventura and Asset Media, which enables us to support the client with a comprehensive communication strategy. A proximity marketing “booster” combining the effectiveness of our latest-generation rich media formats with advanced drive-to-store technological solutions, to maximise awareness of the different products, which benefited from enhanced concentrated interest, and to transform users into store visits. We achieved important campaign results as well as exclusive insights into the brand and consumers, which will be useful for future communication strategies. The results were only made possible by the integration of the advertising strategy with close monitoring of the KPIs required by the client.”